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WELCOME to our new Newsletter! Plans are to prepare four newsletters each year. Issues will include a brief review of what our classes are doing; Board of Director news; Committee updates; and Event news.

A new feature will be the opportunity for you - our alumni - to share your news, job changes, family news, relocations, etc. Also to advertise openings in your organization and to alert others to exciting opportunities. In short - we want this to be YOUR tool to better network with each other. Please send articles as well as suggestions and information, to me at
~Sharon Hoese, Program Coordinator.
"Class 11" Off to a Great Start
"Class 11" (2018-2019) began in September, meeting in the beautiful SWIF conference room in Hutchinson. Our topics were "Understanding your Leadership Style" (Myers-Briggs Assessment) and Looking at the County's History, particularly that of Hutchinson. Because of remodeling at the Museum, we were unable to visit - but had knowlegable speakers, including Jim Fahey's Historic Hutchinson bus tour, Sheriff Rehmann's story of a lynching near Glencoe in 1896, and George Quast's entertaining historic presentation.
Upcoming Classes:
November - Plato "Visionary Leadership"
December - Hutchinson "Strengths Finder"
CL 11 Oct 2
In October the class met in Winsted, shown here reviewing "Committees That Work." We heard how Winstock started and how it's grown, had lunch and a tour at Carlson's Apple Orchard; learned how the Winsted Arts Council began and what they have brought to Winsted; and toured Tetra Pack, seeing how they manufacture stainless steel food processing equipment.
Class 11 is full at
24 participants, representing:
Miller Mfg., MITGI, GSL School, United Way of McLeod County; Glencoe Area Chamber of Commerce, Cedar Crest, Rice Companies, Fahey Sales, Crow River Habitat for Humanity, Plato Woodwork, City of Hutchinson, Customer Elation, Twin Cities & Western Railroad, U of M Extension, and McLeod County.
Empowering McLeod County to build a better tomorrow
Board News:
The McLeod For Tomorrow Board of Directors is preparing for it's year-end business meetings. We are currently looking for candidates to replace three board members whose terms are ending 12/31. Terms are for three years, and may be renewed up to three times. Board members who are "retiring" are: Kerry Ward, Jeff Shurtleff, and Janet Betsinger. If you are interested in helping McLeod For Tomorrow grow and strengthen by becoming a board member candidate, please contact me, or one of the remaining board members:
Donna Rickeman (
Chris Sonju (
Carol Stark (

More information will be available at the upcoming Board Meeting at the GSL School District Office (1621 16th St. E. Glencoe, MN) on November 15th beginning at 5:30. All interested persons are welcome.
(320) 300 0188
830 11th Street E.
Glencoe, MN 55336
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