HAPPY FALL! Thank you everyone who joined us for our 3rd Annual Friendraiser last Friday, it was a lot of fun and a resounding success! Check out our Instagram page for photos (and let us know if you have more). Remember to mark your calendars for all our events listed at the end of the newsletter.

  1. A Word from our New Co-Presidents
  2. Junior Counselor (JC) in Barcelona
  3. Trivia Show, S'mores & Mac 'n Cheese at the U.S. "National Day" In Norway
  4. Mosaic "Faces of New York"
  5. Village, Kanto, Japan
  6. Village, Hordaland-Bergen, Norway
  7. What Do Parents Say About Village in Israel?
  8. Village in Colombia
  9. Interchange, São Paulo, Brazil
  10. New York Delegation Steps Up to Explore Identity in Amman
  11. Seminar, Guatemala, So Long!
  12. New National & Chapter Website
  13. NY Chapter Receives Grant from the Foundation for Cross Cultural Understanding (FCCU)
  14. Want to Volunteer? Let's Inspire More Action for a Just World!
A Word from our New Co-Presidents

Hello! Our names are Nina Serven and Jenevieve Goldman! We are so incredibly excited to take on the role of co-presidents in CISV New York. As childhood friends and lifetime New York CISVers, we are honored to have the opportunity to give back to the community that has given us so much. In the past few years, we've been thrilled to be a part of the amazing things that the CISV New York community has accomplished. Our Junior Branch has shone as they’ve worked to both make Minicamps better every year and establish a scholarship program. Our Mosaic program has grown and developed immensely since its inception. We've seen new traditions grow, such as our Friendraiser and the CISV at Human Rights Watch party. Last year, for the first time in recent CISV New York history, we were able to send four full Village delegations overseas. CISV New York is on its way to becoming a fantastic example of what a small chapter with passionate and dedicated volunteers can become. We look forward to leading CISV New York this year with all of you by our side. Our ears and hearts are always open. Let's make every action inspired!
Junior Counselor (JC) in Barcelona by Roman Hall
“You sort of become the delegates’ cool, wise, awesome, older sibling.”

Being a JC in Barcelona this summer was awesome for a few reasons. You always meet some really cool people through CISV programs, but being a JC takes the relationships you form to another level because of all the time and energy you put into planning and running activities together with the other JCs, leaders, and staff.
Helping to run the camp can definitely be complicated and tiring at times, but that all adds to the value of the experience and the strength of the bonds you form. Ultimately, the best thing about being a JC was the feeling I got from helping to facilitate a great Village for all the delegates; at the end of the day, the camp is all about the kids and as a JC you get to help them learn and have fun in a unique, trusting way (you sort of become the delegates’ cool, wise, awesome older sibling).
We got to relax and have some fun on the JCs’ day off, but I distinctly remember realizing how much I had missed everyone at camp when we got back. We had only been gone for a day, but I had missed all the kids, leaders and staff and it seemed like most of them had missed me and it was a happy, loving moment. I think times like these were some of the best, because they really made the camp feel like a home for everyone there.
Trivia Show, S'mores & Mac 'n Cheese at the U.S. "National Day" In Norway by Sara Petersilie -- Village Leader

While we would have loved to celebrate USA’s National Night on July 4th, we couldn't supersede the Queen of Norway’s birthday, which falls on the same day. So we settled for a Friday night. Our "National Night" turned into a "National Day." We shared a classic, Deep South American energizer that was immediately a big hit.
We taught the kids how to play a U.S. schoolyard game, "Red Light, Green Light." After several rounds, we stuffed everyone full of Mac 'n Cheese. They all asked if they could have "fourths."
For our main event, we hosted a trivia show, asking the audience questions about American life and culture--with a twist. The delegation adorned costumes of superheroes, as well as TV personalities. Cam hosted the event as Stephen Colbert, Lulu riled the crowd up as the Flash, Amelia cracked cheesy jokes as Spiderman, and Kayvan was the crowd favorite as a sassy Wolverine. They won everyone’s hearts over when they showered the crowd with red, white and blue wrapped tootsie rolls.
It was near impossible settling everyone down after we introduced our Village to S’mores. Knute, our chef, rolled out an open face grill and the kids roasted their mallows until they were as close to golden brown as is achievable by novice 11-year-olds. There was chocolate everywhere.
The U.S. delegation was hence forth famous for Cam’s Colbert impersonation, mounds of Mac 'n Cheese, and S’more parties. Pretty representative, if you ask me.
Mosaic "Faces of New York"
by Sara Azcona-Miller -- Junior Counselor

How much can a person really grow in a week? After spending a week as a Junior Counselor at Mosaic, I learned that the answer was: a lot! This year, through our camp theme of “Building Bridges,” we learned about identity, communication, empathy, diversity, and unity. We all came from the New York area, but we also came from different walks of life and with different identities, a dynamic that allowed us to learn from each other and learn about ourselves. From impromptu dance parties, to Kiitos in the pool, to an amazing talent show (the acts ranged from magic to step routines to a fishing rod stringing demonstration!), we shared our cultures with each other and built bonds that will last a lifetime in the process. The incredible people I met, the fun memories we made, and the opportunity to prove to myself what I am capable of and to grow alongside my campers are all things that made being a Mosaic JC such a rewarding experience.
Village, Kanto, Japan
Quotes from Tomas, Ago, Meera, Matea and delegation leader Emma Sadler

Matea : "I just need to repack my bags and I'm ready to go again. It was awesome to meet so many people from all over the world and see how many different cultures there are."
Meera : "Daruma ViIllage was a great experience. I'm so happy that I have new friends in many different countries now."
Tomas : "The best takeaway from Village was "rich and poor day" because I learned how real it is being poor compared to rich"
Ago : " I liked making friends from all around the world."
Emma: "The best thing about camp was getting to see the delegation grow outside of their comfort zone, culturally, by being in Japan, and mentally by being with kids from all over the world who have different perspectives."
Village, Hordaland-Bergen, 

We asked the CISV delegates to Bergen, Norway to describe their experience in three words.

Amelia : "Diverse, Life-Changing, Amazing"
Cameron : "Fun, Culture, Adventure"
Lulu : "Unique, Fun, Diverse"
Kayvan : "Fun, Lively, Friendship"
What Do Parents Say About Village in Israel?

Shana Onigman : CISV Village was an extraordinary opportunity to get a sense of the greater world and the place and impact of an individual in it. The experience of being away from parents to visit a foreign country with my child's friends prompted tremendous emotional growth in my son that he couldn't have gained anywhere else.”
Tatiana Lewis : “Village is for sure the most transformative experience that Sofia will ever have and I’m deeply thankful for it. It offered Sofia an opportunity to learn and experience so many different cultures while having fun and making lifelong friendships. After all these weeks since her return she is still campsick!"
Village in Colombia
by Avery Moyler -- Village Leader
Enjoying an excursion to a pool and soccer field! 
A group shot from one of the first few days at camp. This was the space in front of the house where we had flag time and some activities. 
Interchange, São Paulo, Brazil
A Conversation with Obed Done – Interchange Leader to São Paulo

1. Overall, how would you describe the Interchange Program experience? The Interchange experience is one that really grabs you and makes you part of a large family. It requires dedication & flexibility, but it's worth it.
2. As someone who has not been involved with CISV before, what surprised you or impressed you? I was surprised by how supportive everyone is at all times. I rarely felt as if I was on my own without back up.
3. What was the most memorable?  How happy and invested everyone was during our National Night. The kids and I were incredibly nervous, but we really bonded and knocked it out of the park!
4. What do you think the kids got out of this experience? I believe the kids learned what it means to put others first for the sake of a functioning group. By the end, they understood that even with differences you can still be a team.
5. Would you do it again? I would definitely do it again! I would be twice as prepared and half as nervous.
6. How was São Paulo?  It was amazing and I have already planned on returning. My new second family lives there!
New York Delegation Steps Up to Explore Identity in Amman
by Nina Serven – Step Up Leader to Jordan

 Over the span of six months, Kaan, Lucy, Thomas and Emily delved into the four educational content areas, learning how they feel about global issues and how best to educate other 15-year-olds from around the world. In July, the four, along with Leader Nina Serven, flew to Jordan, where they applied everything they prepared, made incredible friends, and had a truly life-changing adventure. This 3-week-long program was a step UP from any other experience!
Seminar, Guatemala, So Long!
by Nate Hamowy

My time in Guatemala is something that I miss every day and am sure that I will never forget, The connections made, the things we did, and most importantly all the inside jokes that were created. CISV camps are always special places and Guatemala again proved why I spend every summer I can with this fantastic program.
New National & Chapter Website

Last May, the NY Chapter partnered with folks at our U.S. National Office to build an attractive and professional website. The new website has become a template for all U.S. chapters. It allows us to add new pages and items relating specifically to our chapter, while the National Office publishes common information applicable to all chapters. Our intrepid trustee, Tunc Altinbas, worked on this intensive project. Over the course of two weeks, content was migrated from the old site to the new. The new website is up and running. Make sure to check it out. 
NY Chapter Receives Grant from the Foundation for Cross Cultural Understanding (FCCU)

CISV NY received a generous one-time grant of $5,000 from the FCCU, largely due to our tireless Fundraising Chair Margaret Bodde, to help fund our Mosaic Faces of New York residential summer camp in 2018. Mosaic camp helps introduce a diverse group of local 11- to 12-year-olds and their families to the CISV mission: to educate and inspire for peace through building inter-cultural friendship, cooperation, and understanding. We provide this opportunity free to all kids.
Want to Volunteer? Let's Inspire More Action for a Just World!

CISV does not end with our kids going off to camp. We have an active chapter with many opportunities for involvement, both for young people and adults alike. On September 28, we will have our annual "Friendraiser," a really fun party for all ages that serves as both a fundraiser and as an opportunity to share CISV with your friends. October 12-14th is our Fall Minicamp for youth participants at Camp Merry Heart in New Jersey! On October 27th, we will be having an "Essentials of Peace Education" workshop, at which a national CISV trainer will teach us about the CISV pedagogy and the CISV approach to global peace education. We have "Chapter Building" on November 17th. That's just to name a few -- if you haven't already, please sign up to be on the CISV NY mailing list. If you are interested in volunteering on any level, feel free to reach out to us. We always love to have more volunteers. Contact cisv@newyork.cisvusa.org.
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September 28 -- Friendraiser
October 12-14 -- Fall Minicamp
November 10 -- Info Session (All Programs)
November 17 -- Chapter Dev. Day (All Invited)
December 15 -- Junior Branch Event
January 12 -- Interview Day: One
January 26 -- Interview Day: Two
February 9 -- Family Orientation 
March 15 -- CISV @ Human Rights Watch
March 15-17 -- Spring Minicamp 
This newsletter was compiled & designed by Hoda Osman, Annika Inez and Julie Harrison, CISV NY 2018