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From the President:

Greeting Friends and Colleagues,
I hope you had a fantastic summer, full of fun, ice cream, beach days and BBQs!  Fall is now upon us and as the days get shorter and the leaves turn, may you enjoy all that this season has to offer as well.
Myself, I am still dreaming of my recent trip to Japan where I met my newest grandchild.  In addition to spending time with my son and his family, I had the opportunity to see many breathtakingly beautiful sites.  From an oral health prospective, I was amazed at how comfortable the Japanese are at brushing their teeth in public.  It was not uncommon to see people in restrooms, parks, even the beach with toothbrush in hand.  Xylitol displays took precedence in the dental aisles and Braun Oral B and G.U.M were pretty much the only products that were familiar.  As you may know, the Japanese have been using Silver Diamine Fluoride (SDF) for decades. This decay stopping fluoride also provides immediate relief from dental hypersensitivity. Be sure to check our calendar to see when a CE on SDF will be offered in your area. 
October also marks National Dental Hygiene Month! We all know how hard we work to provide excellent care and education to our clients.  The challenge is, not everyone knows the value we hold in the profession. It's important, you worked hard and still do.  You are educated, registered and licensed professionals.  This is your opportunity to shine, so go ahead and toot your own horn... I know its uncomfortable, do it anyway! It's easy, make sure your license and ADHA membership card is framed nicely and displayed prominently, this includes certifications or advanced trainings you may have.  Wear a name tag that not only has your name but any post-nominal letters you may have.  I know many of you go beyond your office walls to ensure those without access to preventative care, receive it.  Captured in the pictures below, are several of your colleagues who participated in the PBJ Traveling Health Clinic. Each summer this non-profit organization which include medical and dental providers travel to serve the most vulnerable population in Jamaica.  If you are interested in hearing more about this opportunity to volunteer your skills and expertise, contact me or any of the hygienists pictured. We would love for you to share your stories of outreach so that we may feature you in a future issue.   
All my best and on behalf of our entire Board of Trustees, we look forward to seeing you at one or more of our upcoming CE's.  

"Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much." - Helen Keller
Dental displays Pam found in Japan
PBJ Traveling Health Clinic trip to Jamaica

Left to right - Debbie Di Tommaso RDH, Vanessa Wailbe RDH, Heather Tsatsa RDH

Sally Lewis RDH

Vanessa Wailbe RDH, Debbie DiTommaso RDH

NHBODE Dental Hygiene Committee Update

Prescription Writing!

Senate Bill 377 took effect on August 24, 2018. It includes expansion of RSA317-A;21 c which now allows the administration, prescription and dispensing of a fluoride supplement, topically applied fluoride and chlorhexidine gluconate oral rinse as dental hygieine service. There will be rulemaking changes needed since supervision is no longer required for this service.
This new law is a direct result of several years of hard work, research, writing  and presenting proposals by all members of the Dental Hygiene Committee. The DHC spent much time working on this exciting preventive privelage and making it a reality. It is a good example of professional collaboration for success between the DHC and the NHBODE.
However, even though RDHs can now write prescriptions, the Rx probably won't be filled due to lack of knowledge by pharmacists of the new law. Michael Bullek, Administrator/Chief of Compliance, NH Board of Pharmacy presented language for Dental Hygiene Prescription Authority to the board at the October meeting. The language will be studied further by the board before it accepts. Once accepted, rules changes needed for compliance for both boards should be completed by early 2019. In summary, although prescription writing for RDHs is now law in NH, the rules need to be written. The DHC is proud of its accomplishment.
Dental Hygiene Frequently Asked Questions
The Dental Hygiene Committee has completed its final list of frequently asked questions (FAQ) for NH RDH's. The list was developed for the purpose that RDH's may refer to it to self -evaluate their compliance with the current rules. 
The Dental Hygiene FAQ's are informational only. It is the licensee's obligation to read and understand the NH State Statute and Rules, which may be found at
2018 ADHA Annual Conference
Columbus, Ohio

What an amazing adventure I took with Pam Delahanty and Suzanne Kuehl attending the American Dental Hygienist Annual Conference 2018 in Columbus, Ohio.  From visiting vendors and bringing home new products for the Community Dental Center to learning what is new in each state for the advancement of the dental hygienist profession. 
I met a group of amazing professional who were always willing to help others learn about delegate voting and participating in the  House of Delegate processes.  I am honored I was able to be an active advocate in shaping the dental hygiene practice throughout our states through the House of Delegate process. 
Anne Sleeper BS, CPHDH, RDH

From the Desk of ADHA-NH IOH Liaison:
Many thanks to all those who donated to the Institute for Oral Health last year!  We exceeded our goal!!  Please consider an on-line donation to the IOH through New Hampshire's own state specific URL, a seamless way to raise funds for our state.  All donations made through this portal will go to New Hampshire's goal this year of $671.00
The IOH Mission is to s upport the charitable educational, research and scientific endeavors of the American Dental Hygienists' Association (ADHA) which will improve the public's total health by increasing the awareness of and access to quality oral healthcare.  We work to: 
New Hampshire has had 3 hygienists recently receive IOH Community Service grants from the IOH, Pamela Delahanty, CPHDH, Cindy Bishop, CPHDH and yours truly,  2018 Wrigley Grant recipient:  Joan Fitzgerald, CPHDH - Improving Oral Healthcare for Underserved Populations Due to Disabilities, Age and Isolation, Poverty Status and Lack of Insurance Coverage.  
With gratitude,
Joan K. Fitzgerald, ASDH, BS, CPHDH

2018 NHTI Dental Hygiene Students

Pictures from this past spring

Online OSHA Training for the Entire Office
Compliance is Key - Keep Yourself and Your Office Current
The ADHA's core ideology is focused on leading the transformation of the dental hygiene profession to improve the public's oral and overall health. The ADHA's vision is that dental hygienists are integrated into the health care delivery system as essential primary care providers to expand access to oral health care. The mission of ADHA is to advance the art and science of dental hygiene. We work to:
  • Ensure access to quality oral health care
  • Increase awareness of the cost-effective benefits of prevention
  • Promote the highest standards of dental hygiene education, licensure, practice and research
  • Represent and promote the interests of dental hygienists
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