With Nadilein Mahlberg on maternity leave, we would like to welcome our new Research Coordinator, Kelsey Fish. Kelsey completed her internship with us at CanChild in the summer and has now joined the ApplyIT team. Recruitment for the ApplyIT study ended June 30 th 2018. The ApplyIT study team is now making progress with study visits and fall plans. Out of the 104 participants who had agreed to be in the study during recruitment, 39 participants completed the baseline visit. The team is currently in the process of completing the 3-month and 6-month follow-up study visits (phone calls). To date, we have had one participant withdrawal after the first study visit, leaving 38 participants. Out of the 38 participants, 34 have completed visit 2, and 12 have completed visit 3.

Moving forward, qualitative analysis will be completed. The novel aspect of this study lies in its in-depth examination of self-management promotion from a collaborative perspective. Oksana Hylva has also been hired as a Research Coordinator on the ApplyIT study for the qualitative analysis. We will purposefully sample 10 youth with a range of chronic health conditions, and 10 each of their parents and health care providers (HCPs). Interviews will be done in person or over the phone. This will ensure a triangulation of sources, and allow for feedback on the 'mytransition' app and how to inform a larger RCT. In addition, data entry, cleaning, and analysis will occur in the fall. For more information, please click the link below.

Website: ApplyIT Study