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September 2019
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Dear Friends,

After a very successful summer, we're eager to keep the momentum going and have a fabulous fall season. Three agents are heading to Frankfurt Book Fair next month (Marilyn Biderman, Carolyn Forde, and Samantha Haywood) and they are excited to have full schedule of meetings with many of you. Our catalogues were released earlier this month. Look for them on our new website soon. 

In this newsletter we have many exciting book deals, TV/film deals, awards news to share. Special congratulations to  Zalika Reid-Benta and  Megan Gail Coles on being longlisted for the prestigious Scotiabank  Giller Prize for their respective books FRYING PLANTAIN and SMALL GAME HUNTING; to Alicia Elliott on being a finalist for the  Hilary Weston Writers' Trust Prize for Nonfiction for her best-selling essay collection A MIND SPREAD OUT ON THE GROUND; to Katherena Vermette for her two-book deal with Hamish Hamilton/Penguin Canada sold by Marilyn Biderman; to Catherine Hernandez for her two-book deal with Harper Collins Canada, also sold by Marilyn Biderman; and Clayton Thomas-Muller for his deal with Penguin Canada sold at auction by Carolyn Forde. 

We're also growing quite quickly so stay tuned next week for a separate newsletter introducing our talented new clients and sharing the rave reviews for our clients' books.  

In the meantime, i f you're interested in any of the exciting titles noted below, please don't hesitate to reach out. N ot sure which agent to contact about a title or have multiple requests? Try our new group email: 

Warmest wishes,

New Deal Announcements


World rights to Nicolas DiDomizio's BURN IT THE F*** DOWN, pitched as Gilmore Girls meets Thelma & Louise, about a young man and his mother, who share a penchant for toxic men; their plans for revenge accidentally go too far and force them to go on the run, sold to T.S. Ferguson at Little, Brown, for publication in Spring/Summer 2021. Contact: Elizabeth Bennett,

North American English rights to critically acclaimed author Clifford Jackman's new novel THE BRAVER THING have been acquired by Anne Collins at Random House Canada. At the end of the Golden Age of Piracy, in 1721, Blackbeard's shipmate, Jimmy Kavanagh puts together one last "Company of Gentlemen of Fortune" (i.e., pirates) to undertake an epic journey of theft and pillage that will set them all up for life. As good fortune and rich hauls turn them from hunters into the hunted, and erodes the principles of equality on which good pirating depends, resulting in mutinies, assassinations, show trials worthy of Stalin, tyranny and then a pure struggle for survival. A swashbuckling allegory for our times. Publication is set for May 2020. Contact: Carolyn Forde,  

Canadian English-language rights to author of the multiple-award winning, bestselling, internationally published, and acclaimed debut novel,  The Break Katherena Vermette's  next two novels, THE STRANGERS and THE CIRCLE, which feature some of the same beloved and heartbreaking characters who appeared in The Break, sold at auction to Nicole Winstanley, Publisher, Hamish Hamilton, at Penguin Random House. Winstanley said, "Hamish Hamilton Canada is thrilled to be Katherena Vermette's new publishing home. In both novels, readers will find everything they loved and admired about The Break: incredibly propulsive, heart-stopping narratives that are also nuanced portraits of contemporary challenges. The humanity of Vermette's characters is impossible to overlook as she insists we see beyond the simple labels society attaches to them." German-language rights to THE STRANGERS and THE CIRCLE have sold to Regina Kammerer, Publisher, Luchterhand and btb. Contact: Marilyn Biderman,

Canadian English-language rights  to Catherine Hernandez's CROSSHAIRS sold  in a two-book deal at auction to  Harper Collins Canada  Editorial Director , Jennifer Lambert. CROSSHAIRS tells the story of a country's slide into fascism and a regime that targets racialized, elderly, LGBTQ, and disabled folks. It follows Kay, a queer Jamaican/Filipino man and a group of persecuted outsiders, as they form an underground resistance and plan for revolution.  English- and Spanish-language rights in the US sold to  Michelle Herrera Mulligan,  Senior Editor at Atria; and Commonwealth, excluding Canada to Cherise Lopes-Baker, Commissioning Editor and Manager of Fiction at Jacaranda Books. Contact: Marilyn Biderman,

World rights to a ward-winning Nishnaabeg storyteller, poet, scholar, and musician, Leanne Betasamosake Sim pson's new book NOOPIMING: THE CURE FOR WHITE LADIES, a bold reimagining of the novel, one that combines narrative and poetic fragments through a careful and fierce reclamation of Anishnaabe aesthetics, sold to  Sarah MacLachlan, President and Publisher, House of Anansi Press, for publication in the fall of 2020 . Noopiming is Anishinaabemowin for "in the bush" and the title is a response to English-Canadian settler and author Susanna Moodie's 1852 colonial memoir Roughing It in the Bush. Stories gather up tiny pieces, one at a time, as they slowly circle through the perspectives of different characters, in a breathtaking act of world-building that rewards patience and deep listening. This is the real world, the one where meaning accumulates through close observation and relationship. Enter and be changed. Deal by Marilyn Biderman, Contact Sonya Lalli,

World rights to Ann Shin's HOOP SNAKE sold to Erika Imranyi, Editorial Director at Park Row Books in an exclusive submission. Set in the Chinese underground and inside the world's most secretive regime, North Korea, this stunning debut novel is a searing portrayal of two lovers forced to make unthinkable sacrifices in their struggle towards freedom. Ann Shin is an award winning journalist and documentary filmmaker residing in Toronto, Canada. She has worked for CBC Radio, Sunday Morning Live, and Metro Morning, and has produced programs for such networks as CBC, PBS, HBO, and Discovery, among others. Her films have earned and been nominated for numerous awards, including the Academy and Emmy Awards.HOOP SNAKE was inspired by the work she did on the documentary film The Defector: Escape from North Korea. Publication is planned for Winter 2021. Contact: Carolyn Forde,

UK and Australian rights to Karma Brown's highly anticipated upcoming novel RECIPE FOR A PERFECT WIFE have sold to Legend Press, and they will publish simultaneously with Dutton in the US and Viking in Canada. Rights have also sold in Czech Republ, Germany, Italy and Ukraine. Contact: Carolyn Forde,

Kerry Clare North American rights to Kerry Clare's WAITING FOR A STAR TO FALL a commercial novel, in the vein of Joanne Ramos, Zoe Whittall, Emily Giffin, and Taylor Jenkins Reid, about a young woman whose on-again/off-again boyfriend, a political superstar, is brought down by decades-old allegations of sexual misconduct, sold to Bhavna Chauhan at Doubleday Canada. Contact: Samantha Haywood,

World rights to Amber McMillan's debut short story collection, THE RUNNING TREES sold to Bethany Gibson at Goose Lane Editions. Amber McMillan is the author of The Woods: A Year on Protection Island, a memoir; and We Can't Ever Do This Again, a book of poetry. THE RUNNING TREES asks what constitutes truth, opinion, and fact, tapping into the current zeitgeist of email, texting, and social media, and examines the murky terrain of feeling and memory. Publication is scheduled for 2021. Contact: Stephanie Sinclair,

Audio rights to Claire Tacon's IN SEARCH OF THE PERFECT SINGING FLAMINGO have sold to ECW. Chosen for Hamilton Reads 2019, Tacon's novel is a charming, tender and often funny story of a father struggling to let his daughters grow up and of a family struggling against hard odds, taking care of each other when the world lets them down. Contact: Stephanie Sinclair,


Canadian English-language rights to Trina Moyles' second book, EYES IN THE SKY: LOVE, LOSS, SOLITUDE, AND SEARCHING FOR WILDFIRES IN THE BOREAL FOREST sold to e ditor Amanda Betts at Knopf Random Canada . In EYES IN THE SKY, Moyles takes readers to her remote, off-grid home in the boreal forest in northern Alberta, where from a 100-foot-high fire tower, she spent four summers scanning the horizon for smoke and wildfires. Alone at her fly-in station, with her beloved dog, Holly, Moyles endures the rigours of daily survival and extreme isolation, contemplating the love she had recently lost, loneliness, the terror and beauty of nature, and the advancing threat of climate change and ecological crisis. Part memoir, part adventure story, and part environmental cris de coeur, EYES IN THE SKY will delight readers of Annie Dillard, Cheryl Strayed, and Rebecca Solnit.   Contact: Marilyn Biderman,

Canadian English-language rights to OPIUM EATER: ON PAIN, PLEASURE, AND WHAT WE CRAVE by Carlyn Zwarenstein sold to Publisher Susanne Alexander and Non-fiction Acquisitions Editor Matthew Halliday of Goose Lane Editions. Freelance journalist Carlyn Zwarenstein combines a lyrical memoir about her experience of chronic pain and compassionate and thought-provoking journalism; a colourful history of the laudanum-quaffing, 19th century Romantics; an examination of the science of addiction; the shifting ground of public policy, and the fraught concept of dependence. Publication is scheduled for 2021. Contact : Marilyn Biderman,

World rights to Anne Koval's biography of Mary Pratt sold to Publisher Susanne Alexander and Non-fiction Acquisitions Editor Matthew Halliday of Goose Lane Editions. An art historian at Mount Allison University, Koval began working on this biography in 2015, three years prior to Mary Pratt's death in the summer of 2018. The book will be the only comprehensive biography of an extraordinary artist who reinvented the still life and elevated the quotidian to high art. Based on extensive documentary research, original interviews with Mary Pratt, and complete access to Mary's personal papers held at the Mount Allison University archives, including twenty newly discovered boxes of material recently donated to the archives, Koval's biography will offer a rich, layered, contemporary understanding of Mary Pratt's life and work. Publication is scheduled for fall 2021. Contact : Marilyn Biderman, 

World rights to DANCING AFTER TEN, comic artist Vivian Chong's graphic memoir co-authored with comic artist Georgia Webber, which tells the story of how Vivian lost her vision to TEN (Toxic Epidermal Necrolysis), but gained personal insight in facing her loss with resiliency and an ability to embrace life that shines through her story, sold to Gary Groth at Fantagraphics for publication in May 2020. TV/Film available. Contact: Samantha Haywood,

World rights to Clayton Thomas-Muller's LIFE IN THE CITY OF DIRTY WATER: A MEMOIR OF HEALING sold to Nick Garrison at Penguin Canada at auction. Clayton's memoir details his escape from abuse he endured due to the intergenerational trauma of Canada's residential school system; his angry, criminal-fringe youth, and ultimately the journey to hard-earned reconnection to his heritage and to his position now as a leading organizer and activist on the frontlines of environmental resistance. Publication is planned for 2021 under the Allen Lane imprint of Penguin Canada. Contact: Carolyn Forde,

North American English rights to KILLING JOHN WAYNE: THE MAKING OF THE CONQUEROR, by Ryan Uytdewilligen, about the making of a disastrous movie about Genghis Khan that was filmed downwind of a nuclear testing site in the '50s, to Rick Rinehart at The Lyons Press for publication Spring 2021. Contact: Brenna English-Loeb,

Translation Rights
Contact: Stephanie Sinclair,

Czech rights to Karma Brown's RECIPE FOR A PERFECT WIFE have been sold to Beta. Contact: Carolyn Forde, 

Israeli rights to bestselling author Marissa Stapley's new novel THE LAST RESORT to Korim Publishing. For fans of Big Little Lies, two couples arrive at The Harmony Retreat for couples therapy on the shores of Tulum, Mexico where they hope to fix their marriages with the help of celebrity therapists Miles and Grace Markell. But all is not as it seems, and when Miles mysteriously disappears, the complex truth behind the façade of love, marriage and professional success begins to unravel, leaving room for romance to blossom in unexpected ways. Previous rights sold to Simon & Schuster Canada, Graydon House U.S., Rowholt Germany, and Allen & Unwin (ANZ), and Audible. Deal arranged by Beverley Levit at The Israeli Association Of Book Publishers Ltd, on behalf of Samantha Haywood. Contact: Stephanie Sinclair, 

Korean rights to FOE by Iain Reid to Hyeonamsa by Korea Copyright Centre in association with Stephanie Sinclair on behalf of Samantha Haywood. World rights available ex: US English, Scout Press; Canadian English, S&S; UK English, Scribner; German, Droemer; Brazilian Portuguese, Rocco; Italian, Rizzoli; Turkish, Teas; Czech, Leda; French, Presses de la Cité; Portuguese, 2020; Simplified Chinese, Guomai; Film/TV, Anonymous Content; Audio, Czech, OneHotBook.

Indian rights to A GOOD WIFE by Samra Zafar to Penguin Random House India by Stephanie Sinclair on behalf of Samantha Haywood. World rights available ex: Canadian English, HarperCollins; Czech, Ikar; Slovak, Ikar; Film/TV, Pier 21. Contact: Stephanie Sinclair,

Japanese rights to HUNGOVER by Shaughnessy Bishop-Stall to Kokusho Kankokai by Japan Uni Agency in association with Stephanie Sinclair on behalf of Samantha Haywood. World rights available ex: US, PRH; Canada, HarperCollins; UK English, Kings Road; German, DuMont Buchverlag; Korean, Cassiopeia; Polish, Bukowy Las; Russian, Bookmate; Simplified Chinese, United Sky. Contact: Stephanie Sinclair,

Canadian French-language rights to  THE QUINTLAND SISTERS  by  Shelley Wood , have been sold to Hurtubise. Steeped in research, THE QUINTLAND SISTERS is a novel of love, heartache, resilience, and enduring sisterhood--a fictional, coming-of-age story bound up in one of the strangest true tales of the past century. Contact: Stephanie Sinclair,
TV/Film Deals

TV/Film rights for Scotiabank Giller Prize-winner  Linden MacIntyre 's, THE WAKE: THE DEADLY LEGACY OF A NEWFOUNDLAND TSUNAMI (August 27, 2019, HarperCollins Canada) have been granted to John Walker Productions. John Walker is one of Canada's most prolific and respected documentary filmmakers. His films have appeared at major international film festivals in Toronto, Vancouver, New York, Los Angeles, Berlin, London and Tokyo. THE WAKE recounts the harrowing tale of the giant tsunami that struck Newfoundland's Burin Peninsula in 1929. The most destructive earthquake-related event in Newfoundland's history, the disaster killed twenty-eight people and left hundreds more homeless or destitute. It forever changed the lives of the inhabitants of the fishing outports along that coast, and marked the beginning of its commercial mining endeavours. Contact: Shaun Bradley,

TV/Film rights for  John Zada's critically acclaimed literary travel memoir IN THE VALLEYS OF THE NOBLE BEYOND: IN SEARCH OF SASQUATCH (Canada rights to Greystone, World rights to Grove Atlantic) optioned for development by  Show of Force, known for creating award-winning feature documentaries, event television series, and groundbreaking transmedia projects. The show will look at the mythology of Sasquatch-type creatures in far-flung and environmentally threatened parts of the world.  Contact: Carolyn Forde,

TV rights to HOLDING STILL FOR AS LONG AS POSSIBLE by Zoe Whittall, a story about a controlled, even-keeled paramedic whose orderly life begins to unravel when he gets involved in a love triangle at the same time as PTSD starts to bring his sense of self into question optioned by Marble Media. While still living with Amy, a struggling filmmaker from an wealthy family, he falls in love with Billy, an agoraphobic former teen music star, and things get really complicated. A portrait of queer and trans community in the gentrifying neighbourhood of Parkdale. Contact: Samantha Haywood,

TV/Film rights to YOUR LIFE IS MINE by Naben Ruthnum writing as Nathan Ripley, a suspenseful page-turner about a woman whose notorious cult leader
father died when she was a child, but whose legacy comes back to haunt her, optioned by Markham Street Films Inc. The screenplay is to be adapted by Naben Ruthnum and Danishka Esterhazy. Contact: Samantha Haywood,

TV/Film rights to HEROES IN MY HEAD by Judy Rebick, based on Judy's riveting memoir, about the eleven personalities she developed in order to help her cope with, and survive, childhood sexual abuse, optioned by Ina Fichman of Intuitive Pictures Inc. Contact: Samantha Haywood,
Page Two Deals

Thai rights to EQ APPLIED by Justin Bariso to Wara by The Grayhawk Agency in association with Stephanie Sinclair on behalf of Page Two. World rights available ex: World English, Page Two; Spanish, Sirio; Polish, Rebis; Turkish, Sola Yayinlari; Complex Chinese, China Times; Simplified Chinese, United Creadion; Russian, Bombora; Czech, Metafora; Vietnamese, 1980 Books; Italian, Unicomunicazione; German, Franz Vahlen; Bulgarian, Hermes; Portuguese, Porto; Korean, Kyohakdoseo; Audio, Tantor.

Korean rights to THE ALGORITHMIC LEADER by Mike Walsh to Alpha Media by Danny Hong Agency in association with Stephanie Sinclair on behalf of Page Two. World rights available ex: World English, Page Two; German, Franz Vahlen; Simplified Chinese, China Machine.

Greek rights to ARA THE STAR ENGINEER by Komal Singh to Klidarithmos by JLM Literary Agency in association with Stephanie Sinclair on behalf of Page Two. World rights available ex: World English, Page Two; Simplified Chinese, Citic; Polish, Kobiece; Korean, Book 21; Portuguese, LeYa; Brazilian Portuguese, Panda Books; Hebrew, Kinneret.

Complex Chinese rights to HOW TO WASH A CHICKEN by Tim Calkins to Heliopolis by The Grayhawk Agency in association with Stephanie Sinclair on behalf of Page Two. World rights available ex: World English, Page Two; Japanese, CCC Media House; Turkish, Sola Yayinlari.

French rights to THE 1-PAGE MARKETING PLAN by Allan Dib to Pearson by Anna Jarota Agency and Slovak rights to Motyl by Kristin Olson Literary Agency and Hebrew rights to Oram by The Book Publishers Association of Israel in association with Stephanie Sinclair on behalf of Page Two. World rights available ex: World English, Page Two; Japanese, Direct; Polish, Helion; Czech, Grada; Russian, Byblos; Complex Chinese, Prophet; Mongolian, Datacom; Italian, Hoepli; Vietnamese, Alpha Books; South Korean; Simplified Chinese, Grand China; Arabic, Jabal Amman.

Hungarian rights to THE COACHING HABIT by Michael Bungay Stanier to HVG Kiado by Kátai & Bolza Literary Agents in association with Stephanie Sinclair on behalf of Page Two. World rights available ex: World English, Page Two; French, Diateino; Italian, LSWR; Brazilian Portuguese, Sextante; Portuguese, LeYa; Spanish, Arpa & Alfil; German, Franz Vahlen; Korean, EHAK; Mongolian, Education Development Centre for Youth; Turkish, Sola Yayinlari; Thai, Nokhook; Dutch, Nubiz; Previous rights sold in China, Czech, Russia, Romania, Poland, Vietnam and Japan.

French rights to EAT TO LOVE by Jenna Hollenstein to Leduc by Anna Jarota Agency and Vietnamese rights to Huy Hoang by The Grayhawk Agency in association with Stephanie Sinclair on behalf of Page Two. World rights available ex: World English, Page Two.

Vietnamese rights to THE 5-MINUTE RECHARGE by Lynne Everatt and Addie Greco-Sanchez to Stylory by The Grayhawk Agency in association with Stephanie Sinclair on behalf of Page Two. World rights available ex: World English, Page Two.

Drawn and Quarterly Deals
French rights to LEAVING RICHARD'S VALLEY by Michael DeForge to Atrabile.

UK English rights to THE LONELINESS OF THE LONG DISTANCE CARTOONIST by Adrian Tomine to Faber & Faber.

French rights to THE HARD TOMORROW by Eleanor Davis to Gallimard and Spanish rights to Astiberri.

French rights to THE FOLLIES OF RICHARD WADSWORTH by Nick Maandag to Presque Lun

French rights to OFF SEASON by James Sturm to Delcourt.

Spanish rights to CREDO by Peter Bagge to La Cupula.

Spanish rights to THIS WOMAN'S WORK by Julie Delporte to Astiberri.

Czech rights to S ABRINA by Nick Drnaso to Trystero by Kristin Olson Literary Agency in association with Stephanie Sinclair and Samantha Haywood on behalf of Drawn & Quarterly.

Japanese rights to LOUIS RIEL: A COMIC-STRIP BIOGRAPHY by Chester Brown to Sairyusha by Japan Uni Agency in association with Stephanie Sinclair and Samantha Haywood on behalf of Drawn & Quarterly.

Turkish rights to WILSON by Daniel Clowes to Kara Karga Yayinlari by Kalem Agency in association with Stephanie Sinclair and Samantha Haywood on behalf of Drawn & Quarterly.

Korean rights to BAKING WITH KAFKA by Tom Gauld to Prooni Books by Korea Copyright Centre in association with Stephanie Sinclair and Samantha Haywood on behalf of Drawn & Quarterly.

Awards and Citations 

Congratulations to Zalika Reid-Benta on FRYING PLANTAIN being longlisted for the Scotiabank Giller Prize! World Rights, Astoria/House of Anansi Press (ANZ,Sceptre; UK & Commonwealth,Dialogue Books/Little, Brown). TV/Film available. Contact: Amy Tompkins, 

Congratulations to  Megan Gail Coles  on  SMALL GAME HUNTING AT THE LOCAL COWARD GUN CLUB  (House of Anansi Press) being longlisted for the Scotiabank Giller Prize! World rights to House of Anansi. TV/Film available. Contact: Samantha Haywood, 

SMALL GAME HUNTING was also featured on Indigo's "Best Books of 2019 So Far" alongside THE QUINTLAND SISTERS by Shelley Wood!

Congratulations to Alicia Elliott on being named a 2019 Hilary Weston Writers' Trust Prize for Nonfiction finalist for A MIND SPREAD OUT ON THE GROUNDAlicia Elliot's A MIND SPREAD OUT ON THE GROUND was named as  one of 30 bestselling books for the week of August 10th by the Vancouver Sun and as #4 on the the Non-Fiction Bookmanager list. The book is now in its third printing! 

Congratulations to Gwen Benaway on winning a gold medal in the category of Personal Journalism at the National Magazine Awards for "A Body Like Home," which was published in Hazlitt. This essay will also appear in Gwen's upcoming collection of essays, trans girl in love, to be published by Strange Light (Penguin Random House Canada) in 2021. Gwen's most recent book of poetry, Holy Wild, published by Book*hug, was a finalist for the Trillium Book Award for Poetry, the Lambda Literary Awards in the category, Transgender Poetry, and the 2019 Publishing Triangle Award in the category of Trans and Gender-Variant Literature. 

Congratulations to Trina Moyles, author of WOMEN WHO DIG and EYES IN THE SKY on winning the Jon Whyte Essay Award at the 2019 Alberta Literary Awards for her essay, "Herd." In it Trina writes about growing up in northern Alberta, lessons from her father, and the plight of the woodland caribou. Trina has begun her studies in the Master of Fine Arts program in Creative Writing at the University of British Columbia, for which she was awarded a full scholarship. 

Congratulations to Pauline Dakin, who has been awarded the Emerging Author Award from the Atlantic Independent Booksellers for her debut work, RUN, HIDE, REPEAT (Penguin Books Canada, 2018).

Congratulations to Andrew Reeves, author of OVERRUN (ECW Press, 2019) for being granted one of a dozen Ted Talk slots from the more than one thousand applicants. His TedXToronto talk will be taped on October 26th.

THE WAKE, by Giller Award-winning author Linden MacIntyre 
(HarperCollins Canada, August, 2019) included in " Fall Preview Pick", Quill and Quire . It has also been chosen as one of CBC Books' 40 Nonfiction of Fall to Watch. 

WE ALL SHALL BE RECEIVED by Leslie Vryenhoek (Breakwater Books, September) included in " Six More of Note, Fall Preview" Quill and Quire.

Shaughnessy Cohen Prize for Political Writing-winning book BOYS: What it Means to Become a Man by Rachel Giese (Harper Perennial) appeared on both the Globe and Mail and Toronto Star Canadian Non-Fiction lists, at #6 and #8 in mid-August!

Congratulations to  Katherena Vermette  on her appointment as a judge in 2020 for the prestigious Neustadt International Prize for Literature. 

Congratulations to Samra Zafar on A GOOD WIFE (HarperCollinsCa, Euromedia, Ikar, and Penguin Random House India) for being a non-stop bestseller all spring and summer and just recently again hitting #14 on the Non-Fiction list!

Jan Redford's END OF THE ROPE: Mountains, Marriage and Motherhood is the winner of Shextreme Adventure Book Competition!

Susan Swan was featured on Open Book, discussing her book THE DEAD CELEBRITIES CLUB. It was also featured on the Toronto Star's Canada Day reading list!

Huge congratulations to Cary Fagan on THE STUDENT (Freehand Books) being shortlisted for the Toronto Book Awards!

Congratulations to Bruce and Vicky Heyman on their book THE ART OF DIPLOMACY hitting the Toronto Star's bestsellers list for original nonfiction at #10 on July 4th!

AGNES, MURDERESS by Sarah Leavitt (forthcoming from Freehand Books) has been named by CBC Books as one of 15 Canadian comics to look forward to this fall!

THE LAST RESORT by Marissa Stapley is featured on NBC News' list of "20 End-Of-Summer beach reads for 2019"! THE LAST RESORT also hit number nine on the Toronto Star's Canadian Fiction bestseller list the first week of July!

GIRLS NEED NOT APPLY by Kelly S. Thompson, (McClelland & Stewart, August 2019) has debuted at #8 on the Globe and Mail's Canadian non-fiction bestseller list!

Becky Blake, author of PROOF I WAS HERE (Wolsak & Wynn, June 2019) was featured in an interview with CBC books!

Business Insider published an exclusive look at BIODIET author and cancer researcher David Harper's cancer-preventing keto diet (Page Two, May 2019). The article was downloaded a whopping 800,000 times in a single night!

Tim Calkins' HOW TO WASH A CHICKEN (Page Two, September 2018) has won a Foreword Indie Book of the Year Award!

Darrel McLeod's memoir MAMASKATCH has been shortlisted for the City of Victoria Butler Book Prize.

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