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Working Daughter 
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Dear  ,  
Fifteen years ago I set out to improve the lives of adult children and spouses, aware of the impact that aging parents and relatives can have on work, health, and the family's financial well-being. Behind the scenes I've been working with business leaders, clinicians, policy makers and entrepreneurs to improve the health and eldercare ecosystem that impacts us all. In each newsletter, I feature people whom you should know, trends you should follow and product, services and resources that can make life easier for you and your family. As a reminder, I do not have a financial relationship with any of the people, products or services I write about. 

Recently, I joined 34 women and a few good men to publish "Go to Market Strategies for Women Entrepreneurs." My chapter? Longevity: The Future for Women, Entrepreneurship and Eldercare. It's a privilege to contribute to the pool of knowledge that empowers women to shape their own futures.

We still have a long way to go before each older person ages safely, taking full advantage of their longevity dividend, the decades of life beyond age 50. But, together, we are having an impact and the future looks good. Here's the news. 

Keep well and in touch,
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Care Trends to Watch
Healthcare delivery continues to shift from the hospital to the home, as many elders are now sent directly home following hip or knee replacement. Some hospitals are striving to be Age-Friendly and Dementia-Friendly and some physician groups have gone back to the future scheduling home visits by physicians . Regardless, be mindful that if a family member is admitted to the hospital "for observation" their rehab in a facility will NOT be covered by Medicare. Ask about their admission status, even if they're in a hospital bed and are eating the jello. Here's a  link where you can learn more; scroll down the page for the video.
JOIN Maria Shriver in Los Angeles on November 2nd and thousands of women across the U.S. to s upport the Women's Alzheimer's Movement
If you're caring for someone living with dementia, WATCH these five minute videos for strategies to manage the more difficult behaviors. Created by professionals at UCLA Health.
Helping Your Aging Parents
Kudos to geriatrician Dr. Leslie Kernisan, Founder of Better Health While Aging, for creating on-line courses and workshops along with a membership network for family members helping older parents. Consider joining this private network; you may register for the next cohort here. The network is moderated by professional care managers and twice each month Dr. Kernisan answers questions live. We've taken the course and joined the network to ask questions about our own family members. It's great to get help from the experts, on your own time, at your convenience. Her guidance is equally helpful for anyone aging themselves.
Do you know the seven MEDICATIONS older people should AVOID? Read Dr. Kernisan's advice.
Attention, Working Daughters!
Consider buying Liz O'Donnell's latest book, Working Daughter, for anyone in your life who is supporting an aging parent. Irreverent, poignant and full of practical advice, Liz helps working women juggling aging parents, as author  Virginia Morris notes, "accept their fates, manage the mess, and find some joy in the moment." No time to read? No problem. Join the private Facebook group where you'll find emotional support and the practical tips that only a small army of like- minded women can provide.
Consider joining the private WORKING DAUGHTER Facebook Group. Join 2500 empathetic women caring for their aging parents. Laugh together. Cry together. Share stories & resources.
Last spring, Harvard Business School published The Caring Company, research that shows the economic importance of actively supporting employees caring for relatives, including children and elders. One third of all family caregivers report quitting a job because of their responsibilities, and more men than women (for eldercare). This report echos the article I wrote years ago entitled, The Silent Workplace Crisis. If your employer needs a nudge to improve employee benefits, give them a copy of this research and have them talk to Deloitte, who gives employees 16 weeks of paid family leave to support the old or the young.  
Thanks to Victoria Crittenden, author, researcher and head of Marketing at Babson College for publishing Go-to-Market Strategies for Women Entrepreneurs. This book includes the voices of some of the most talented female entrepreneurs from Lebanon to Texas, Trinidad & Tobago, California, India, South Africa, Mexico and more. Beautifully researched and inspirational, the book underscores the power of women entrepreneurs, with guidance from those running home businesses to women-led global businesses like the Body Shop and Ceja Vineyards. If you know a female entrepreneur or an aspiring one, this book is the perfect gift for them.
Have you seen this video about the SALK Institute researchers who claim to have discovered a way to slow the aging process? Until they do, eat your vegetables. 
Are you tired of those spam calls and concerned about your parents' phone safety? Oomo  and nomorobo were recommended by some folks in the know as a way to block access. If you have experience with either, send us your insights.

We continue to be challenged by and humbled to work among incredible leaders improving the health and eldercare ecosystems globally along with those focused on improving the financial health of working families. Thanks to all who continue to reach out and collaborate with us and each other. Here is just a sampling...

As if being Managing Director of The Boston Globe, STAT News and, co-owner of the Boston Red Sox and Liverpool F.C. Premier League Football Club isn't enough, human dynamo and friend Linda Pizzuti is co-founder of HUBWeek's Fall Festival, an event that brings together Boston's leading scientists, artists, activists, educators and more to discuss the future. If your plans include college shopping or leaf peeping in New England, consider adding HUBWeek to your itinerary.

Are you aware that with a library card and the Libby app you and your family can access audio books free of charge? 

Thanks to Erin Fragola of the Perkins Library who told us about the National Library Service for the Blind and Print Disabled that provides large print reading materials, audio recordings and accessible movies free of charge through an easy qualification process. This resource is not only for people with sight limitations such as macular degeneration but anyone who is print disabled including loved ones living with Parkinson's, Cerebral Palsy, dyslexia and severe arthritis (cannot turn pages). Learn more here or contact Erin with questions.

This year, Stephen Johnston and Dr. Katy Fike, co founders of the innovation platform Aging 2.0 added a new dimension to their work, the Caregiving Collaborative. This ambitious effort aims to accelerate innovations in the longevity market globally.  If you're planning to be on the east coast in late October, consider attending the Aging 2.0 Revolutionize conference where you'll learn more. 

Tim Driver recently launched the Age-Friendly Foundation with a mission to fuel innovation that makes aging easier through education, research support and advocacy. Check out their Certified Age Friendly Employers, the best places to work for employees over age 50. 

Anne Tumlinson continues her advocacy for long-term care financing as policy makers begin to shine. Following the passage of the RAISE Act requiring the creation of a national policy for family caregivers, the state of Washington became the first state to publicly fund long-term care through a payroll tax. And while  Deloitte and other employers strive to improve benefits with paid family leave for both childcare and eldercare, the state of Massachusetts isn't leaving anything to chance. Starting October 1st, MA joins NY, CA, NJ and RI to launch a new payroll tax that will provide 12 weeks of paid family leave. Learn more here.

While Atul Gawande, MD, author of Being Mortal, has become a household name, watch for Daniela Lamas, MD to follow in his stead. Her first book, You Can Stop Humming Now is a gripping account of patients in the intensive care unit and what their lives are like afterward. We've added this book to our favorites. So, pour your favorite drink, sit in the sun, and welcome a new voice to the healthcare debate.

Helen Adeosun and Madhuri Reddy, MD continue to deliver extraordinary training to homecare professionals via CareAcademy and a new partnership with ClearCare, adding a webinar series for homecare agencies.  

Stanford's Center on Longevity has announced its 2020 design contest, challenging entrepreneurs to focus on reducing the cost of innovations that will "help people at all ages do the things needed to increase their odds of a long, healthy life."  Admission is free for interested teams.

Meanwhile, Joe Coughlin, author of The Longevity Economy and director of MIT's Age Lab, continues to beat the drum about the longevity dividend and how best to use the decades beyond age fifty even as he reminds product designers about the cost of ageism, noting the mismatch between products built for older people and what they want.

We  can all learn how to age healthy, wealthy and wise thanks to wealth manager Covie Edwards-Pitt, who interviewed 100 successfully aging elders to glean insights into how they planned for their longevity. Her book is the perfect gift for someone celebrating a milestone birthday.  

Do you understand how to plan legally for the future? Check out elder law attorney Harry Margolis' new website"Ask Harry" and consider ordering his new book Get Your Ducks in a Row, The Baby Boomers Guide to Estate Planning. 

As we were going to press, we received word from Dianne Savastano, RN, MBA; her free annual webinar about Medicare that will save you hours of research evaluating options each enrollment period is scheduled for October 17th. Invite anyone you know 65+ to register  hereDianne and her team at Healthassist  help families navigate the complexities of the health care system, including demystifying insurance matters. 

Finding professional care managers to help your family is becoming easier through platforms such as the Aging Life Care Association, and work-based programs offered by Cariloop, Wellthy, and Care@Work. Email us if you want a copy of questions to screen your advisor. We never recommend hiring professionals - attorneys, care managers or home health aides - off websites without fact checking their skills.

Finally, would you cycle 450 miles to learn about your family history? We could not put down  N magazine editor Rob Cocuzzo's latest book about his and his 64-year old dad's trip to Italy to visit the village from which his great-grandfather immigrated. Called The Road to San Donato, Rob recounts a hilarious yet poignant story about their 450 mile bicycle trip on back roads from Florence to San Donato, where he learned the village's history in sheltering Jewish families during the Nazi occupation. Enjoy listening to their interview with Jim Braude. 

To keep up with the network, follow us on  Facebook  &  Twitter . If you haven't subscribed to our blog, you can do so  here.  On we go... until next time. 
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