Sept 23 - Dec 6
TO REGISTER, e-mail Angel Dean
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Mondays, Sept 23 - Dec 2
9am-noon, no class 10/14, 11/11
Class WILL meet Nov 25
Watercolor Painting
with Bill Lane
Wet, dry, and everything in between

During the Fall class session, we’ll explore: different watercolor techniques; wetness and dryness of the paper; experimenting with multi-color washes - all through a series of exercises.

Location: 3rd Floor Masiello Studio.
Limited to 18 students

Class Fee: 9 classes || $90
Paint from your own images or set up a still life but make sure you are passionate about your subject. It will show in your work!

Hint: Solid planning (value sketch) and drawing skills will make your watercoloring a bit easier.
Mondays, Sept 23 - Dec 2
1-4pm, 6 classes
no class 9/30, 10/7, 10/14, 11/11
Class WILL meet Nov 25
The Draped Model:
with Karen Murtha
Explore your talents and enjoy a class focused on figure drawing from one of our carefully selected, professional live models.

In this course we will be using a partially clothed spot lit model. Understanding and learning the structure of anatomy, proportions, perspective, and correct relationships, will be part of accomplishing a correct rendering of the human figure. Going forward, models will be draped with soft clothing or fabric adding another level to your drawing. Establishing how it lays on and contours to the body, plus portraying folds and patterns of the fabric is an interesting challenge.

We will begin with short poses establishing proportions, gesture and movement of the figure. As class progresses, the length of time will be extended to develop definition and applying light and shading, playing an important part in defining the form.

Location: 3rd Floor Masiello Studio.

Class Fee: 6 classes
$60 + $30 model fee = $90
Materials:  Type of medium is up to the student. Suggestions for the brief warm up poses: graphite, charcoal, or conte crayon. Also, pen or brush with ink or watercolor. For longer poses the medium chosen is the artist’s choice.

Some drawing experience is helpful but I encourage new artists to experience an actual model set up. Instructor assistance will be provided.
Appropriate for all levels.

Mondays, Sept 23 - Dec 2
1-4pm, no class 10/14, 11/11
Studio WILL be open Nov 25
Open Print Studio:
with Rotating Monitors
For VETTED Printmakers ONLY

 Location: Garden Level Print Studio.
Limited to 5 students

Class Fee: 9 class || $54
Tuesdays, Sept 24 - October 22
9am-noon, 5 classes
Creative Joy Ride:
with Tom Monahan
Where might you take your art? Where might your art take you? Let’s explore!

Making art is often described as a never ending journey. This course will help you get past the same old scenery to find exciting new routes and imaginative destinations.

For representational artists of any experience level in most any 2D medium, the Joy Ride starts with the conceptual aspect of painting. Is the core idea truly original? Something that represents your unique perspective as an artist? Beyond the idea we’ll address different ways to bring more freshness to your work throughout all aspects of the painting process.

Location: 3rd Floor Masiello Studio.

Class Fee: 5 classes || $50
Creative Joy Ride includes some interactive creative exercises, mini lectures and an occasional discussion to give you a clearer insight and mastery of creativeness. But mostly it’s you, your surface and an open mind, with personal creative direction from Tom, designed to help you make creative shifts, sustain them and continue evolving indefinitely as an artist. All done in a constructive, uplifting, and fun manner.
Tuesdays, Oct 29 - Dec 3
9am-noon, 5 classes
no class Nov 26
Manipulating the Formal Elements of a Painting:
with Judy Vilmain
For representational painters — are you feeling like your paintings need a shot in the arm? In this course we will concentrate on manipulating the formal elements of Composition, Color, Value, and Surface to improve our skill and to create more interesting and creative paintings. There will be still life set-ups each week, or you can choose to work from your own photographs. There will be oil painting demonstrations each week, but you can work in the medium of your choice.

Location: 3rd Floor Masiello Studio.

Class Fee: 5 classes || $50
Suggested Materials:
Supports in a variety of sizes, 12"x12" or smaller
Brushes and paints of your choice 
A journal to write in
A smart phone if you have one
If you're going to paint from photographs, please bring a large selection of them.
Tuesdays, Sept 24 - Dec 3
9am-noon, no class 11/26
with Betsy Zimmerman
The class is open to beginners and experienced printmakers. You are encouraged to learn and explore the many ways of working in the monotype/monoprint tradition. Use stencils, paint directly on plexiglass, work with different size brayers, use chine colle’ gluing as just a few of the ways to develop a print.

Water soluble inks are used and there are some plates available for beginners to experiment with. There is also a class supply of inks to use.

Location: Garden Level Print Studio.
Limited to 8 students

Class Fee: 10 classes || $100
Materials Fee: $15 (paid to instructor)
Tuesdays, Sept 24 - Dec 3
1-4pm, no class 11/26
Painting (Making Art) with Passion:
with Anthony Tomaselli
There is something about this creative process of making art that keeps bringing us back to IT! A passion…..a question that needs to be answered….that special feeling we get when doing it…..the camaraderie of others involved in this similar journey. Why do you keep coming back?

The main focus of this class will be YOU! Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned veteran of painting (making art), the journey begins with you. We will together define your goals and set out to achieve them. The ultimate goal for you is to learn and improve.

Yes we will work on fundamentals, yes we will discuss traditional as well as contemporary art applications, yes we will critique at the end of each class -- my goal is to inspire and challenge.

So I encourage you to Paint! Have courage, don’t be too comfortable where you are: experiment, splash, scrape, blend, draw, paint…and sculpt. Don’t fear the unknown. Embrace it. Be challenged by it. Most of all, enjoy every minute of it!

PS: we gather at 11:30am or so at the Members' Table in the Café and break bread. After class, we will regroup in Angell's Lane for nosh and beverage.

Location: 3rd Floor Masiello Studio.

Class Fee: 10 classes || $100
This is a large class; if you don't like a crowd then this class is not for you. : )
Tuesdays, Sept 24 - Dec 3
1pm-8pm, no class 11/26
Open Print Studio:
with Ruth Clegg
Renting the Print Studio is available to experienced printmakers and to member artists with extensive printmaking experience (from taking print classes offered at the Club).

Ruth Clegg will monitor the open studio.

Location: Garden Level Print Studio.
Bring your own printing materials.

Location: Garden Level Print Studio.
Limited to 3 students

Sign Up with Angel for a block of time:
$45 Sept 24, Oct 1, Oct 8
$45 Oct 15, 22, 29
$45 Nov 5, 12, 19
or create your own combo of sessions
Artists must bring own plates, printing inks or paints, print paper, rags and tarlatan/cheesecloth. Renting the studio includes the use of the press, cutting mats, rollers & brayers, solarplate exposure equipment (must have and use your own dot screen) and plate cutter, newsprint, cleaning supplies and hand-soap.
Tuesdays, Sept 24 - Dec 3
5-8pm, no class 11/26
Figure Drawing:
with Gail Armstrong
Can't draw a straight line? You don't have to since there aren't any on the human form. We'll be using models of various ages, weights, sex and color to explore the differences in the human form.

Emphasis will be on expressing gesture and emotion more than realism. We will be starting with 2 min. poses, progressing to 5, 10, 20, and 40 min. poses.

Beginners or advanced are welcome, as instruction and individual help are done during breaks for those that want it. Any media can be used with any kind of paper or canvas -- have fun and experiment!

Location: 3rd Floor Masiello Studio.

Class Fee: 
$100 + $50 model fee = $150
Materials :   Feel free to use whatever media you feel most comfortable with (pencil, watercolor, charcoal, acrylic, oil, pastel, colored pencil, etc.)

Tuesdays, Sept 24 - Oct 29
5-7pm, 6 classes
Film Appreciation: How to Watch a Movie:
with Paul Stein
“We are used to sitting back in the dark and viewing a film uncritically; indeed, most Hollywood films are constructed to render ‘invisible’ the carefully constructed nature of the medium.” - Michael Goldberg. Watching a film is enhanced by viewing it with an informed awareness of how it works and with an understanding of the elements of the craft of filmmaking. Discover new ways of viewing and deepen your appreciation of movies. You will learn about the fundamentals of film production (directing, acting, editing, cinematography, and more) and how the elements of the production process are brought together to create the emotional and intellectual impact. For the first class: read Martin Scorsese’s essay “The Persisting Vision: Reading the Language of Cinema.” Copies will be made available before the first class.

Presentation: Power Point / Each participant will receive a copy of the power point. The power point includes numerous videos to enhance the understanding of specific techniques used in filmmaking. One class will view a documentary on Cinematographers “Visions Light” by The American Film Institute.

Location: Maxwell Mays Gallery and/or the Founders Room

Class Fee: 6 classes || $60
BONUS: Members who register for this class may bring one (1) guest to each class at no extra charge! And don't forget, the bar will be open. :)
Wednesdays, Sept 25 - Dec 4
9am-2:30pm, no class 11/27
Atelier Open Studio:
with Carol Beagan & Catherine McKinnon
Share the experience that the Masters shared in a true atelier environment. This is a unique engagement for all levels of painters... an atmosphere where ideas and techniques are readily exchanged. It will be an experience that will enhance your art skills. Artists of all levels are welcome.

Location: 3rd Floor Masiello Studio.

Class Fee: 10 classes || $60
Wednesdays, Sept 25 - Dec 4
9am-11:30am, no class 11/27
En Plein Air Photography:
with Nickerson Miles
Designed for students with a range of photographic skills, this course will involve alternating weeks of group “field-trip photo shooting” around RI and in-class sharing/discussion in the classroom. For the most part, the photography will reflect the course’s title. In the event of inclement weather, we’ll find interesting indoor locations to photograph. So often, photographers work alone, but there’s so much we can learn from each other. This course builds on that concept of sharing. We’ll invite other seasoned and accomplished PAC member photographers to join our excursions as guests to offer photo shooting advice. Other artists who depend on photographs to inspire their work should leave this course with a variety of viable new images. Note that shooting days may involve longer or varying hours, depending on a given week’s location.

Location: Print Studio on alternating weeks
Limited to 12 students

Class Fee: 10 classes || $100
About the instructor: A photographer by avocation for 50 years, Nick has taught photojournalism at the university level and exhibited his work at various shows and galleries. He has led several other PAC photography classes in the past.
Wednesdays, Sept 25 - Dec 4
1-4pm, no class 11/27
Intro to Watercolor: Loose & Lively!:
with Susan Klas Wright
Loose and lively painting! Learn to work with the fluid movement of watercolor, how to develop your own unique interpretation of the reference photo or drawing, and how to paint loosely in representational style and semi-abstract style. This class is for beginners and relative newcomers to watercolor painting.

Location: Garden Level Print Studio
Limited to 8 students

Class Fee: 10 classes || $100
Wednesdays, Sept 25 - Dec 4
5-7pm, no class 11/27
History of Art in the United States:
with Michael Rose
Since the founding of the United States, American artists have used visual media to tell their own stories and those of our riotous, complicated, continental nation. In this conversational lecture class PAC Gallery Manager Michael Rose will speak to the history of visual arts in the United States from the Revolution to the present day. This class will feature artists as diverse as Kara Walker and Winslow Homer, and will cover issues ranging from the depiction of controversial subjects in public spaces to the perception of American art around the world. Questions and comments are welcome!

Location: Maxwell Mays Gallery and/or the Founders Room

Class Fee: 10 classes || $100
BONUS: Members who register for this class may bring one (1) guest to each class at no extra charge! And don't forget, the bar will be open. :)
Wednesdays, Sept 25 - Dec 4
6-9pm, no class 11/27
Exploring Charcoal Drawing:
with Kathy Hodge
Messy, dirty, hard to control? Just a humble burnt stick, suitable for quick sketches on newsprint? Charcoal drawing can be much more than that. It’s a wonderful medium to create finished artworks of any subject, and the most ‘painterly’ of drawing mediums.

Kathy Hodge will demonstrate the basic tools, and take you step by step on how to build up a drawing with rich blacks, and interesting textures only achievable in charcoal. She will stress working almost sculpturally, pushing the charcoal around on the paper until structure and movement is felt using the more fluid vine charcoal, then moving to more permanent hard pencils. We will use several eraser tools and work back and forth from dark to light. 

Still lives will be set up, progressing from simple to complex. You are also encouraged to bring your own reference photos or objects to work from. 

For our last class we will meet in the classroom of Roger Williams Park Museum of Natural History and use our charcoal drawing skills in a rare opportunity to work with ’models’ from the vaults of the Museum’s vast collection of taxidermied animals and birds.

Location: Print Studio.

Class Fee: 10 classes || $100
Materials Fee: $15 (paid to instructor)
Th e materials fee includes a selection of charcoal and erasers. Please bring 18"x24" good quality, smooth drawing paper. Strathmore 400 series is a good choice.

About the instructor: Kathy Hodge enjoys charcoal sketching outdoors and using charcoal to prepare studies for her paintings, as well using the medium for finished artwork. Since earning her BFA in painting from the Swain School of Design in New Bedford she has been appointed 13 times as Artist in Residence in our National Parks and Forests, where she has taught charcoal drawing classes. She received the 2017 Fellowship in Painting from the Rhode Island State Council on the Arts.
Thursdays, Sept 26 - Dec 5
9am-noon, no class 11/28
Life Drawing & Painting:
with Craig Masten
Traditional Figure/Life class working with a different nude model every week. Each class begins with gesture poses to practice how to put natural movement and expression into figures, followed by a long pose to allow more finished work. All levels of experience and any media are welcome, with individual instruction focused on the needs and wants of each participant.

Location: 3rd Floor Masiello Studio.

Class Fee: 
$100 + $50 model fee = $150
Materials : Participants are welcome to use all mediums of their choice. Soft stick charcoal and a medium to large pad of white drawing paper are useful as a general choice.

Thursdays, Sept 26 - Dec 5
9am-noon, no class 11/28
Monotype Printing:
with Abba Cudney
This time is open to anyone with experience in the monotype printmaking process. This is an open studio style course where students are free to work on their own projects, all while having open critiques and dialogue with the class. Work will be approached in a fun and casual way. Abba will offer any instruction and guidance needed in the monotype process, such as showing various techniques to create a monotype like reductive, additive, trace monotype, image transfers, multiple plates, and collage.

Location: Garden Level Print Studio

Class Fee: 10 classes || $100
Limited to 7 students
Materials Fee: $15 (paid to instructor)
About the instructor: Abba Cudney was born and raised outside of Chicago, IL. She moved to New Hampshire in 2011 and earned her BFA in Painting and Printmaking at the New Hampshire Institute of Art. She graduated from NHIA with a minor in printmaking. She has exhibited in Italy, Chicago, New York City, Boston, Providence, and throughout New Hampshire. Abba currently resides in Providence, RI, where she works as a Gallery Assistant and Education Liasion at the Providence Art Club.
Thursdays, Sept 26 - Dec 5
10am-1pm, no class 11/28
Interpreting and Transcribing works of art at the RISD Museum:
with Frances Middendorf
Concentrating on one object per week in the RISD Museum, we will draw, interpret and study the work in depth. All levels of ability are encouraged to attend as one way to really see a work of art is to draw it. We will draw from a variety of pieces in the museum from many departments including furniture, sculpture, applied arts, costumes, archeological finds, paintings and drawings. The student will learn the history as well as the process of making the art. There will be some behind the scenes visits as well.

Students can opt to gather for lunch back at the Art Club after class.

Location: RISD Musem

Class Fee: 10 classes || $100
Limited to 15 students
Materials: Drawing pencils of varying softness and hardness, kneaded erasers, white erasers, stumps, sketchbooks and vellum Bristol board.
Thursdays, Sept 26 - Dec 5
1-4pm, no class 11/28
Still Life Painting in Historical Context:
with Jonathan Small
In this class we will paint still lifes while examining the styles of artists throughout history. Our still life arrangements will reflect approaches taken by artists starting in the Renaissance up to the present day, including Spanish bodegón, Dutch pronkstilleven, Impressionism, and Modernism. This will be a fun way to learn a little art history while we paint.

Any painting or drawing media are welcome.

Materials: students may choose their own materials

Location: 3rd Floor Masiello Studio.

Class Fee: 10 classes || $100
Thursdays, Sept 26 - Dec 5
1-4pm, no class 11/28
Solarplate Prints:
with Carol FitzSimonds & Elena Obelenus
Students will work with new 21st century photopolymer plate, UV light and tap water to make a printable surface. Instruction will cover all the ways to create images on these plates, multiple approaches to printing them as well as other printmaking techniques or mediums that could be combined with solarplate. The possibilities are as exciting as they are numerous. Open to all members.

Carol and Elena are passionate, dedicated, award-winning artists with years of experience to share.

Location: Garden Level Print Studio.
Limited to 8 students (Note: Members participating in the 2021 Portfolio Project will have priority in signing up.)

Class Fee: 10 Classes || $100
Materials Fee: $20 (paid to instructor)

Thursdays, Oct 3 - Dec 5
6-9pm, no class 10/24, 11/28
-please notice start date-
The Abstract Studio: Painting with
Kevin Gilmore
All skill levels are welcome for this chance to learn new techniques in abstract painting.

For first half of the session, we will explore methods of approaching the blank canvas through exercises and prompts that will help the student build confidence and paint with intention. Acrylic or oil are acceptable mediums for this class.

The second half of the session will be dedicated to larger work.

We will explore composition and design through constructive critiques at the end of the class. The aim is for us to dig deeper and approach these discussions critically. One-on-one instruction, demonstrations, and slide-shows will empower learners to broaden their creative process.

Location: 3rd Floor Masiello Studio.
Materials Fee: $15 (paid to instructor)

Class Fee: 8 classes || $80
Fridays, Sept 27 - Dec 6
9am-noon, no class 11/29
Portraits in Pastel:
with Raymond Finelli
Portraits in Pastel --- also charcoal, acrylic, oil, watercolor --- it doesn’t matter which. Raymond Finelli’s class in portraiture places special emphasis on the line and planes that go into to a painting or drawing of a sitting model; for example, we stress the importance of looking at length to discover the shape and character of the sitter’s appearance.  We sketch the sitter’s visage --- eyes, nose, mouth --- to assure identity, proportion and positioning of each element in the finished portrait; plus refinements, such as attention to lights and shadow. And modeling, the juxtaposing of lights and darks to catch the rise and falls of a sitter’s countenance.
Come to class! You’ll find yourself thinking about things you hadn’t considered before. You’ll get plenty of help and individual attention. We start at 9am with a few minutes given to looking, studying and sketching, and then moving on to the portrait. We break for coffee and relaxation at about 10 o’clock, and when we resume we work ‘til noon with short breaks every 20 minutes.

Location: 3rd Floor Masiello Studio
Class Fee: 
$100 + $40 model fee = $140
For those artists working in charcoal or pastel, bring 19" x 25" inch pastel paper. Paper size is important to allow for changes and to give the image "breathing space," and we always encourage drawing in life size.

 Materials :   For members working in pastel or charcoal: bring pastels, charcoal and paper. Recommended: 19 1/2" x 25 1/2" Canson Mi-Teintes acid-free paper, Sky Blue. For members working in oil or acrylic: bring paints, Gamsol mineral spirits, canvas, covered board or composition paper for oil painting.

Fridays, Sept 27 - Dec 6
1-4pm, no class 10/25, 11/29
Painting One on One:
with Shawn Kenney
All levels welcome, from beginner to advanced. I will work with students individually to determine the direction, intensity, and outcome of the class, with extensive one-on-one coaching and critiques each class. My goal in the classroom is to create a safe haven for personal exploration and growth. I do not teach how to work "my way." I'm here to help you find  your  way.

Each student comes in with something specific in mind -- for instance, getting over a fear of paint, or copying an old family photo. For more advanced students, it's pushing and refining vision, improving sense of color, preparing a body of work for gallery submission, etc.

Materials: paints & surfaces that you are comfortable working with.

Location: 3rd Floor Masiello Studio.

Class Fee: 9 classes || $90
Fridays, Sept 27 - Dec 6
9am-4pm, no class 11/29
Open Print Studio
For VETTED Printmakers ONLY
Minimal, if any, supervision.

Location: Garden Level Print Studio.
Limited to 4 students

Class Fee: 10 class || $100
NEW -- non-members w ill be allowed to take
one evening class (full semester/9-10 sessions, if space allows)
at member price -- one time only.
Sponsoring member must take the class as well.
Otherwise, all classes are for Art Club members only.

TO REGISTER for FALL classes, email Angel Dean at angel@providenceartclub.org

If you are not a member, and you are interested in membership, please contact  Angel Dean in Membership Services to find out how to become a member. 
Class Enrollment
Class sizes are limited and enrollment is on a first-come, first-served basis. If enrollment maximum is reached, your name will be added to a wait list. If an enrolled student cancels, the Art Club will notify the first person on the wait list. Unfortunately, the Providence Art Club is unable to prorate students for missed classes or classes that they are unable to attend. The Art Club strives to provide the highest quality art classes with various media for all members.

  • Members will be billed for each class they register for.
  • Portrait and Figure Class students will be charged an additional model fee.
  • If space allows, spouses of members may sign up for classes for an additional fee of $25 (class fee, model fee, and materials fee still apply).
  • Please review our guidelines for STUDIO ETIQUETTE and for ORIENTATION.

What if it Snows?
If it snows, every effort will be made to get an e-mail out to the membership about cancellations and closures. You may also call the Club's answering machine message (331-1114) regarding canceled classes.
Contact us:
Providence Art Club 11 Thomas Street Providence RI 02903 (401) 331-1114