Participating Food Service Managers
Jennifer Brekke, Co-op Food Program Specialist
August 23, 2019
Welcome back to another exciting year of school! Thank you to EVERYONE who took part in the Fall 2019 order window in May. I'm completely blown away by the increase in participation and volume of orders, and I truly appreciate your support of our biggest statewide school program. (You made me look goooood to my new executive director!)  I am also excited to announce there will be several new items available in the next order window, thanks to everyone's suggestions and input at the MTSNA conference in June, so STAY TUNED. For now, this memo has all of the details regarding items updates and issues for the first round of deliveries for Fall 2019 orders. 

´╗┐Fall 2019 delivery 1 begins Monday, Aug. 26 and wraps up Friday, Sept. 13, 2019. If you haven't heard from Food Services of America (FSA) yet, they will be notifying you soon you regarding your first delivery date. Subsequent deliveries for the remaining three periods will be approximately 4 weeks apart based on your first delivery date. If for some reason your designated date will absolutely not work for you, please contact Tammie Claassen if you receive deliveries from the Billings FSA warehouse, or Carmen Steele if you receive deliveries from the Spokane FSA warehouse. [All contact information is listed at the bottom of this memo.]

  • Orders totaling less than $400 or less per delivery may be subject to a one-time delivery date TBD by FSA.
  • FSA will invoice each district directly for each delivery. Please be sure to make payment to FSA within 45 days of receipt of product.
  • SMALL EQUIPMENT & SMALLWARES - All items ordered from this category in the bid will be delivered in Delivery 1. FSA does not have the warehouse space to store them throughout the entire delivery period.
  • Please contact Tammie or Carmen regarding damaged or tainted products. SAVE all boxes, cases, cans and products until the issue can be addressed and resolved. Photos can be very helpful and should be sent along with an email explaining this issue whenever possible.
  • The Fall 2019 Product Nutrition Database is now available. This link can also be found on our website here. (The previous bid cycle database is also available for reference & OPI reviews on that same page.) The database includes product formulation sheets and Child Nutrition labels for all Fall 2019 food items (alphabetized by product category).
  • I have nearly wrapped up the details of the October Advisory Committee meetings in Great Falls, Missoula, and Miles City. You can expect to receive an invitation via email from me the first week in September to RSVP.
  • Feel free to reply directly to this email if you have questions or feedback - everything is sent to my inbox.
Please note the following updates and product
´╗┐issues for the Fall 2019 delivery cycle:

ITEM 623 & 624 - POPCHIPS , BBQ & Cheddar/Sour Cream, 72/.8 oz./case
The case size on these two items was tweaked by the manufacturer. It now comes in a 24 bag case, same .8 oz. bag, so you may receive (3) 24 bag cases for every case you ordered on the bid. The total price will remain the same.
ITEM 589 - CHEDDAR CHEESE, sliced, natural, .5 M/MA, 4/5 lb.
ITEM 174 - SWISS CHEESE, sliced, natural, .5 M/MA, 4/5 lb.
Due to unforeseen circumstances, Bongards is experiencing shortages on these two items. Any schools who are shorted in Delivery 1 will be recovered once FSA receives additional inventory.

ITEM 507 - FRUIT PUNCH JUICE, 6.75 oz. aseptic pack w/ straw, 32/case @ $7.53/cs
This item's case price was listed incorrectly on the bid. It is the same price as the 6.75 oz. Juicy Juice Grape Juice, $9.28 / case.

ITEM 518 - BEANS, LENTILS, dry, bulk, pardina, 25 lb. bag @ $38.90
This item from Timeless Seeds is not available. They have a replacement of Spanish Brown lentils in a 25# bag for $40.61, and there may be a delay for district who ordered this item for Delivery 1.

ITEM 505 - FRUIT PUREE, MIXED FRUIT , squeezable tube, .25 CUP FRT, 100/2.2 oz/cs
ITEM 506 - FRUIT PUREE, STRAWBERRY, squeezable tube, .25 CUP FRT, 100/2.2 oz/cs
Del Monte Foods has discontinued these items with no substitute. My apologies to the 21 districts who ordered a combined total of 166 cases of these products. :(

Southwest Montana School Services (SWMSS) charges each participating district an administrative fee of $0.90 per case/unit based on your total order amount. This admin fee will be billed on October 1, and payment is due by November 15, 2019.  Please respect the 45 day payment period as this may affect your opportunity to participate in the Spring 2020 order window.

Our member districts receive a discount off this fee. Not sure if you are a member? Click here for the complete member list. Want to learn more about becoming a member? Click here , or have your Superintendent or District Clerk contact me (contact details at the bottom of this email).
Food is the Most Important School Supply
Kids can't learn on an empty stomach. Studies have shown that when kids have the healthy meals they need, test scores go up, attendance is better, and behavior improves. Our cooperative food purchasing program offers many of the options you need to give your students a delicious, nutritious meal. Thank you for participating.
Jennifer Brekke, Co-op Food Program Specialist
direct # (406) 522-6024
Tammie Claassen, FSA - Billings
(406) 238-7854
Carmen Steele, FSA - Spokane
(509) 483-7746