As summer transitions to fall and kids "happily" return to school we are pleased to announce the newest Seal winning products and services. This second of three testing periods, in this our 29th year of intensive and comprehensive consumer review, is full of superb finds for parents and the retailers who market to them. As always, the criteria for winning a Seal is based solely on parent/child consumer testing. This most recent round of testing occurred throughout June and July.  

As always our goal is to educate and inform parents about products and services being marketed to them and their children. These reviews are designed to give them peer to peer guidance and advice. Each month over 350,000 parents turn to  and follow TNPC on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest to obtain valuable parenting support including our Seal of Approval reviews.
You can locate the  FALL REPORT  right from our homepageand don't forget to put our advanced search engine to the test. It is a great tool for finding specific reviews of all the winning products over the years using just about any criteria you select. 
Starting again in September TNPC's testers will be back at work evaluating products for the eagerly anticipated Holiday Report, which will be released in early November. Submission forms, which include all information and requirements, can be found by simply clicking here: 

**The images below are a sampling of some of the new winning products,
you can read their specific reviews by clicking on the picture**