Fall 2019

Thank you for an amazing Summer! We put away our paddleboards and aerial silks for the winter. If you purchased a Groupon for the Aerial/SUP/Goat Yoga we will honor exchange for Pilates equipment classes if they are within their 3 month expiration. Or we will carry them over to next Summer. We have suspended Goat Yoga indefinitely, the young little billies have relocated. The only Yoga that will remain on our menu of services will be seasonal SUP, Aerial and beach Yoga. Along with this change we will be changing our studio name to Northern Colorado Pilates Company (No-Co-Pi-Co), we are thrilled with the amazing growth and the awesome changes that will result from it. Thank you for your continued loyalty during our exploration of all the ways we can help you have elevated movement experiences in your bodies. Grateful to have developed such wonderful relationships with our Pilates community!

We are so excited to have Sarah Blanton back with us, we missed you so much!
New Classes taught by Sarah Blanton
Monday at 5:30pm Pilates Equipment
Wednesday at 6pm Pilates Equipment
Thursday at 5pm Group Reformer 1+ and 6pm Pilates Mat

Sarah also has availability for private sessions and will be teaching entry privates for Core-align classes. She has an awesome and unique toolbox of skills, along with her own journey of healing through movement and is passionate about helping you have the 'freedom to move'.

Sarah and Maila went through instructor training on 2 new Balanced Body apparatus this Summer, the MOTR and Core-align. In the next week we will be adding 3 Core-align units to our multi-use room and 6 MOTR's that will be incorporated into our Pilates Equipment classes. Because the Core-Align has many safety features, we will be requiring 1 private session before you are able to sign up for these classes. These classes will be on our November schedule but you can sign up for your private sessions with Sarah starting October 21st.
Introducing Core-Align and MOTR
Using Pilates Principles these new pieces of equipment offer clients an opportunity to challenge their bodies in fun and unusual ways!
You've experienced the foam roller, but have you experienced Movement On The Roller, or the MOTR? The MOTR will challenge your balance, strength and endurance in ways you thought you had already mastered. It combines the balance and stability of the foam roller with the resistance of an independent pulley system. This allows movement in all planes and ranges of motion!

Coming next week! You can expect some new changes around the studio.
We will be
the space to welcome these two awesome additions
to our playground!
The CoreAlign is a completely unique piece of equipment and method that bridges the movement gap from Pilates to your day to day activities. The CoreAlign was developed by a PT in order to help his clients improve their posture and dynamic alignment while challenging functional, full body movements. Many of the exercises are performed standing and will challenge your stability and mobility.This piece of equipment is great for people who participate in rotational sports such as golf and tennis.

Welcome Back
Sarah Blanton!
Sarah is a National Certified Pilates Teacher as well as Licensed Massage Therapist with Advanced training in the John Barnes Myofascial Release Method.
She will be offering classes Monday, Wednesday and Thursday evenings.
Available for private and semi-private sessions
(719) 235-7614 sarah.freedomtomove@gmail.com

If there is a time you would like to see a class that is not currently on our class calendar please let us know! Some of our most well attended offerings are at your request! Remember when you refer a friend or family member their first class is free and you get a free class for the referral!

"Honor your capacity to manifest health and beauty in your life."