July 14, 2020

Quick Points:
  • The Robinson Library is moving to electronic reserves. Please read this complete message so you know of all the new, easy to use tools and resources we have added to support online learning.
  • We have tested and added e-reserves online software to help manage reserve files/scans and other resources and integrate your readings. Libguides are also available to integrate into your courses. Library staff will be available to assist the CIM community.
  • E-reserves overview: libguides.cim.edu/e-reserves
  • E-reserves request form: libguides.cim.edu/er_request.php
  • Limitations: Please follow fair use guidelines. Upload individual readings as you need them for your classes. It is never ok to scan a complete book. You may continue to submit requests throughout the semester within reason, but please do your best to think ahead especially at the beginning of the semester. Shorter excerpts for critical analysis will work especially well, but we are open to meeting requests for larger articles as needed.
  • Immediate help with e-reserves: Please contact Eric Farnan at eric.farnan@cim.edu.
Dear Conservatory Faculty,

I hope this email finds you and yours safe, well and healthy. The conservatory library’s course reserves policies and practices will change for the fall 2020 semester to prioritize the safety of library staff as well as our patrons. We look forward to working closely with you all to put them into practice.

In short: all conservatory library course reserves for the fall 2020 semester will be moved entirely online.  By making use of our existing content management platforms, as well as new programs that we will have online by the start of the new semester, we will maintain a high level of service and access to material for all students, whether on campus or online.

All requests should be submitted via our new system’s e-reserves request form , which is very easy to use! Consult the CIM Libguide for E-reserves , which includes instructions for submitting your requests and details other powerful tools to smoothly integrate your reserves into your Canvas or Microsoft Teams course. Please complete your request forms as thoroughly and accurately as possible. This will allow us to process your request more quickly. It is also recommended you provide a citation for excerpts, as a watermark if possible, for passages, chapters or articles. All e-reserves will be password protected. More info regarding your unique passwords will be available once you set up your courses in the reserve form.
Audio Material: We also plan to offer the ability to upload audio files through e-reserves.   You may also link your students to websites such as YouTube or our other resources such as Metropolitan On Demand. If there is a commercial recording available, you may submit details of the recording including timings for us to extract a portion for your education use. More details will be provided on audio reserves as they are available.  

We appreciate your careful consideration to reserve requests and encourage you to send them as soon as possible. Given our anticipated traffic and processing capacity, we are asking that library staff be afforded a  minimum  of:
  • 2 weeks to digitize text material
  • 1 week to digitize audio material
If you prefer scanning materials yourself, we encourage you to take note of the  Public Statement of Library Copyright Specialists: Fair Use & Emergency Remote Teaching & Research , which has been signed by academic library leadership nationwide. It may provide useful guidance on fair use law and how it applies to current circumstances. You may upload your own documents to e-reserves when you file your request.
If you need library materials to complete your requests, please contact Eric Farnan ( eric.farnan@cim.edu ) directly to coordinate materials pickup at the CIM library.  Contact-free pickup is available by appointment Monday-Friday, from 10am-12pm, in Pogue Lobby. Returns can be deposited in the conservatory library book drop at any time, now located underneath the sign-in table in Pogue Lobby as well.
Thank you for your patience and flexibility with this new reserve process. Please do not hesitate to reach out to us with your questions, concerns or suggestions. We are committed to helping you achieve an excellent semester.
Kevin McLaughlin, Library Director
Eric Farnan, Library Access and Public Service Manager