Presbytery of Mackinac  
Fall 2020                    

Moderator’s Musings
Rev. Dr. Anne Hebert

A few years ago, the Dallas Morning News ran a wonderful article about the Rev. Matthew Crownover, a Presbyterian pastor and, at the time, a chaplain at Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital. The article talked about Matthew’s work as a chaplain in combination with one of his passions: ultra-running. Ultra-running means he enters competitions that involve running 100 miles up and down trails, in and out of forests, often through the night. He said the running was like a microcosm of life with the obstacles he runs into on trails being like obstacles in life. When he runs, he said he thinks about prayer and joy and gratitude. (I can imagine at some points he might think of a few other things…like “get me off this trail!” But I digress…)

           One of the things Matthew spoke about in the article was the 80-20 rule. When he was with a patient, he tried to listen 80 percent of the time and talk 20 percent of the time. I like that ratio. It fits with sitting with God in quiet prayer and taking that quiet center out into the world. Morton Kelsey said, “We can love only those human beings to whom we listen, and love is the heart of the spiritual way. No one can ever learn to listen to God who has not first learned to listen to human beings.” (from Through Defeat to Victory)

           I have been to Christ in the Desert Monastery in New Mexico several times. When there, I relished extended periods of prayer and silence. In fact, I found it hard to enter into the din of the world when the Sabbath time was over. Now, even at gas pumps and at the end of aisles in stores, someone is talking to us from a speaker or a screen. So much noise and chatter.

           That is why the monks, mystics and worshiping Christians throughout the world teach us that the most important part of practicing spiritual disciplines is the “practice” part. We forget as human beings. We have to be reminded that God is connected to us all the time, even when we feel separation. If we sit long enough, we find that we are the ones who separate from God and not the other way around.

           There are many instances when Jesus said, “Listen.” “For those who have ears, listen.” “Listen to me, all of you, and understand.” “Listen! A sower went out to sow…” And from God, as Jesus rose out of the baptismal waters, “This is my Son, the Beloved; with him I am well pleased; listen to him!”

           I am honored to be elected as the new Moderator of Mackinac Presbytery and, in that role, I pray I will listen well to you, the beloved members of this august group. May God direct us all to “listen to Jesus.” May we all listen to God, listen to the Holy Spirit, and listen to the “still small voice,” as we discern together where God is leading us. Not only are we living in extraordinary times with a pandemic, we also live in changing times in our world and in our presbytery. God will lead if we listen. Pray on behalf of the presbytery and let’s see what adventure God has in store for us next!

Selah (Pause),
Anne Hebert

Covid-19 &Congregations

On September 8th the presbytery office hosted a very informative Zoom webinar with special guest speaker Lisa Allgood, Ph.D., who has served for 36 years as a Research Immunologist and is currently the Transitional Executive Presbyter for the Presbytery of Cincinnati. Lisa is an outstanding resource for understanding the scientific and medical dimensions of the current pandemic and their implications for congregational worship and ministry.

To view the recording of this webinar, click on the link below:

Presbytery Pens Pals

The Presbytery Pen Pal Program has officially kicked off with great success! As we maneuver our way thru the pandemic, there are many cherished things that we are missing from our lives. One of those things is the importance of connecting with others. 

By starting the presbytery wide pen pal program we hope to strengthen and increase support and communication between the members of of our presbytery churches.

If you are interested in being a part of this program, you can e-mail Raeann at
Church Spotlight
Vacation Bible School To Go

In February, members from some Upper Peninsula churches met to plan Vacation Bible School for the summer. One of those churches was our very own First United Presbyterian Church in Sault Ste. Marie. However, due to the the pandemic, the Vacation Bible School was canceled. After some discussions, plans were changed and “VBS To-Go” was created.

For the to-go boxes, the theme “God Loves Me To Pieces” was chosen. One hundred fifty boxes were packed, each containing a coloring/activity book, the Arch book, Zacchaeus, a tic-tac-toe game, art supplies, science experiments, crafts, snacks and more. Invitations were sent to children who had attended Vacation Bible School at any of the participating churches during the last couple of years. Boxes were then delivered to those children. Boxes also went to St. James Episcopal Church in the Sault and Our Redeemer Lutheran, First Presbyterian Church in Newberry, St. James in Rudyard, Donaldson Presbyterian, and Bethel Lutheran in Cedarville for distribution to the children who attend those churches.
Retired Pastors Corner
Rev. Donald Kinloch

"I thank God for allowing me
to be a Pastor
in Scotland and America"

My life has turned out to be a great adventure. I have served and been blessed serving as a Pastor in the Church of Scotland: Presbyterian Church, U.S. (old Southern Presbyterians); United P.C.USA; and finally, our present Presbyterian Church (USA) denomination.

I was brought up in Africa, as my father was employed by the British Colonial Service. I was sent to an elite Boarding School in Edinburgh, Scotland, as there were no Senior schools in Northern Rhodesia at that time. I hated the experience with it’s “bullying” and “fagging”. This horrible experience opened my mind to the Christian gospel of love and forgiveness. I became a Christian and as I studied at various Universities, life became much more interesting and enjoyable. My primary University degree was in Mathematics, but then I took a year off postgraduate studies, and used the time to drive omnibuses in Scotland and learn Greek, as I struggled with God, who I felt was calling me into ministry. The Holy Spirit convinced me to become a minister. I spent wonderful years training at New College, Edinburgh, and Oxford, before becoming a Fulbright Scholar at Union Theological Seminary in New York. But being a Seminary professor was not what God had called me to be!

My calling and passion was for parish ministry in Scotland, Virginia, Maryland, Illinois, and Indiana, before retiring to “Bonnie North-West Michigan”. In retirement and with hindsight, it was interesting to realize that in every church I served, we completed Church Building or Extension programs. I never ever imagined myself as a “building” pastor, but God has mysterious ways of utilizing our talents!

In retirement, I have felt a strong to give back to Christ’s community, which has so blessed my life. Since 2012, I have enjoyed helping colleagues by providing Pulpit Supply or occasional Interim Ministry for our Presbytery, and am presently in my second term on the Presbytery’s Committee on Ministry (COM).

As these are the final years of my life, I feel very privileged to live with my wife, Susan, in such beautiful area and being to serve under the jurisdiction of the Presbytery of Mackinac,

Rev. Donald E. Kinloch, M.A., B.D., S.T.M., D.Min.
A direct and compelling headline

Camp News

 Here you will find the pursuit of fun, silliness, and
belly laughter.
Here you will find questions that provoke.
Here you will find joy, humor, compassion, prayer, & bravery.
Here you will find an unapologetic Christian community who is unabashedly committed to welcoming all Gods children.
Here we love one another...

Hello Presbytery Point Camp friends & family - new and old.

This summer has been so quiet on our little peninsula. I feel it's important to touch base with you all and let you know that although our 2020 season was cancelled, Presbytery Point Camp is still here, carrying out our mission and values, and welcoming our past and future youth and families with arms wide open (while keeping socially distant.) I want to give deep thanks to our summer volunteers who helped keep camp kept. I want to give HUGE applause to the individuals, churches, and families who have donated their time, energy, and funds to help keep us afloat. (Seriously, I cried so many happy tears opening up our mailbox this summer!) How blessed are we to have this place in the midst of these chaotic and uncertain times and a community of people who share the same hopes for the future seasons of our camp. Please keep an eye out in the next few weeks for our "To The Point - Fall 2020" newsletter. We will share it through mail and online! 

Whether it was 60 years ago or last summer, a week at camp holds something special in all of us. We continue to move forward in our ministry with hopes of providing an affordable, positive, and safe camping experience to all who are looking for a week in the woods with their friends and camp family. We'll see you all in summer 2021!

From around the campfire,

Jenna Thompson, Executive Director 

The Presbytery office has extra
2020-2021 Planning Calendars available!
If you were unable to take part in our original order and would like a calendar, please contact the office. Calendars are $10 each