Fall 2020
Fall Quarter Newsletter
Dear students, faculty, staff and community,
We welcome you to a new academic year! We recognize that the start of the year offers little to no reprieve from the multiple public health crises that have affected us, disproportionately BIPOC, trans, queer, gender non-conforming, houseless, disabled, and other systematically vulnerable communities. Yet, we are energized by those who are working boldly to reimagine and to enact a different, better world that works for all of us. This year, our ‘Challenging Conversations’ and ‘Community, Arts, and Resistance’ programming will center on the theme, “Building Community and Abolitionist Futures.” The Institute of Arts and Humanities remains committed to showing how the arts and humanities offer solutions to the pressing challenges of our time, and we invite you to join us. As always, please continue to let us know how we can make this space most meaningful for you.

Nancy Kwak

Simeon Man
Associate Director
Upcoming Events
New! Asian American and Pacific Islander Studies Program
UC San Diego launches a new program in Asian American and Pacific Islander Studies with inaugural director, Dr. Simeon Man. This long-awaited program is one that many students, faculty, staff, and alumni have been fighting for for many years.

University of California Humanities Research Institute Grants Awards for 2020-2021
Congratulations to UC San Diego awardees Amie Campos (History), Ifan Chen (Visual Arts), Esther Choi (Ethnic Studies), Wendy Matsumura (History), and Olivia Quintanilla (Ethnic Studies).

Podcasting in the Humanities: Creating Digital Stories for the Public
Over the summer, the Institute supported UC San Diego graduate students from the Departments of History, Philosophy, and Visual Arts who participated in a five-day training to create entertaining and powerful podcasts. Create a free account with the Humanities in Class Digital Library to access their podcasts.

Postdoctoral Scholar: Mariel Gruszko
The Institute is pleased to host postdoctoral scholar Mariel Gruszko, an American Council of Learned Societies Emerging Voices Fellow. Mariel will focus on the theme of reimagining healthy bodies and communities. The Institute of Arts and Humanities is interested in highlighting the role of the arts and humanities in our understanding of individual and collective health. We emphasize the critical importance of equity and justice within this theme.
Recent Publications by Faculty
Japonisme and the Birth of Cinema,
by Daisuke Miyao
Program Director, Japanese Studies
Unending Capitalism: How Consumerism Negated China's Communist Revolution,
by Karl Gerth
Program Director, Chinese Studies
Congratulations to all our Dissertation Writing Workshop Participants!
Our Dissertation Writing Workshop provides support to UC San Diego PhD candidates engaged in writing dissertations. The workshop provides insights from different disciplinary perspectives, which helps students broaden their understanding of its scholarly and intellectual context. This year, we are pleased to support candidates from the departments of Anthropology, History, Literature, Philosophy, Political Science, Music and Visual Arts.
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