The University will adjust the fall academic calendar to ensure that all face-to-face instruction has been completed by Tuesday, November 24, two days before Thanksgiving. The University will shorten the Thanksgiving Break to three days and classes will meet on the Monday and Tuesday of Thanksgiving Week (November 23-24). Following Thanksgiving, the University will have one week of online final exams (November 30 - December 4). The start date for the fall semester will remain on Monday, August 17. 

Some limited, in-person exceptions will be necessary for clinical and technical programs to meet following Thanksgiving. All grading and graduation deadlines will remain unchanged, allowing faculty to have an extended period of time to complete their work. Faculty contracts will not be changed, and grades are due on Tuesday, December 15, as previously planned. 

This adjustment to the calendar will allow the University to complete all face-to-face instruction before late fall, when projections in our neighboring states suggest greater prevalence of general illness and perhaps an increased threat from COVID-19. The change also supports student academic progress and ensures the University meets all federal and accreditation requirements.