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This Fall, we're hiring!

It's been a sad time hearing about so many furloughs and beyond. We miss those we're no longer working with and hope for the best. We've even tried unplugging 2020 and plugging it back it again to no avail.

Maybe we can help in other ways. We're looking for a friendly person who is familiar with the system to join our client services team. If you know anyone who might be interested in this opportunity, ask them to send a resume to
We can help even when we're not there.
  • Did you know there's a help area in your system full of guides and videos? When you're logged into the management side, look for the question mark on the upper left to access our help resources. Not seeing something you're looking for? Let us know what topics you'd like to see covered in downloadable guides or videos.

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A Few More Updates...
Point of Sale
  • Check the Refund section of the facility portal for a detailed list of purchased products by invoice.
  • Gift certificates can have a variable amount to be set during management checkout.
  • Products can be assigned to locations so on checkout you can see just what's at that facility.
  • Users who are assigned to locations automatically see their location for POS checkout if products are assigned to locations.

  • Advanced activity teams can be emailed directly using the By Advanced Activity email blast option.
  • Email blasts can be sent to those with cancelled registrations.
  • Email blasts to active registrants, those on waitlists, and those with cancelled registrations can be quickly started from the registrations tab of an activity.

  • Public side account pages have been updated to a lighter palette with a more open content design.
  • Default emergency contact fields were added to account creation for easy prefills on added members.
  • Residency can be determined by zip code (you define which zip code or zip codes are residents).
  • The credit card refund option is absent if there is no credit card value to refund, such as in the case of the original transaction having happened just that day or before 120 days ago.

  • Seat caps are checked immediately when clicking add to cart during standard checkout in addition to checks on page load and when proceeding from cart to payment.

  • When using both check in and check out features, the check in screen will display the count of members on site (checked in and haven't checked out yet) for help with facility capacity control.

Advanced Activities
  • Attendance sheets for time-based activities can display all registrants by time slot.
  • Time slot purchases in advanced activities can be limited to a set amount per day.

  • When emailing permits, the billing contact email address automatically prefills the email field.
  • Reservations, permits, and receipts show cancelled dates as crossed out or similar.
  • The reservation availability chart opens on-page for easier transfer of dates to the form fields.

  • The budget group income summary report can be filtered by budget group.
  • New program and membership reports were added to show income and balances together.

  • Photo captions are required and display on hover when viewing public side images.
  • The main and account public calendars load events automatically as you advance the arrows.
  • The entire public side is covered by an SSL certificate - whether logged in and entering data or not.
  • The management home page can be used to order pumpkin spice lattes - okay, that one's not real and just on our dream wishlist.


  • If you have as your gateway, you can access direct refunds (in most cases), credit card storage for future use, in-system batch reporting, and more
  • We have a Musco connection available to send your event schedule to ControlLink for lighting control
  • Need receipt printers, card scanners, sneeze guards, or other equipment? Visit our POS portal
  • Our Constant Contact partnership can give you a discount on email advantages like spam avoidance

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