Hello, Greenlee Majors,
As the new associate director of the Greenlee School, I want to introduce myself and update you on our course format plans for Fall 2020.
I’ve been on the Greenlee faculty since 2003, teaching advertising and researching media saturation. My academic life follows a career helping create television networks including CNN, TNT and Nickelodeon.  
Fall 2020 Greenlee courses

One of my associate director tasks is to build the course schedule. On Friday, you received a  message from the university  detailing Fall 2020 plans. ISU will release the course-by-course details in AccessPlus beginning August 3, but I wanted you to have the big picture for Greenlee courses:
  • We may need to alter how, when and where we teach. But COVID-19 will not deter the Greenlee faculty and staff from achieving its goal of developing the next generation of ethical and effective communicators. We’re glad that you’re starting your journey at Greenlee, and will do whatever it takes to help you succeed. 

  • Many of you want the in-person learning experience. We’ll do our best to make that happen, following the university’s guidelines. About 70% of Greenlee sections this fall are either face-to-face (F2F) or a blended (also known as hybrid) format of F2F and online. We prioritized making F2F and blended sections for many of the initial courses in each major and the skills-based, 300-level courses that involve hands-on technology. 

  • Some F2F and blended sections will meet in alternating groups to maintain social distancing. Your instructors will provide scheduling information before the semester starts. 

  • Some of you prefer or need online courses. Many Greenlee courses will have online sections. We placed a priority on creating online sections for courses that are required to start your Greenlee program at the 100- and 200-levels and online courses needed to finish up at the 400-level. Check the schedule when it’s released by the university. If you see difficulties, contact your advisor.
Laptop recommendations and software/equipment

The university announced, beginning in the fall, all students will be required to have a laptop computer or other mobile device appropriate to their discipline and learning needs. Many of you already have laptops that work well for you. However, if you are looking for recommendations, the Greenlee IT team put together  a list of models  that have optimum compatibility with our lab computers.  These specific models are not required purchases.
While open campus computer labs will be closed this semester, we are working on ways for students to safely access the necessary software and equipment for our skills courses. Your instructor will share more info as details are finalized.
Please check ISU’s  COVID-19 Planning website  for additional information and updates. We’ll also share Greenlee-specific information on the  Greenlee COVID-19 Updates  page on our website. If you have questions or need additional guidance at this time, please contact  COVID-19@iastate.edu
We’ve got a goal, a strategy and a plan for getting there. And we have no doubts that we’ll need to adjust on the fly. But as we’ve seen, the world needs ethical and effective communicators now more than ever. And we’re proud that you’re joining us this fall to make that happen.
Jay Newell PhD
Professor and Associate Director
Greenlee School of Journalism and Communication
Iowa State University
(515) 294-4342