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September 2021 | New Deals and Notable Publicity
Award-winning author Lauren Carter's poignant new work of fiction, PLACES LIKE THESE, a collection of stories with psychologically complex characters woven with a deep authentic sense of character and place that wanders from San Francisco to Northern Manitoba and beyond while examining the constant human struggle with longing, loneliness, and loss, sold to Jay Millar at Book*hug Press by Samantha Haywood at Transatlantic Agency for Fall 2023 (World rights). Lauren Carter is represented by Samantha Haywood.
Leigh Nash at Invisible Publisher has acquired world English rights to screenwriter Claire Ross Dunn’s debut novel, AT LAST COUNT, for publication in 2022. AT LAST COUNT is the funny, sad and wise story of Paisley Ratchford, who overcomes her struggles with OCD with the unexpected help of her childhood tormentor. Claire Ross Dunn is represented by Amy Tompkins.
Internationally bestselling author of YOU WILL REMEMBER ME, Hannah Mary McKinnon’s THE LIST, about a woman who writes a list of people she could work to forgive as a therapy exercise, and thinks nothing of it when she loses it in an Uber, until one by one the individuals become victims of freak accidents, and she must figure out who’s causing them before someone else gets hurt…especially as one of the names on the list is her own, to Emily Ohanjanians at MIRA, in a two book deal, by Carolyn Forde at Transatlantic Literary Agency (World). Hannah Mary McKinnon is represented by Carolyn Forde.
Author of Governor General’s Award for Non-Fiction MAMASKATCH, Darrel McLeod’s debut literary novel A SEASON IN CHEZGU’UN, about a Cree man from a tiny settlement in Northern Alberta who leaves his comfortable middle-class life in Kitsilano to run a school in a remote Indigenous community and reconnect with his identity, to Douglas & McIntyre, for publication in fall 2023, by Carolyn Forde (NA). Darrel McLeod is represented by Carolyn Forde.
Debut novelist Nick Medina’s TWO SPIRITS AND THE ROLLING HEAD, a thriller with a mythological twist, about two Native American sisters whose lives are changed forever when young girls begin to go missing from the reservation where they live, to Sareer Khader at Berkley, in a two-book deal, at auction, for publication in 2023, by Amanda Orozco at Transatlantic Agency (world). Nick Medina is represented by Amanda Orozco.
RIVER MUMMA and a second untitled novel by Giller-nominated author of Frying Plantain, Zalika Reid-Benta, to Deborah Sun de la Cruz at Penguin Canada. RIVER MUMMA draws from Jamaican folklore and is a magical realist story about a millennial Black woman who navigates her quarter-life-crisis while embarking on a quest through the streets of Toronto. It’s scheduled for publication in Spring 2023 (English Canada). Zalika Reid-Benta is represented by Amy Tompkins.
Amy Stuart's #1 bestselling and award-winning series of three mystery novels STILL MINE, STILL WATER, and STILL HERE, following Clare O’Dey, a woman on the run from her past, sold to Siân Heap at Canelo Publishing in a three-book deal by Samantha Haywood for Transatlantic Agency (UK Commonwealth ex Canada). Amy Stuart is represented by Samantha Haywood.
Bestselling and award-winning author of Eating Dirt, Charlotte Gill’s ALMOST BROWN, a heartwarming book about a truly dysfunctional mixed-race family, involving two deeply eccentric parents who couldn’t be more different, and their half-brown children, as they roam around North America in search of the good life. This true story features turbans and tube socks, chana masala and Cherry Coke, extramarital tangents, wanton spending, and at least three family grudges. For fans of The Royal Tenenbaums meets Never Have I Ever. ALMOST BROWN sold to Deborah Sun de la Cruz at Penguin Canada (Canadian English) and to Madhulika Sikka at Crown in a pre-empt (World ex Canada) by Samantha Haywood of Transatlantic Agency. Charlotte Gill is represented by Samantha Haywood.
Award-winning author Joshua Knelman's FIREBRAND: A Tobacco Lawyer's Journey follows the globe-trotting true story of an enterprising young lawyer who is recruited into the ranks of the international tobacco industry and travels the world learning about how the perceived demise of this special and dangerous consumer product is not what it seems. Sold to Alanna McMullen and Diane Turbide at Penguin Canada for Fall 2022 publication by Samantha Haywood of Transatlantic Agency (World rights). Joshua Knelman is represented by Samantha Haywood.
James Beard award winning author and entrepreneur Trish Magwood's MY NEW TABLE: Everyday Inspiration for Eating + Living, a collection of more than 100 inspiring recipes and photographs to celebrate the modern table, however you choose to define it, sold to Robert McCullough of Appetite, Penguin Random House Canada, for publication Oct 26, 2021 by Samantha Haywood (North America). Trish Magwood is represented by Samantha Haywood.
Laura Baldwin Scholarship for outstanding literary excellence winner, Paige Maylott's TOGETHER IN ELECTRIC DREAMS, a memoir that immerses the reader in virtual worlds. Part trans woman’s coming out story and part queer romance, to Jen Sookfong Lee at ECW, by Chelene Knight at Transatlantic Agency. (World English). Paige Maylott is represented by Chelene Knight.
REHEARSALS FOR LIVING by scholars and activists, Robyn Maynard and Leanne Betasamosake Simpson, an epistolary collection, part debate and part detailed familial correspondence, between two writers sending notes to each other during stay-at-home orders, articulating Black and Indigenous perspectives on our unprecedented here and now, the long history of slavery and colonization that has brought us here, and what possibilities a post-pandemic future might hold, to Naomi Murakawa at Haymarket Books (World English, excluding Canada) and to Yara El Ghadban at Memoire d’Encrier (World French) by Marilyn Biderman and Chelene Knight.
HOLDEN: A Truth and a Fiction by University of British Columbia MFA graduate, Tara McGuire, a contemporary coming-of-age story, an updated version of the eponymous protagonist’s, and a devastatingly thorough depiction of a mother’s grief, when Holden, Tara’s 21-year-old son, dies of an accidental opioid overdose, yet Tara turns her grief into a joyful annual celebration of Holden’s life and art, to Brian Lam at Arsenal Pulp Press, for publication in the fall of 2022, by Marilyn Biderman (English in North America). Tara McGuire is represented by Marilyn Biderman.
THE FEISTY FEAST by chef and illustrator duo Ashley Schütz and Ashly Jernigan, a fully illustrated feminist cookbook with recipes inspired by past and present feminist icons, bringing conversations about women’s power and resilience to the kitchen table, to Meg Gibbons at Sourcebooks (US) and Michelle MacAleese at House of Anansi (Canada) by Rob Firing and Devon Halliday. Ashley Schütz and Ashly Jernigan are represented by Rob Firing and Devon Halliday.
SOUL SHIFT: How to Listen to Your Soul, Shift Your Responses, and Live Your Life for Real by Rachel Macy Stafford, best-selling author, speaker and founder of Hands Free Mama, an online community of half a million people pursuing what matters most, an author-narrated audio series and book (for separate release in 2022 and 2023) sharing the process she discovered for recognizing when our soul sends invitations to face powerful truths, shift our responses, and replace self-defeating habits with practices rooted in self-awareness, healing, and compassion, to Jaime Schwalb at Sounds True (US) by Sandra Bishop. Rachel Macy Stanford is represented by Sandra Bishop.
Whiting Award-winning poet and 2021 NEA Poetry Fellow Vanessa Angélica Villarreal's CHUECA, a literary collection of personal and cultural criticism essays about processing grief through pop culture and the many complicated girlhoods of being a working-class, first-gen, Mexican-American daughter of a cumbia musician, to Amber Oliver at Tiny Reparations Books, at auction, by Amanda Orozco at Transatlantic Literary Agency (world). Vanessa Angélica Villarreal is represented by Amanda Orozco.
Romanian rights to Gary Barwin’s NOTHING THE SAME, EVERYTHING HAUNTED sold to RAO Distributie by Andreea Focsaneanu at Simona Kessler Agency on behalf of Evan Brown at Transatlantic Agency, for Shaun Bradley.

Alix Hawley's ALL TRUE, NOT A LIE IN IT, about pioneer Daniel Boone's life, told in his voice and set during the American Revolutionary War and hinging on Boone's capture by the Shawnee, to Marie-Ève Leblanc at Lemeac (World French), by Samantha Haywood with Laura Cameron of Transatlantic Agency.
Iain Reid's FOE, to Curtea Veche Publishing (Romania), by Andreea Focsaneanu at Simona Kessler Agency, on behalf of Samantha Haywood with Devon Halliday at Transatlantic Agency.

Dutch rights to Joanne Bischof’s THE LADY AND THE LIONHEART sold to KokBoekencentrum by Stella Nelissen at Marianne Schönbach Literary Agency, on behalf of Sandra Bishop at Transatlantic Agency.
German rights to Kathleen Winter’s UNDERSONG sold to Maren Kröger at btb Verlag by Hannah Nuspliger-Fosh at Liepman Literary Agency on behalf of Evan Brown at Transatlantic Agency, for Shaun Bradley.
Hungarian rights to Sarah Berman’s DON’T CALL IT A CULT sold to Alexandra by Orsi Meszaros at Katái & Bolza Literary Agency on behalf of Carolyn Forde.

Eliza Reid's SECRETS OF THE SPRAKKAR, to Courrier (Korea), by Inji Choi at Danny Hong Agency, on behalf of Samantha Haywood with Devon Halliday at Transatlantic Agency.
Samra Zafar's A GOOD WIFE, to Nouvion Trade Sociedad Anonima (Hungary), by Orsi Meszaros at Katai & Bolza, on behalf of Samantha Haywood with Devon Halliday at Transatlantic Agency.
Page Two Deals
French rights to Hannah Beach and Tamara Neufeld Strijack’s RECLAIMING OUR STUDENTS sold to Les Éditions Au Carré in association with Megan Husain at Anna Jarota Agency.

Simplified Chinese rights to Margot Bloomstein’s TRUSTWORTHY sold to Cheers, in a pre-empt, in association with Jennifer Lee at The Grayhawk Agency.

Brazil Portuguese rights to Jeff Booth’s THE PRICE OF TOMORROW to The Sovereign Individual in association with Júlia Garrigós at The Foreign Office.
Hungarian rights to Michael Bungay Stanier’s THE ADVICE TRAP sold to HVG Kiado in association with Orsi Mészáros at Kátai & Bolza Literary Agents.

Vietnamese rights to Melanie Deziel’s THE CONTENT FUEL FRAMEWORK sold to Saigon Books in association with Itszel Hsu at The Grayhawk Agency.

Romanian rights to Allan Dib’s THE 1-PAGE MARKETING PLAN sold to Business Tech International in association with Andreea Focsaneanu at Simona Kessler Agency.
Bulgarian rights to Brant Menswar’s BLACK SHEEP sold to Locus Publishing House in association with Mira Droumeva at A.N.A. Sofia Ltd.

Czech rights to Clint Pulver’s I LOVE IT HERE sold to Grada Publishing in association with Kristin Olson at Kristin Olson Literary Agency.

German rights to Joey Remenyi’s ROCK STEADY sold to Narayana Verlag in association with Hannah Nuspliger-Fosh at Liepman AG Literary Agency.
German rights to Eric Siu’s LEVELING UP sold to MVG Verlag in association with Hannah Nuspliger-Fosh at Liepman AG Literary Agency.

Korean rights to Tamsen Webster’s FIND YOUR RED THREAD sold to Hyundae Jisung in association with Alice Moon at Danny Hong Agency.
Drawn & Quarterly Deals
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French rights to Weng Pixin’s LET’S NOT TALK ANYMORE sold to Daniela Bonerba at Éditions Motus.

Italian rights to Aminder Dhaliwal’s CYCLOPEDIA EXOTICA sold to Marco Schiavone at Edizioni BD.

Italian rights to Anders Nilsen’s BIG QUESTIONS sold to Anna Matilde Sali at Eris Edizioni.
Catalan rights to Chester Brown’s LOUIS RIEL: A Comic-Strip Biography sold to Montserrat Terrones Suárez at Editorial Finestres.

Spanish rights to Adrian Tomine’s SHORTCOMINGS sold to Octavi Botana at Roca Editorial.

French rights to Joe Ollman’s FICTIONAL FATHER sold to Frédéric Gauthier at La Pastèque, Brazil Portuguese rights to Thiago Ferreira at ComizZone in association with Núria Herrero at The Foreign Office.
Spanish rights to Michael DeForge’s LEAVING RICHARD’S VALLEY sold to Manuel Burraco Gaitán at Editorial Barrett.

Danish rights to Nick Drnaso’s BEVERLY sold to Fahrenheit in association with Marianne Schönbach at Marianne Schönbach Literary Agency.

Danish rights to Nick Drnaso’s ACTING CLASS sold to Fahrenheit in association with Marianne Schönbach at Marianne Schönbach Literary Agency.

Korean rights to Julie Delporte’s THIS WOMAN’S WORK sold to Baram Books in association with Inji Choi at Danny Hong Agency.
Spanish language TV Film rights to Jowita Bydlowska’s bestselling memoir DRUNK MOM, an account of the ways substance abuse took control of her life—the binges and blackouts, the humiliations, the extraordinary risk-taking—as well as her fight toward recovery as a young mother, optioned by Colombian actress and producer Marcela Mar of Ganas Producciones, by Samantha Haywood of Transatlantic Agency.
Film/TV rights to Nic DiDomzio’s BURN IT ALL DOWN described as Gilmore Girls meets Thelma and Louise; and praised by James Patterson as “audacious, additive, highly entertaining -- unforgettable,” optioned by Endeavor Content by Elizabeth Bennett of Transatlantic Agency and Dana Spector of CAA.
Audio World English rights to Yejide Kilanko’s A GOOD NAME sold to Ron Formica at Tantor Media by Chelene Knight and Léonicka Valcius.

Audio World rights and Author Narration to Rachel Macy Stafford’s SOUL SHIFT sold to Jaime Schwalb at Sounds True (US) by Sandra Bishop.

Audio World English rights to Tamsen Webster’s FIND YOUR RED THREAD sold to Aaron Piccirillo at Tantor Media by Evan Brown, for Page Two Books.
Good Morning America included Zoe Whittall's THE SPECTACULAR on their September roundup. Represented by Samantha Haywood.

Hannah Mary McKinnon's YOU WILL REMEMBER ME debuted at #9 on the Toronto Star and Globe and Mail bestseller lists in its first week of publication! Represented by Carolyn Forde.

An impressive cast for FOE by Iain Reid has been announced: Saoirse Ronan, Paul Mescal, and LaKeith Stanfield and Garth Davis (Lion) directing, Amazon picked up the rights with Anonymous Content producing. FOE goes into production in January 2023. Iain Reid’s forthcoming novel WE SPREAD (Scout Press, S&S Can/S&S UK, 2023) is now available for international consideration. Represented by Samantha Haywood.

Canisia Lubrin has won the 2021 Griffin Poetry Prize for THE DYZGRAPHXST, after being awarded the Windham Campbell Prize. Her poetry has also been shortlisted for the Trillium Prize and the Governor General’s Literary Awards among many others. Canisia is working on a debut short story collection CODE NOIR for Knopf Canada (2023). Represented by Samantha Haywood.

DISFIGURED by Amanda Leduc was shortlisted for the 2021 Governor General’s Literary Awards and Leduc’s fantastical novel THE CENTAUR’S WIFE was published by Random House Canada in Spring 2021 to great acclaim. Leduc is working on new fiction and nonfiction. Represented by Samantha Haywood.

Tom Ryan won both the Atlantic Book Award for KEEP THIS TO YOURSELF and the Lambda Award for I HOPE YOU’RE LISTENING. He’s recently been shortlisted for the 2021 Crime Writers of Canada Award. Tom Ryan has a new YA thriller in the works :) Represented by Amy Tompkins and Sam Haywood.

Zoe Whittall’s hotly anticipated new novel THE SPECTACULAR was featured on Oprah’s list; the Lit Hub list of books to read before 2022; and The Millions’ Most Anticipated of the Second-Half of 2021 list. HarperCollins Canada Aug 24th/Ballantine US Sept 14/Hodder UK Aug 26th. Translation and TV Film rights are available. Represented by Samantha Haywood.  

OPEN HOUSE by Jane Christmas was longlisted for the 2021 Stephen Leacock Memorial Medal for Humour. Originally published by HarperCollins Canada. Rights ex: Canada are available. Represented by Samantha Haywood.

Corinna Chong won the CBC Short Story Prize. Corinna is at work on a new novel and short story collection. Represented by Samantha Haywood and Marilyn Biderman.

DEAD MOM WALKING by Rachel Matlow was shortlisted for the Rakuten Kobo Emerging Writers Prize. Penguin Random House has recently picked up the US rights. Represented by Samantha Haywood.

Alison Taylor’s AFTERSHOCK won the Atlantic Book Award, and was also shortlisted for the Rakuten Kobo Emerging Writers Prize. Represented by Samantha Haywood.

Djamila Ibrahim was named a 2021 Rising Star by the Writers’ Trust of Canada. Djamilia is at work on her next project. Represented by Samantha Haywood.

LUCKY by Marissa Stapley was included in CBC Book’s Spring Roundup of Best Canadian Books and is in development with ABC studio for a tv series. Marissa is at work on various projects including a forthcoming rom com with Karma Brown called THE HOLIDAY SWAP (Putnam/Penguin Canada/Hodder UK) October 2021. Marissa is represented by Samantha Haywood.

Liz Harmer won the 2020 CRAFT Creative Nonfiction Award. Liz has a new novel forthcoming from Knopf Canada: STRANGE LOOPS Spring 2022. Represented by Samantha Haywood.

CrimeReads and Book Reporter both included THE RETREAT by Elisabeth de Mariaffi in their roundup of best new books of July. BookRiot also featured THE RETREAT in an episode of All the Books podcast. THE RETREAT came out to rave reviews with Mulholland Books US & HarperCanada in July, translation and tv rights are available. Represented by Samantha Haywood.

HER TURN by Katherine Ashenburg (Knopf Canada & HarperCollins US) was featured front and centre on the 49th Shelf’s 2021 fall fiction preview. The Globe and Mail included HER TURN in their Summer 2021 books preview: “40 hot reads that will captivate you”, and Maclean’s featured it in their list of “20 books you should read this summer“. Translation and tv rights available. Represented by Samantha Haywood.

THIN PLACES, a feminist horror collection by Kay Chronister, was nominated for a 2020 Shirley Jackson Award for short fiction, and one of the stories in the collection “The Women Who Sing for Sklep” is a finalist for a 2021 World Fantasy Award. Translation and TV Film rights are available. Represented by Laura Cameron.