Community Social Planning Council:
Research that supports broad-based social well-being
Article by Chelsea Power - Research Coordinator for CSPC

The Community Social Planning Council (CSPC) is one of the newer members of the Community Partnership Network (CPN). The CSPC is a non-profit charitable social planning council. Established in 1936, CSPC was the first social planning agency in the Victoria region and was formed to address the needs of the poor. CSPC’s offices and work are based on the land of the Songhees, Esquimalt and W̱SÁNEĆ Nations. Since its inception, the Council has responded in a variety of ways to addressing social issues, alleviating poverty and promoting social justice. Over the years the organization has reinvented itself several times to remain relevant and effective in providing social infrastructure and support. The current society was incorporated in 1966 as a registered charity.

CSPC joined the Community Partnership Network in 2021. The CSPC is a values-driven organization, underlying their work is a shared belief that marginalized voices need to be part of social planning processes, that broad-based process of reconciliation with Indigenous communities are necessary, and that meaningful community engagement and respect for diversity and inclusion are critical components of a socially sustainable region. Currently, the CSPC is collaborating with several CPN members including the Inter-Cultural Association of Greater Victoria, Saanich Municipality, Capital Bike and other regional partners to design and implement a climate equity framework for transportation alternatives. This recently included an electric bike demonstration for newcomers hosted at ICA.

Research Coordinator Chelsea Power shared her thoughts on the value of CPN membership: "Being a member of CPN allows us to connect, collaborate, and build relationships with like-minded community organizations to promote diversity, inclusion, and intersectional equity."

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