Issue: Fall | Date: September 30, 2021
Dear SBCAMFT Community,
As our mornings and evenings signal the changing of seasons, and the world is still navigating the complexities of COVID-19, your board at SBCAMFT has been busy making sure to bring you continued opportunities for connection and education.
We are excited to have three new members on board: Joshua Manney, Hunter Tate and Megan Attore. Joshua will be Director of Pre-Licensing and Hunter will take on a newly created role, Director of Social Media, while Megan will step on as Director of Community Engagement. They will help us grow our resources and support for those on their licensure track, as well as create a vibrant, professional social media presence for our chapter and expand our professional networks to include many different facets of our MFT community.
Our Diversity, Equity and Inclusion committee has been hard at work creating a DEI commitment statement as a backbone for our deeply important work towards education and change. This newsletter signifies another issue dedicated to anti-racism and inclusion, so make sure you read on to learn and grow with us!
This month we had a very successful educational event: Dr. Anna Krasno spoke to our membership about assessment and treatment of children with Autism in the context of community and family. It was well attended and very informative. If you missed it, there is a recording available on our website, for a limited time.
Coming up, look for Navigating the Road to Licensure on October 2, and our annual Law and Ethics events (free to members) including 4 different topics with 4 different speakers all for a whopping 6 CEUs! All information and registration links may be found on our website.
As always, we consider it an honor to be a part of your SBCAMFT community and have the opportunity to deepen our clinical experiences together. If you feel like you are interested in becoming part of our board, or leading a Special Interest group, please reach out to us!

With Gratitude,

Kristi Miller
President, SBCAMFT

Dear SBCAMFT Members,

In this issue, we continue to examine the systemic racism that exists in this country and now turn our focus to the Black community. Throughout this pandemic, it is widespread knowledge that the communities most adversely impacted by COVID-19 have been Black and Latinx folks. This highlights the ongoing racial inequities that exist in our society. Moreover, systemic injustices and racism against the Black community have deep historical roots in this country. The struggle against racial injustices once again heated up in 2020 following the murders of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Andre Hill, Manuel Ellis and countless other Black men and women. The goal of our "Racism: Let's Talk" series is to shed light on our own prejudices, biases, and discrimination and to start having conversations with each other so we can begin to dismantle racism at large and contribute to the collective healing of all racial minority groups.

I am deeply grateful for the Diversity Subcommittee and the discourse we are having on issues of diversity, equity, and inclusion. It has helped me reflect upon my own personal experiences as a person of color as well as educate myself on my own inherent bias so I can learn and grow from them. It's been an uncomfortable and at times painful process but I believe it's well worth it. We hope by reading the newsletter series on racism, you will begin your journey of becoming "woke."

As always, I invite you to join the conversation and reach out if you have any thoughts, ideas, or feedback on the newsletter.

Kind Regards,

Nancy Chen Marden, MFT
Communications Director, SBCAMFT
Know Their Names: Black People Killed by the Police in the US
This interactive website is a powerful visual illustrating the lives of Black men and women who have been victims of police brutality. Know their names and their stories.
No More White Saviors, Thanks: How to be a True Anti-Racist Ally
In order for true diversity to flourish, we need to first become unswervingly anti-racist. That means doing more than watching a few documentaries or reading some books, says Nova Reid. Consciously ‘unlearning’ racism is the crucial first step.
What Black Lives Matter Means
This article delves into the meaning and history behind the "Black Lives Matter" movement and why it's problematic to respond with "All Lives Matter."
Anti-Racism Resources for Therapists and Clients
To end racism, we must first start with education. Here is an abundance of resources for all of us, as clinicians, to better educate ourselves so we can serve people of color with best clinical practices.
Black Mental Health Resources
Black communities in this country face unique mental health challenges that need be addressed in a culturally sensitive and competent way. This website provides a plethora of resources in helping Black people access mental health needs.
Healing Justice Santa Barbara
A variety of support services for Black/African American people, including free psychotherapy services with Black/African American clinicians, at the Hosford Clinic at UCSB and online.
Catherine MacGillvray, PhD, AMFT
Diversity Director
I’ve tried a number of times to approach this short essay, ever since the inception of this crucial, central iteration of this year’s newsletters, with the theme of Racism: Let’s Talk. Each time, I find myself embarking on a book project. What should I talk about? Should I talk about Critical Race Theory, which I spent years teaching, and which is so much in the news of late? Should I talk about my membership in a Black family, due to interracial marriage?
Jonathan W. Thompson, II, AMFT, APCC
Amadou Diallo, Ahmaud Arbery, Betty Jones, Breonna Taylor, Cornelius Brown, Dominic Fuller, Eric Garner, Emmett Till, Freddie Gray, George Floyd, Hector Morejon, India Kager, Jacob Blake, Jamar Clark, Khiel Coppin, LaQuan McDonald, Michael Brown, Nathaniel Pickett, Oscar Grant, Philando Castle, Quintonio LeGrier, Rodney King, Sandra Bland, Terrance Franklin, Trayvon Martin, Victo Larosa, Walter Scott, Xavier Rovie, Yusef Hawkins, Zamiel Crawford and "the U is for the unknown…
Anne Marsham, MA, MFT
I want to write this as a plea for those white people in our community who are not addressing their racism against Black people: To face our own, our family’s, our ancestors’, our culture’s and our race’s role as perpetrators against Black people is essential to undoing that role.   
Nancy Chen Marden, MS, MFT
I’m not proud to admit this nor do I share this without fear of judgment but I believe for us to even begin tackling racism at large, we first need to be honest. It is in this spirit that I share my story, along with some reflections I’ve made in recent years.

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We just had a wonderful and well attended first in-person social event on September 22. Special thanks to Jonathan Thompson, II, who is our Community Events Director, along with several board members who helped out with the success of the Summer Mixer. Thank you to all of you who came out to support and enjoy the event at the Mission Rose Garden.

We are working hard at planning some exciting virtual and safe,
in-person events coming up for the Fall.

Please visit SBCAMFT's Events page for updated details of all upcoming events.
Amanda Low
Director of Finance (NEW)
Amanda Low is a second year student at Antioch University in Santa Barbara pursuing her MA in Clinical Psychology. She has worked in community mental health and managed a residential treatment program for three years. Amanda is currently earning her hours towards licensure at Community Counseling and Education Center. She hopes to one day open her own private practice in Santa Barbara.
Joshua Manney, MS, AMFT/APCC
Director of Pre-Licensing (NEW)
Joshua Manney, MS, AMFT/APCC, is a Registered Associate Marriage and Family Therapist and Registered Associate Professional Clinical Counselor who serves as the Director of Pre-Licensing for SBCAMFT. Josh works in private practice in Ventura and provides in-person and telehealth therapy to individuals and couples who are struggling with anxiety, depression, grief/loss, and relationship issues. Josh also serves on the Audit Committee for CAMFT and is working towards certification as a Self-Compassion Informed Psychotherapist.
Next Quarter's SBCAMFT Newsletter
In the next issue of our newsletter, we will continue with the theme of Racism: Let's Talk and turn our focus to the African-American experience in this country.

Please stay tuned for more details.