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M. Graham artists’ oil color is made with pure walnut oil for its brilliance, clarity, texture, and resistance to fading and yellowing. Working in small batches, we craft oil colors true to the roots of Renaissance painting: delicately free-flowing, solvent-free, and with no fillers or additives.

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R&F Pigment Sticks® are oil paint manufactured with enough wax for the paint to be molded into stick form. They allow the painter to draw or paint directly onto a surface without brushes, palettes, paint tubes, or solvents. We use only the basic traditional materials: natural wax (beeswax & plant wax), linseed oil, and pigment. The result is an oil stick with a lipstick soft consistency.
Pigment Sticks® without pigment. They are ideal for glazing colors, can be worked directly into a color to increase the color's transparency, or used to blend colors together on the surface. 

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Princeton’s Aspen™ combines several important benefits to artists: the brush retains its shape for control and placement of color, paint releases and glides evenly off the synthetic hairs. The brush can be used with all acrylic and oil paints including water-soluble oils. The non-glare ferrule makes Aspen™ perfect for outdoor painting. A beautiful brush only surpassed by its performance. One of our favorite brushes to use for painting.
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Arches Oil Paper is "ready to use" without preparation. Specifically designed for oil painting, this 100% cotton, 140 lb (300 gsm) paper features a powerful, efficient oil barrier that absorbs water, solvents, and binders evenly while allowing the paint and pigment to remain on the surface. Arches Oil Paper is less brittle and stiff than gessoed papers and resists chipping or cracking, so it can easily be cut to a desired size, rolled, and transported. While it has the soft look and feel of traditional Arches papers, this durable paper has an exceptionally tough surface that withstands palette knife techniques, heavy brushing with stiff bristle brushes, and even wet paint removal with turpentine and a rag. Arches Oil Paper is acid-free and contains no optical brighteners, which means your artwork will stand the test of time. Oregon Art Supply carries both pads and single sheets.
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American Easel painting panels, an alternative to standard canvas, gives you a firm painting surface, no flexing or stretching as standard canvases do. American Easel panels are constructed of a smooth solid wood cradle (frame around the back) for strength and rigidity and a top quality birch face. Great to use for Encaustic, Oils, Acrylics and Mixed Media, made in Salem, Oregon. We love to support locally produced products!
* * * * * Check Out These Books for Fall* * * * *
The Oil Painting Book
by Bill Cheevy
Offering information on the full scope of oil painting materials and how to use them to derive the best results from the medium, this indispensable encyclopedia compares leading brands of paints; describes mediums, solvents, and varnishes; and discusses brushes, palettes, and other tools.

Abstract Nature
by Waltraud Nawratil
Learn how to express the natural world with creativity. Using a range of mediums such as acrylics, watercolour and mixed media--including elements from nature such as sand, bark and leaves--the reader learns to convey the natural world in a new and vivid light. Featuring a stunning range of Waltraud's own abstract art covering all four seasons.

The Cut Out And Collage Book: Vintage Botanical Plants 
by  Collage Haven
Would you like access to an Extraordinary Collection Of Vintage Botanical Plants And Mushrooms to create dynamic and impressive collages with?
The Cut Out And Collage Book: Vintage Botanical Plants will provide you with precisely what you have been searching for.


Janine Etherington

"Summer Soft"
mixed media on cradled panel

Join curator, Donald R. Dexter, Jr., DMD in a community art
project, the R0 Prayer Flag Redux, to raise funds to support
Lane Arts Council’s programs for local artists.
Lane Arts Council provides professional development for artists,
opportunities for presenting artistic work, and other resources
to support local artists and arts groups in advancing their
creative projects and careers.  
The goal is to collect 200 prayer flags along with a $10 or more donations to Lane Arts Council. Participant’s donations will be matched by Dr. Dexter (up to $1,000 total match).  

Stop by OREGON ART SUPPLY for free hemp paper for this
project. (donated by Hemp.Press)

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