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Without a doubt, the last several years have been transformative for us all personally and professionally. We'd like to take a moment to extend our heartfelt thanks to each of you; agency owners, administrators, schedulers (big hugs for you), the billers and payers, caregivers, several board members (shout out to the HCAOA) with whom we've had the pleasure of working with, along with policy makers who listened to pleas for common-sense policies that support home and community based services. Your participation in the industry at every level has collectively raised the bar for what is expected, and what is deserved, within our right to safely age in place.

It's truly a pleasure seeing this industry grow and respond to the times. We remain committed to the mission of helping you deliver the highest quality care to your clients.

Lisa and Lance Ferden, Co-Founders of Generations Homecare System

Quick Look Library
To showcase key features of Generations Homecare System we've recorded a series of Quick Look videos. Check out a preview of this new Quick Look library with the video links below.
Vaccination Documentation

Securely document and organize the vaccination statuses of your workforce and the clients you serve. Filter caregivers by vaccination status.

Electronic Visit Verification

Meet your state's EVV requirements and maintain a real-time global view of the arrivals and departures of caregivers.

The Mobile App for Caregivers

The essential all-in-one mobile application that gives caregivers the tools to deliver the best care.

The Quick Look Library includes videos on other key features including Document Management, Scheduling, Secure Messaging, and more. Download the newly updated informational booklet for easy access to the entire Quick Look Library.
Electronic Visit Verification Updates
Generations Homecare System continues its commitment to ensuring providers across the United States meet Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) requirements set by the 21st Century Cures Act. Our team continues to focus on developing comprehensive and easy-to-use interfaces that help providers simplify their reimbursement processes and ensure they are delivering quality care.
We are regularly adding to the list of state-approved EVV interfaces. Contact a Solutions Advisor today for details on the Generations interface to your state's chosen EVV aggregator. We have a pre-recorded webinar for every state where we have an interface, so reach out to us today and we'll send you the link!
COVID-19 Vaccination Management
In January of this year, the Vaccination Documentation tool was added to Generations Homecare System. As vaccination requirements evolve for our industry, it's important for providers to have tools in place that help communicate policies, securely track vaccination statuses, and monitor testing requirements.

Watch the video below for a quick look at vaccination management features in Generations Homecare System.
Find additional details on how Generations Homecare System can help your team navigate vaccination mandates in our recent blog post, a Quick Look: Document Management and Vaccination Documentation.
What's New on the Blog
Featured Tool: Broadcasting Available Work

Securely and conveniently send caregivers in-app notifications to notify them of newly available work.

Advancing Communication for the Industry

A look at advanced tools your homecare team should be using to communicate effectively and securely.

The Resource Roundup

Each month we look back at the top resources we learned from; videos, articles, and webinars.

Cover All Your Bases and Deliver All-Star Care
Generations Homecare System gives your team the power to securely document care, simplify daily tasks, recruit and retain happy caregivers, and ensure your clients receive the very best care. 

Download the newly updated overview booklet to learn how you can make every visit a home run with the leading all-in-one homecare application.

Did you know? The Generations app is consistently rated 1.5 stars higher than apps from other leading homecare software companies. We're so proud!
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