Fall 2021 Newsletter
President’s Message

Two steps forward, one step back! The Placer County Library system has once again taken a “pause” on library programing due to the Covid-19 Delta Variant. Hoping this will be short lived, the library is still open to other library activities such as in person browsing, holds pickup, and computer use!  

As you can see by the picture, the Friends’ book sale room is open for shopping! When you stop in, check out the inventory of books. There is a great selection for your fall reading pleasure.  

Our Book Sale chairperson, Gloria Beverage, has organized a couple of events for the fall. Our annual Rocklin Reads set for October and a November book sale with expectations of possible Christmas gifts for your family and friends. Be sure to read the articles below!

The 10th anniversary of the Library's move to the Granite Drive location continues! On August 26th, we had Reflections and our Next Chapter Zoom event with individuals who were instrumental in developing the Granite Drive location into reality. The panel consisted of Supervisor Robert Weygandt, Former Rocklin Mayor Peter Hill, Placer County Library Director Mary George, Library Advisory Board Member Francine Yorde, and Literacy Advocate and Friends Past President Carol Peterson. Through the stories shared at this event the name of former Councilmember Kathy Lund was mentioned as an advocate who helped move the idea forward for the community. If you missed this event, the recording of this event can be found on the Rocklin Friends of the Library Facebook page. If you haven’t yet, please go to the rocklinfriends.org website to share your memory of the library.  

Finally, true book lovers love the fall! This season brings the desire to sit in a bunch of dead leaves and read everything! As Oscar Wilde said, “And all at once, summer collapsed into fall.” Whether we are ready or not, fall is here and time to reach for your fall reading such as finding books with a setting in fall, reread your favorite books, reorganize your nook, and share book quotes about fall. There is nothing better to snuggle up to your current book and enjoy the coming season!

Enjoy your fall reading!
Georgetta Dolinsek
Thanks for the Donations!

The Friends were asked to help gather new books for The Placer County Office of Education's back to school event over the summer. We put out a plea to our Facebook Friends and boy did you all deliver!

118 new books were collected for kids from kindergarten to twelfth grade!

Thank for you providing a book to under resourced children in our community.
Carmack's Corner
Tony Carmack, Senior Librarian

How long has the Rocklin Library been at its current location?

What is the name of the quarry adjacent to the Library?

Of these animals—geese, ducks, turtles, beavers, groundhogs, egrets—which one has not been seen at the Rocklin Library?

I posed these trivia questions to the Library staff in late April in an icebreaker. Several of the newer staff joined our team while the library was closed to the public, and there were so many things to discover. When the doors were re-opened to the community on May 4th, many were encountering the Rocklin Library for the first time, too: new residents, young people, visiting families. All shared the wonder at the treasures inside.
It didn’t take long for the readers to reembrace their library. One super reader I’d like to mention is Rocklin resident, William, who read 6,447 minutes for the Summer @ Your Placer County Library program. For his efforts, he got to ‘slime’ the Rocklin Librarian, Miss Aubree. Well done, William!

End of summer, and it’s a return to school. We’ve put up several back-to-school displays, and they’ve proven to be popular. It has been a delight to see young people browsing the shelves and checking out old favorites and new discoveries. We look forward to seeing you again at your Rocklin Library!
And the answers to those trivia questions?
  • The Rocklin Library on 4890 Granite Drive opened to the public on January 22, 2011—ten years ago.

  • In 2018, the 3rd grade classes of Rocklin Unified School District donated a plaque for Meyer’s Quarry at the Library’s entrance.

  • There are no groundhogs of the Punxsutawney Phil variety living in California, although their cousins—the yellow-bellied marmot—can be seen in the Sierra Nevada Mountains. And yes, all those animals—and others—have been spotted at the Library!
Book sale returns November 6th

The Rocklin Friends of the Library will host the second book sale of the year from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. on Saturday, Nov. 6 in the Rocklin Parks and Recreation building on Fifth Street (Johnson-Springview Park).

Book lovers will find a wide variety of gently used fiction and non-fiction books – hardbacks selling for $2 and paperbacks for $1. Also on sale will be collectible comic books (5 for $1), jigsaw puzzles for $1 and CDs and DVDs for $2. Hardback children’s books will be $1 and soft cover, small children’s board books will be sold for 50 cents. 

A table featuring unique and specialty books (including sets) as well as other holiday gift items will be set up to give shoppers a head start on holiday shopping. Free gift wrapping will be offered. 

In addition to the semi-annual book sales, the Friends of the Library operate the used bookstore inside the library and sponsor eight of the Little Free Libraries located in Rocklin parks. 

Proceeds from our sales are used by the Placer County library staff to purchase adult and children’s books as well as add special materials to the library collection. 

For more information on volunteering with the Friends or to join, visit www.rocklinfriends.org or pick up a membership form in our bookstore. Memberships start at $10. 
Rocklin Reads partners with Rocklin Historical Society

Rocklin Friends of the Library are partnering with the Rocklin Historical Society for this year’s annual Rocklin Reads program in October. This year’s programs will focus on the Chinese laborers who built the Transcontinental Railroad as well as Rocklin’s role in that period of history.

We’re encouraging book lovers to read one of two books. Gordon Chang’s “Ghosts of Gold Mountain” is a definitive history of how Chinese laborers did the monumental work of building the Transcontinental Railroad from Sacramento to Utah for Union Pacific. Our second and more family-friendly book is “Dragon’s Gate,” which targets younger readers and their families. The main character leaves China to join his father at “The Golden Mountain” to work on the Transcontinental Railroad. 

We are partnering with the Rocklin Historical Society to host on a variety of family-friendly events throughout October.

  • Families will be encouraged to find answers to clues on the self-guided scavenger hunt, which will be available starting Oct. 1 on the Friends of the Library and the Rocklin Historical Society websites. Participants can claim a prize by turning in the completed questionnaires at either the Rocklin Library or the Rocklin History Museum by Oct. 23. 

  • An easy, one-hour walk through points of interest on Front Street will start at noon on Oct. 9 at Old St. Mary's Chapel, 5251 Front Street. Dr. Jim Carlson will share the history of Rocklin’s original downtown district. If time permits, Dr. Carlson will show Chinese and Native American artifacts. 

  • Families can tour the History Museum to check out displays on Rocklin’s railroad history as well as the memorabilia from the Chinese community. Members of the Chinese Historical Society of America have offered to set up an exhibit on the Chinese laborers. 

  • A presentation on the roundhouse and the site of the Chinese community will start at noon on Oct. 23 in the Historic Roundhouse site (rose gardens) on Rocklin Road. Dr. Jim Carlson and other Rocklin Historical Society members will share maps and memorabilia from the site of the Chinese community. Participants will be invited to view the Native American mortars as well as the Chinese-built granite drainage system. 

  • Keith Waddell, president of the Roseville Roundhouse Model Railroad Association, will give a presentation via Zoom at 7 p.m. on Oct. 23 on the history of the Transcontinental Railroad and the work of the Chinese. Information on the program will be posted on our website in the coming week. 
We need your used
children's books!

The Friends need donations of gently used children's books to fill our local Little Free Libraries.
During the pandemic, our Little Free Libraries have been used so frequently that we have run low on children's books to restock them with. Please email Michele Vass to arrange your donation today! - Michele@est2003.com

This Little Free Library is located at Breen Park and is curated by Friends Member Fran Shimozaki.