Fall 2021
Welcome to fall! It is hard to believe that another academic year and autumn is upon us. For many, this is a time of anticipation as we enter our own new academic pursuits. It is also a time when we ready our children and grandchildren as well as our patients for the new year. As such it is an exciting time for many. 

For others, it is a time of extreme anxiety. Many youth recently returned to "in person" schooling after what was essentially a 18 month summer break. For the socially anxious, many with ASD, and for introverts all across the country, it is a hard time. We know among teens and young adults, that COVID has been difficult. Rates of suicidal thinking among teens have increased and emergency rooms are full to the breaking point with youth who are depressed, anxious, and suicidal. 

We just wrapped up Suicide Prevention Month, and for those PCPs on the front line, we hope it renewed your dedication to the importance of talking to your patients, the importance of screening, and the importance of "being with" those who depend on you to support them through this tumultuous time. 

We are here to help you, as we know how challenging it is to be so many things to so many people in a 10 minute visit. For those who are interested, we will soon be offering additional “Youth Suicide Prevention in the Primary Care Setting” trainings in conjunction with our colleague Lia Gaggino, a pediatrician with longstanding interest in mental health and past president of the MIAAP. 

As always, we thank you for the incredible work that you do each and every day with your patients. Let us know how we can help. Call often—we always enjoy hearing from you.
Photo of Dr. Sheila Marcus, Director of MC3 Pediatrics
P.S. In recent weeks, MC3 reached the milestone of enrolling its 3,000th primary care provider! We are excited about the program's continued growth and thank each enrolled provider for partnering with us on the behavioral health care of your patients.
Introducing Dr. Natalie Prohaska, New MC3 Consulting Psychiatrist & Eating Disorders Expert
We are pleased to introduce our newest Consulting Psychiatrist, Dr. Natalie Prohaska! Dr. Prohaska is a Clinical Assistant Professor of Psychiatry and Assistant Professor of Pediatrics at Michigan Medicine and is also the Medical Director of the Comprehensive Eating Disorders Program at C. S. Mott Children's Hospital. She is an expert in treating eating disorders and is now available to provide consultations to our providers who are treating patients experiencing disordered eating.
MC3 Perinatal Expansion News & Updates
  • The perinatal remote Behavioral Health Consultants have served 31 women to date in our target urban hubs (Wayne, Oakland, Macomb, and Washtenaw Counties). We currently average 2.4 sessions per intervention. 

  • We are working with multiple health systems in the greater-Detroit area to engage physicians and increase screening and access to behavioral health care. Enrollment of perinatal providers in the greater-Detroit area (Macomb, Oakland, and Wayne counties) has increased significantly since the start of the MC3 Perinatal Expansion.
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  • MC3 Perinatal is sponsoring the Black Mothers’ Breastfeeding Association’s virtual Birth & Breastfeeding Conference, Monday, October 4-Wednesday, October, 6. Interested? Register and join us at BMBFA.org/conference

  • Visit our website to learn more about the MC3 Perinatal Expansion or email smitabha@med.umich.edu to hear more about how your clinic can benefit from the program! 
Dr. Sheila Marcus Given an Award by American Academy of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry
Congratulations to our Pediatrics Medical Director, Dr. Sheila Marcus, for being given the American Academy of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry’s (AACAP) 2021 Irving Philips Award for Prevention! This award recognizes an AACAP member who has made significant contributions in a lifetime career or single seminal work to the prevention of mental illness in children and adolescents. As the awardee, Dr. Marcus will give a live talk at AACAP's 2021 Virtual Annual Meeting later this month.
Save the Date: Michigan Model DBT for Pregnancy & Postpartum Training in January 2022
Katie Bresky, LMSW, Natalie Burns, LMSW, Maria Muzik, MD, MSc, and Kate Rosenblum, PhD, ABPP have developed the Michigan Model Perinatal DBT Training based on the works of Marsha Linehan, PhD. It is a treatment approach that is well suited to honor biological, environmental, mood and interpersonal changes present in perinatal period/perinatal anxiety and depression. This training will be offered virtually on January 12-14, 2022, 12-5 pm EST. Visit Zero to Thrive's website for more information.
Feedback Needed Regarding Educational Offerings
We are making changes to our pediatric and perinatal educational series. For the last couple of years, we have offered monthly web-based pediatric and perinatal webinars. Moving forward, we will discontinue our monthly offerings, but will offer similar educational opportunities. We would appreciate your input to help us determine how to modify our offerings to be most helpful to you.

Please fill out the brief (5 minute) survey linked to below and weigh in on what you would like us to offer for educational opportunities in the future: 
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New Training Modules with CMEs Available Online
We offer a broad range of educational videos for perinatal and pediatric health professionals on our website. Here are some recently added modules:

  • Assessing and Managing Perinatal Patients with Severe Symptoms
  • Everyday Parenting Strategies for Helping School Age Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder
  • Attachment Based Concepts and Skills for Perinatal Patients
  • Elimination Problems in Children - Constipation and Soiling
  • Elimination Problems in Children - Urinary Incontinence
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Provider Café & Group Case Consultation
Provider Café: We're here to listen. The MC3 Provider Café is an opportunity to check in and talk about how you're managing your stress and the stress of your patients. We can discuss strategies and offer resources that might be helpful during challenging times. Private and group check-ins are available.

Group Case Consultation: We're here to offer guidance. MC3 Group Case Consultations give primary care clinics and provider groups educational opportunities to discuss and review patients with one of our Consulting Psychiatrists. Providers can present patient cases for review and recommendations or bring up general questions about behavioral health treatment for discussion. One-time or recurring scheduling options are available.
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For more information, or to schedule a Provider Café or a Group Case Consultation session, contact us at mc3-admin@med.umich.edu.
Help Us Evaluate MC3!
Please look out for surveys asking for you input about MC3. These surveys are extremely important to us, as your input helps us make improvements to the program, and also because we share the results with our funders and policy makers as we advocate for ongoing financial support.
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Articles in MIAAP Newsletter
Our Consulting Psychiatrists write articles for the PediAdvocate, the monthly newsletter for the Michigan Chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics. Check out the recent articles in the PediAdvocate at the links below:
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Thank you to MIAAP for this opportunity for our Consulting Psychiatrists to share some of their knowledge and expertise. If you have any particular topics you would like to suggest for future newsletters, please let our team know!
MC3 Consulting Psychiatrists in the Media
"Michigan’s childhood psychiatry needs go unmet": MC3 Pediatrics Director Dr. Sheila Marcus was quoted, along with MC3 Consulting Pediatrician Dr. Lia Gaggino, in this article from the Michigan State University School of Journalism. "'The emergence of COVID-19 flooded emergency rooms with people afflicted with mental illnesses,' Marcus said. Reports of suicidal thoughts increased 124%, and there was a 158% increase in depression and anxiety cases."
Pediatric Meltdown Podcast: Some of our Consulting Psychiatrists and Perinatal Expansion staff have recently been guests on Dr. Lia Gaggino's Pediatric Meltdown podcast. Listen to and download those episodes below:

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Publications by Our Consulting Psychiatrists
Resource Corner
"Maternal Mental Health and Suicide Fact Sheet" from the Maternal Mental Health Leadership Alliance

"Pediatric Mental Health Minute Series" from the American Academy of Pediatrics

"Physician Burnout and Suicide: Wounded Healers" episode of Dr. Lia Gaggino's podcast, featuring an interview with Dr. Zakia Alavi

"Physician Support Line," a free and confidential support line (888-409-0141) staffed by psychiatrists helping physician colleagues and medical students navigate the many intersections of personal and professional lives

"Racial Equity in Adolescent Health Care: Developing an Anti-Racist Practice," virtual Connection Session from the Adolescent Health Initiative at Michigan Medicine on November 17, 12-4:30 pm EST

"Youth Mental Health in Michigan" Bridge Magazine presentation with Michigan State University Child Psychiatrist Dr. Zakia Alavi
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