Fall 2021 | President's Letter

Greetings Fellow 10th Mountain Descendants and Friends,

It’s almost time to re-up your membership for 10th Mountain Division Descendants organization. The mailing will be going out in a month or so, or you can sign up online anytime. It is our goal to eventually move to a rolling quarterly registration in the future which we hope will be easier for everyone involved. Please sign up so that we may continue to honor the legacy of our fathers, grandfathers, great grandfathers, and friends!

We just held our annual Descendants board meeting in Colorado.
A vote was taken to rename the Upstate New York chapter to the “New York State/Ft. Drum” chapter which will again include Metro New York, and it was passed unanimously. In addition to the usual board agenda, we discussed ideas that local chapters or the national descendant’s organization can participate in for community service, whether in person or by donation. If you have ideas that you think would be meaningful, please reach out to me or your chapter director. We would love to hear them. We are more than a social organization and would like to be out there making a difference for our community, our Veterans, and their families. See the article in The Blizzard about the fun events at HAATS, 10th Mountain Whiskey Distillery, the Snowsports Museum, and the Camp Hale Tour that the board took part in. Many thanks to our hosts at these special events.

The Italy trip in June of 2022 is still on the books. The dates have not changed from the last President’s letter. You can find them on our website: http://www.10thmtndivdesc.org. Please see the article by Steve Coffey in the next Blizzard and soon to come to the 10th Mountain Division Descendants website about the trip.

We are proud to announce the two winners of the 10th Mountain Descendants Finn Thornton scholarship for 2021:

  • Zachary Lawyer, great grandson of John Thomas Griffin (87L)

  • Braeden McCabe, great grandson of Francis “Bud” McCabe (87th INF). His father and uncle both served in the 10th LI.

As we head into the coming ski season, don't forget that as a member of the 10th Mountain family, you have access to discounts on ski and snowboard gear from the different industry partnerships that the 10th Mountain Foundation has created. Check out these great deals: https://10thmountainfoundation.org/industry-partners/

You also can apply to the Foundation's different programs that provide certifications and training that range from PSIAA/AASI ski and snowboard instructor certifications to NOLS outdoor educator certifications to avalanche certification trainings in conjunction with Weston. Check out the Foundation's program page: https://10thmountainfoundation.org/training-certifications/

The 2022 Edition of the 10th Mountain annual Ski-in, in Colorado, is right around the corner. The schedule is as follows:

  • February 23rd, 2022 - 10th Mountain Division presentation by the third-grade class at the Leadville High School.
  • February 24th - Ski at Copper Mountain, then that evening, we are excited to announce the showing of the new Chris Anthony documentary, “Mission Mt. Mangart” at the Leadville High School.
  • February 25th - Cooper Hill Daze with a great day of celebrating the 10th, skiing the Serpentine with everyone, a Memorial at the 10th Mountain Monument, and dinner.
  • February 26th - Ski Cooper
  • February 27th - Free Day
  • February 28th - Ski Vail
  • March 1st - Ski Breckenridge

More details to come around the first of the year.

Please let me know if you have any thoughts or ideas for your Descendant’s organization.

 Your Voice Matters and your membership makes a difference! 


Sempre Avanti!
Denise Taylor, President