Greetings, MBS Alums!

We’re in the middle of our first few consecutive days on campus that feel like fall. Brian’s Wellness classes are practicing archery, the Environmental Science gardens are producing pumpkins, the waves off Hazard Rocks are whitecapped and choppy, and 30 new students and families from across the US (and the world--international students are back!!) joined us this fall. It’s been a wonderful first few weeks of school. 

We miss each and every one of you. One of our fall highlights has been reading your updates as you travel the world, navigate classes and job experiences, and celebrate life milestones. We hope you take the time to read about your fellow alums below, and that you share our joy and pride in seeing their stories. Thank you to each one of you who took the time to share your news this fall. It means so much to us that you stay in touch with us and with each other.  If you missed sending in an update, don’t worry! Click here and send us one for our next letter.

For those of us who were able to join us in person at the Class of ‘22 Graduation, it was a gift to be able to spend time in person with you at the Alumni Breakfast and during the celebration ceremonies. Amazing but true, this was Middlebridge's 15th year in session. We are planning ahead for more in-person events during graduation and then again for a “Homecoming” style event in the summertime. If you have ideas for in-person events, or if you would like to get involved in organizing alumni events/communication, please feel free to reach out to me, Katherine, or Heather. We would love your help!

We were also so excited this year to see “acceptance day” photos for our new Owls: photos of our new students when they received or celebrated the news that they get to be an Owl. Every single one of you has contributed to the school culture which means that our current students take pride in the school and the traditions you all have shaped. Wherever you are, Owls, know that your Owls network and connections are growing each year.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to check in, let us know how you’re doing, ask for help or support, or to give back to the Owls community. We’d love to have you here.


Team Owls Alumni

Shannon Leventhal

Katherine Hollander

Heather Jensen

Featured Owl: Max C. Class of '19

Max J. Coven | Class of '19

Before I dive into my fun career journey, I am having a blast with my friends. Most of my friends are in my degree field. On campus, I am a part of Hofstra Today as an entertainment anchor/field reporter, Director’s Cut as a Package anchor, Hofstra Votes Live as a Decision Desk Anchor/Team Leader, and more! 

Most notably, I have had four internships and am beginning my fifth in a few weeks. I worked for the TODAY Show where I was fortunate enough to work on the Plaza, attend the Met Gala, be on the red carpet, and go to Peloton Studios for a mental health shoot. Additionally, I have spent time with New York Live, a lifestyle and entertainment show where I worked directly with the anchor Sara Gore and her team. It was a great experience as I saw the Thanksgiving day floats before they hit the NYC streets. In just under two weeks, I will be heading back to 30Rockefeller where I am starting with NBC News Custom Productions, an e-commerce team for their LIVE productions.

I am beginning my official career in Broadcast soon and I am applying for on-camera reporting positions nationwide, and additionally Production Assistant positions in New York.

Lastly, it thrills me to share, I have been named one of the three head anchors for Hofstra Today! Oftentimes, we stream through Facebook, Youtube, and the Heat Network TV website. 

Check out Max's work here!

Owl Alumni Updates

Nora Beard | Class of '13, PG Class of '14

Nora teaches in a Montessori school and was recently promoted to full-time teacher. Now in school, Nora is excited to get her Montessori certification to teach kids ages two-five. A proud pet owner, Nora works with kids all day and then returns to her "evening kids" (aka her beloved pets).

John "JT" LaMagna | Class of '16, PG Class of '17

JT attends Dean College for his Bachelor's Degree in Business. Next Fall, JT plans to attend Boston College for his Masters in Business. He is currently working as a restaurant server at The Coast Guard House...stop by to say hello if you're in town, Owls!

Jennifer Masterson | Class of '17

Jennifer graduated from UConn in May with a bachelor's in financial management. This summer she moved down to Jacksonville, Florida, for a job at Ernst & Young in wealth and asset management consulting.

Kat Sippl | Class of '16, PG Class of '17

Kat is doing well in sunny Florida! As she says, "I finally got a career job as a therapist working in substance use treatment and I am loving it! It has been quite the journey to this point but I wouldn’t change it for the world." 

Bennett Breig | PG Class of '18

Bennett attends class at a local community college in Connecticut and is studying to become a Physical Therapy Assistant. He currently works at a physical therapy office, Therapy Aid, while attending school and is learning a lot on the job. Bennett is hoping to be finished with school by the end of 2024 and to work as a licensed Physical Therapy Assistant for the same company!

Gwei Strong-Allen | PG Class of '19

Last summer, Gwei participated in the Broad Futures Program in Washington, DC for nine weeks for an intensive internship in workplace skills. Gwei enjoyed the experience of training with The Council Insurance Agents and Brokers (CIAB) and made friends in both her program and workplace. 

Gwei is now a senior at Beacon College, working to balance a busy first month of school. She is enjoying a full complement of five classes, is part of the Student Government Association, and serves as President and Captain for the Female Cross Country team, all while working as a gym Attendant twice a week. Gwei crosses paths with a few of the wonderful MBS alums currently enrolled at Beacon.

Matt Chou | Class of '21, PG Class of '22

A note from the desk of Matt Chou: "Hello from sunny Boca Raton, Florida! Matt Chou here. I am doing great here at Lynn. I am adapting well to my classes and life with more than just 80 total students. I miss my time at MBS. I have many great memories there. Even after spending five years there, I wish that I could be there for five more years."

Anthony Graziano | Class of '22

Anthony is loving High Point! He runs into MBS Alums regularly and they all seem to be having a great time. Just last week he declared his major & minor, video game design & entrepreneurship, respectively. He is currently trying out for the 19-member bass fishing team, and recently had “tryouts” on Oak Hollow Lake. The team has 8 bass boats and competes in regional tournaments throughout the South. Fingers crossed he gets a spot on the team!!

Olivia Kaufman | Class of '22

Olivia has begun her gap semester program in Europe! She hopped around between London, Paris, Amsterdam, and Barcelona for the first two weeks. She was even in London for the Queen’s services. Then she will move to Rome for a month to study Italian, then to Seville in the south of Spain to do an internship for a month, with a final week in Portugal before returning in early December.

New: Social Emotional Intelligence and

Performing Arts Center

Emotional Intelligence is at the heart of our program.

As our alumni know, the innovative Social and Emotional Intelligence curriculum sets us apart from other programs. We encourage candid discussions of mental health to de-stigmatize challenges, universalize human struggle, and transform adversity into strength. 

Our new Performing Arts and Emotional Intelligence Center will provide a hub for our daily Social Emotional Intelligence classes and a home for our students' passion for dance, performance, public speaking, and dramatic performance. We can't wait!

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