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MAKE IT WORK - 30oz ANSO Nylon
Regular Price : $ 2.35 /sq.ft.
Blowout Price: $ 1.79 /sq.ft.
Stormy (580)
Nature's Essence (175)
Sands of Time (770)
Cocoa Butter (177)
Tips to Protect Your Flooring Through the Holidays
Your best defense starts before your guests enter your home. A doormat at all entrances will help keep dirt, debris, and salt from getting into your home and onto your floors.

Dirt and debris will get into your carpet and damage the fibers. It can also lead to discoloration. Dirt and debris can also scratch hardwood floors. Doormats will help to mitigate this problem.
Area Rugs
Place area rugs or runners in high-traffic areas of your home. Area rugs will not only help to protect from the dirt and salt that may be brought in from the shoes of your visitors, they will also help protect your flooring from food or drink spills.
Remove Shoes
Asking your guests to remove their shoes at the door is the best way to protect your flooring from dirt, debris, and salt.

If you have a guest that forgets to remove their shoes, having doormats and area rugs in place will help absorb some of the outside dirt, leaving your floors nice and clean.