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Leadership Summit at Rivers Casino & Resort Schenectady*

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11 Board Meeting at ECLC Office 
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New York State Network for Youth Success
"The NYS Network for Youth Success is a leading force in NYS working to improve outcomes for children and youth in school-age and afterschool settings.  As a CCR&R Executive Director, I rely on them for their expertise in establishing an effective policy agenda, supports for high-quality credentialing and professional development opportunities for the school-age professionals we serve, as well as the most recent information on trends and issues as it relates to meeting the needs of school-age children in our community." -Amanda Kelkenberg, CEO, Child Care Resource Network

"The New York State Network for Youth Success is a proud partner of the Early Care & Learning Council.  The Network supports the work of ECLC through quality supports of School-Age Programs such as the QSA tool, Program Accreditation, the School Age Care Credential, professional development, and technical assistance.  As a statewide Network, we value the on the ground work of the local CCR&R's around New York.  The Network will continue to work closely with ECLC to help better support the CCR&R's and their great work." -Kelly Malone Sturgis, Executive Director, Network for Youth Success

Learn how the Network supports CCR&Rs HERE.

Shared Source is a one-stop spot for resources & ideas for your CCR&R to use! 

Shared Source
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Fall 2018
Early Care & Learning Council News


Registration for the Early Care & Learning Council Leadership Summit is OPEN!

The 2018 Leadership Summit will be held at Rivers Casino & Resort Schenectady located at 1 Rush Street in Schenectady, NY 12305. 

It is our hope that you'll be present with us for an invigorating, educational two-day event. Together, we will celebrate the work that each of us do each and every day, improving outcomes for New York's youngest children. 
The Summit provides critical, cutting edge information and tools necessary to meet the challenges and opportunities in today's ever-changing environment.

Whenever you shop using Amazon Smile, Amazon donates to the Early Care & Learning Council. 

Policy & Community Education 

After two listening sessions 
with the network and some internal reorganizing with the committee, the ECLC Public Policy Committee is busy at work crafting the 2019-2020 budget ask. Members are also working on outreach to mobilize voters in the 2018 midterms elections. On September 25th, ECLC conducted a National Voter Registration campaign via social media and email. Please keep your eyes open for more opportunities to get involved. Also, if you have not already, check out the webinar on Electoral Work.
The Winning Beginning Steering Committee met for a full day retreat this summer and is moving forward with recruitment of new steering committee members. The Winning Beginning NY Child Care Committee has merged with the Empire State Campaign for Child Care Legislative Committee and has begun meeting to develop a 2019-2020 Executive Budget Ask. We are also closely monitoring the Federal budget. For the first time since 1996, it appears like the Labor, HHS, and Education Appropriations bill will be signed into law prior to October 1, the start of the new fiscal year.  If this version is passed, t he Child Care and Development Block Grant would be increased by $50 million!

ECLC is now a member of the Early Childhood Advisory Council Finance Group, as well as the Tax Credit subcommittee and is busy working with the group to develop a package of tax credits that would be beneficial to providers, parents, business leaders and CCR&Rs.

Late September, ECLC presented a Lunch & Learn webinar regarding the power of social media. We are continuing to work with CCR&Rs to offer training on timely topics such as  regarding reaching & relating to millennial parents. Please let us know if your agency would like to receive this type of training! Lastly, our news bulletins have been revamped to offer staff perspectives on issues impacting child and families.

Special Projects 

Assessing Cultural Diversity Efforts

Assessing your cultural diversity efforts can sometimes be quite daunting. How do we know if we're making impact with our training efforts?

The Intercultural Development Inventory (IDI) Assessment is a great tool used to identify where an individual or group's cultural sensitivity lies.  Over the last couple of months, Fannie Glover, Director of Special Projects, has conducted several IDI sessions with the CCR&R network.  Child Care Solutions was our very first CCR&R to take the assessment and started the cultural sensitivity planning process.

Lori A. Schakow, Executive Director, and her team

What is the Intercultural Development Inventory (IDI) Assessment?

The IDI is a statistically sound, cross-culturally valid assessment that measures an individual or group's specific level of cultural competence. As part of the assessment process, individuals are asked to complete a 50-item, online assessment.  Although the assessment is completed individually, the results can be disseminated as a group or individual report.

The IDI provides a structure for understanding how we, as individuals and organizations, see difference. Five stages of mindsets and skillsets describe the levels of effectiveness when we interact across differences both individually and organizationally.  Furthermore, the IDI has been demonstrated (through research) to have high predictive validity to both bottom-line cross-cultural outcomes in organizations and intercultural goal accomplishments in education.  

There are a number of reasons for using the IDI assessment tool:
  •   The IDI is theory-based. The IDI is the only theory-based assessment of intercultural competence.
  •   The IDI is developmental. The IDI is the only developmental assessment of intercultural competence
  •   The IDI provides practical, in-depth information. The IDI allows extensive and in-depth insights on individual and group levels of intercultural competence.
As the information is growing, we are beginning to conduct this assessment for those outside the network. IDI is a valuable tool to evaluate an organization and offers suggestions as to how to move forward. For more information, please contact Fannie Glover or call 518-690-4217 ext. 18.

Business Leaders

For those looking for an excellent visual aid to share with business leaders within your community, please share the infographic located here
Highlights from link:
"The Business Case For Investing In High Quality Child Care in New York"
  1. More than 675,100  children depend on paid child care every week in NY
  2. NY child care industry revenue of $3.4 billion led into another $3.4 billion in spillover impact on local economies
  3. NY child care industry employees about 138,890 individuals who support an additional 51,300 jobs in local economies
  4. The $2 billion in NY employee and proprietors' earnings within the child care industry generates $1.6 billion in additional earnings in NY
  5. Meeting Child Care needs today means meeting tomorrow's future workforce and economy's needs
The Early Care & Learning Council and ELAN/NBCDI (Albany Affiliate) announces the release of its Expulsion & Suspension Awareness Campaign

On Thursday, September 6, the Early Care & Learning Council and the New York State Equity Leaders Action Network/National Black Child Development Institute (Albany Affiliate) released the long awaited 'Equity in the Early Years,' a toolkit for parents, business leaders, and early educators to raise awareness about the inequities surrounding expulsion and suspension in early education.

The Center for American Progress analyzed new data from the 2016 National Survey of Children's Health and found that 250 preschoolers are suspended or expelled every day.  In fact, preschoolers are being expelled at more than three times the rate of students in Kindergarten through 12th grade combined (Malik, Rasheed. "New Data Reveal 250 Preschoolers Are Suspended or Expelled Every Day." Center for American Progress. 6 Nov 2017).

From birth to age five, a child's brain develops more rapidly, than at any other time in life. Although genetics do play a role, research has made clear that the quality of a child's experiences in the first five years of life - positive or negative - helps shape how their brain develops. These experiences have lasting impact on their health. Furthermore, these experiences impact their ability to learn and succeed in school and life.

Suspending or expelling a young child during the early, critical and impressionable years, can severely negatively affect physical, emotional, and social development. It removes a child from an early learning environment that contributes to a healthy development and hinders future academic success.  By suspending or expelling a young child, possible unaddressed behavioral, emotional, and developmental issues may be over looked.

The goals of the awareness campaign is to: raise awareness about the inequities surrounding suspension and expulsion in early education, to educate, encourage and empower parents and business leaders to share information about the campaign, and to highlight the need for funds for professional development for teachers, providers, and mental health consultants' in early education.

Download the toolkit and listen to this 30 second radio ad that is streaming on iHeart Radio here.

For more information, contact Fannie Glover at  or Ryan Belak at 

Programs and Services 

Upcoming CCR&R Professional Development  

Thank you to everyone who responded to the Proknowledge/Microknowledge training survey.  We will be offering:

Data Analytics - Telling Your Story, Creating a Respectful Workplace & Communicating for Success at a few locations across the state based on your location.  Please register via the email that went out earlier this week or see below. There will be no fees for these workshops.

November 6, 2018 

"Using Data to Tell Your Story" Child Care Solutions- Syracuse
November 6, 2018

"Creating A Respectful Workplace" ECLC- Albany
November 6, 2018

"Communicating for Success" ECLC- Albany
November 8, 2018

"Creating A Respectful Workplace" Child Care Council- Rochester
November 8, 2018

"Communicating for Success" Child Care Council- Rochester
December 4, 2018

"Using Data to Tell Your Story" ECLC- Albany

Also, Children's Institute, Inc. will be delivering Stages of Change at ECLC on November 29th.  This registration will be out by early October, but please save the date in the meantime.  This workshop will have just a small fee to cover food.

External Partners Workgroup

As a reminder, this is one of the workgroups that was developed out of the 2017 Leadership Summit and has continued to hold calls to discuss challenges with, along with ways to strengthen relationships, with state partners that are a part of professional development for the ECE field  (OCFS, PDP, PDI, NYAEYC).  Due to the similarities in goals, we have agreed to combine this group with the Union Partnership Workgroup, which also was developed out of the 2017 Summit, and our plan is to hold calls on a quarterly basis.  

Our last call was in August, so we will schedule one again in November/December.  In addition to the merger of the two workgroups, we invite more members to join.  Since we currently have members on this workgroup who serve a role as the head of their Education/Training departments at their CCR&R, we recommend this workgroup to other members in similar roles, but we will welcome anyone who is interested.  If you would like to join this workgroup, please send an email to Abbe at
NY Standards of Excellence (NYSOE)

Please note, due to the ending of National Quality Assurance (NQA), all CCR&R agencies will need to complete a Follow-Up SOE submission and visit approximately 18 months after either the date of their 2018 full SOE renewal or 18 months after their final annual report was due for NQA.  Over the 4th quarter of 2018, we will send individual emails (for those who have not already reached out and received this information) to let you know the follow-up date for your agency as well as the 3 year renewal date.  If you have any questions, please contact Abbe at

Infant Toddler 

ECLC brought the Infant Toddler Network together for a one day training and retreat on July 10th in Region 6 at the Child Care Council of Westchester.  Our featured presenter, Toni Porter from Bank Street College of Education, delivered a training on the Theory of Change. Specialists also engaged in small group discussion to explore their strengths and opportunities as a network.
Follow-up Activities in the IT Regions this Quarter have focused on connecting the IT Specialists with their Regional Office Managers.  Productive conversations have been taking place at these meetings, with much dialogue focusing around Continuity of Care.
Additionally, ECLC and the Infant Toddler Lead Agencies have been working together to create a comprehensive Infant Toddler Data Report that reflects the need for more Infant Toddler care in every region. We have also been highlighting the important work done by Infant Toddler Specialists across the state to increase the level of Quality care available. 

Member News
Community Action of Orleans & Genesee
Taryn Moyle, a CCR&R Program Manager, attended the STRONG Nonprofits Summer Advocacy Training in Buffalo on Wednesday, August 16. This training focused on some advocacy basics for any non-profit organization, such as the definitions of advocacy, legislative advocacy, and lobbying. Time was spent going over the state's budget timelines to help the participants better understand when certain actions would be best received by one's state representatives. There were some very useful websites shared with the group along with some different funding options available to nonprofits.
Since Taryn is a Manager of the CCR&R Program in a Community Action agency covering two primarily rural counties, Advocacy is an area she would like to strengthen in the new contract cycle.  In two short hours, the presenters sent a very clear and relevant message to participants.  The information shared can be applied to any/ all of the different agencies present. By attending this training, Taryn was able to gather some valuable information to begin working on her goal. If they are offered in your area, she encourages others to attend this informative training or others by STRONG Nonprofits.
Adirondack Community Action Programs, Inc.
Adirondack Community Action Programs, Inc. held a training on September 12th, presented by Scott Noyes from Empowering Programs.  He presented "Advanced Guidance," to 20 home providers and after school staff in Essex Co.  The presentation was possible with the help from a donation from Cloudsplitter Foundation.  A light dinner of soup and sandwiches was available for all participants.
Family of Woodstock, Inc.
Child Care Connections of Family of Woodstock, Inc., Ulster County BOCES, and Community Playthings are proudly hosting the Mid-Hudson Valley Leadership Day (MHVLD). We invite you to take part in this celebration for Day Care Center, Group & Family Daycare Directors, Owners, Administrators and anyone who supervises and supports staff in the Early Childhood Profession.
As leaders in the early childhood education field, you are the foundation of the care and education we provide to children in our community. MHVLD is all about helping you bring out the best of your gifts and talents to continue to build a strong foundation. Come be renewed in the community of other leaders from our area, and share the desire for positive, fulfilling environments for our children, families, teachers and ourselves. You will find inspiration in empowering, engaging training sessions and in networking with leaders who share your passions. This day brings you delicious foods, fun and informative vendors, and a chance to win great prizes! #MHVLD

The event page can be found here.

Here's a brief overview of the day: 

Keynote Speaker: John J. Pelizza, Ph.D. (Motivational Speaker and Author): Keys to Physical & Mental Wellness
Presenters: Tim Hathaway (Executive Director, Prevent Child Abuse New York): Adverse Childhood Experiences and Protective Factors
Jenn O'Connor (Public Policy Chair, NYAEYC): Advocacy Made Easy: Part II
Panel: Marilyn Ballard (Moderator) and NYS Council on Children and Families, Early Care and Learning Council, NY Association for the Education of Young Children, NY Early Childhood Professional Development Institute : Bridging Research and Practice
Brown Sugar (Brianna Knight, Janet Marie, Stephanie Voyard): Diversity-The Black Woman's Experience
The Council's Executive Director, Linda Martini and Quality Resources Specialist, Beth Mindes were featured on the Non-Profit Notebook through WTBQ radio (93.5FM, 11.10AM)!  Special guest speaker Jessica Harnick, director of Rhythm and Rhyme Childcare in Warwick, spoke about the challenges faced by child care centers in Orange County. Listeners can tune in again to Linda and Beth's broadcast on September 25th, from 11:30 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.
The Board and Staff of Child Care Resources of Rockland are excited to announce that Vicki Caramante will assume the role of Executive Director when Jane Brown retires at the end of the year. Please be sure to join us on October 3rd for Jane Brown's retirement party. Details are here.

Vicki is a strong advocate for children and has served on the Board of Directors of Child Care Resources of Rockland for ten years, most recently as Chair of the Board Development Committee and as a member of the Sustainability Committee. 

Among her many contributions, Vicki guided the development and implementation of the agency's Strategic Plan and has led many of the agency's annual board/staff retreats. An active member of the community, Vicki is serving her fourth term as President of the South Orangetown Council PTA, where she has served on a number of committees.  

Additionally, Vicki is President of the Tappan Library Board of Trustees. She, her husband, and three teenage children live in Tappan, NY.   

CCR&R Video: Creating a Child Care Resources of Rockland video has been a long time wish of Executive Director Jane Brown and we are excited to have completed not one, but two videos before she retires! Please take a look; you can find them on our 
The Child Development Council invites you to join us as we promote the needs of children to our local, state, and federal candidates and lawmakers. This summer, we launched a non-partisan Vote with Kids in Mind campaign to encourage individuals and organizations to ask future elected officials what they will do to support policies that help all children get what they need:
  •          Nutritious food every day
  •          Safe stable place to live
  •          Affordable high quality child care and education
  •          Health care and healthy beginnings
  •          Secure relationships
Children need parents. Families need resources. When children get what they need in the first five years, its benefits will last a life time. They will do better in school, graduate at higher rates, and be prepared for entering the workforce. For more information, visit our website at

Child Care Council

In early September, Child Care Council embarked on a voter registration campaign. Voter registration forms were available at the entrances to all three council offices. Staff were instructed on how to assist folks in completing the form. We are advised to provide that support because there are some pitfalls in the material.

We are doing this to support legislative advocacy. Legislators are more responsive to messages from their constituents who are registered voters.

Integrated Community Planning of Oswego County, Inc.

ICP Making Strides toward a Trauma Informed Community

In August, ICP, with assistance from PCANY, hosted two screenings of the film "Resilience" followed by facilitated discussions. Attendees at the screenings ranged from elected officials, school district administrators, judicial and legal personnel, community organizations, and direct service individuals including child care providers to name a few.

The CCDC Programs Coordinator, Brandy Koproski was recently interviewed by the Oswego County Business Magazine with regards to the county's poor health outcomes and risk behaviors. The interview resulted in a featured article discussing the role ACEs and toxic stress play in a child's development including social, emotional and cognitive skills, as well as their mental and physical health.

To continue the path toward becoming a trauma informed community, ICP's Executive Director, Christina Wilson, and Koproski will join 28 other key stakeholders and leaders from various sectors of the county to embark on a seven month course of training through the University of Buffalo. UB's Institute on Trauma and Trauma Informed Care will conduct the learning collaborative which will result in 30 Trauma Informed Care Champions to implement a TIC approach throughout the county.      
"Resilience" facilitated panel discussion
Child Care Council of Nassau, Inc.

Child Care Council of Nassau's very own Sandra Senior, Director of Parent Services, continues to support her hometown community. Sandra volunteered her time this past summer with The Roosevelt Family Empowerment Committee (RFEC) in arranging their annual 'Family Fun Fest and Picnic'. This event, held on July 28th, promoted positive family interaction, civic responsibility, diversity, health and wellness as well as wholesome life style choices. Other community volunteers pictured are: Senior Councilwoman Town of Hempstead, Dorothy Goosby; Sandra Senior and Mark Stevens, Co-Chairs, Roosevelt Family Empowerment Committee; John Boyd, Sr.; President, Roosevelt Chamber of Commerce; Sgt. Michael O'Mara and officers of the 1st Precinct of the NC Police Department; Robert Nero, President , NYS Fraternal Order of Police and local community residents. There were over 300 attendees present.
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