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A Note From Your CHAHRM President
I am always in awe of professionals who can speak publicly about events and people that were deeply meaningful to them without displaying a lot of emotion. Although I possess a perceivably "strong" personality, I am actually a very sensitive person and take a lot of pride in my children, moments of success, and personal relationships. When speaking of these things I care about, I am easily moved to tears. This display of emotion was unavoidable as I wrapped up my last CHAHRM Conference, not only as President but also as an Executive Committee member.
Over the past 12 years I have served with this team, I have grown so much as a HR professional. I attended my first conference in the Spring of 2006, right after earning my PHR credential and having served only a year working in HR. My then supervisor, Tony, encouraged me to become a member of CHAHRM as he knew, even after such a short period of time of working with me, the passion I had for this profession and the journey of success I would set out to achieve.
Over the years, I held a few different core roles on the Executive Committee, including Survey Coordinator, President-Elect, and President. As with any small team, I often stepped in and covered the duties of other positions, coordinating event speakers and business partners using connections I had developed over the years. There have been a countless number of people who have supported me, those that I have learned from in the CHAHRM community, as well as pockets of frustration and challenges; all part of the growth and learning experience.
When I took over as President two years ago, the team experienced the most significant turnover and change of Executive Committee members I had ever seen in the 10 years before. Several members either moved out of healthcare, into retirement, or into new positions requiring their focus and time. The team who remained, comprised all of volunteers, pulled together and always made time to get the work done. Some of our work and accomplishments over this time include experimenting with different conference locations and scheduling, updates to committee job descriptions and bylaws, implementation of a New Member Orientation, move to a new partner for our job board, clean-up of our membership listing, and a complete facelift to our Chapter's communications, including the website, surveys, and newsletters.
Additionally, the Chapter has continued to be recognized by ASHHRA as a top performing chapter earning 4-star and 3-star awards, as well as individual recognition given to our Chapter Officers and Team Members. For 2015, Pam Drake and I both received recognition, and in 2016, Tanya Rippeth, Greg Thress, and Vickie Moore received the honors.
My decision to leave the team was very difficult. However, I am excited to transition the time I have been spending in this role to a new project; participating in an Executive Leadership Fellowship Program. I am also happy to step down from the team and allow one of my own team members at San Luis Valley Health, Lindsay Meredith, to serve on the team as Communications Director. I certainly see all of the qualities in her that Tony invariably saw in me 12 years ago and I know her contributions on the team will continue to be superb and meaningful.  
Thank you to those of you who have contributed to my successful and fulfilling journey with this team. I hope to stay in touch!  

Mandy Crockett, SPHR 

CHAHRM President
Director of Human Resources
San Luis Valley Health
All pictures from the fall conference are available on our Facebook page
Darrin Smith Provides ASHHRA Advocacy Update

At the Fall Conference, ASHHRA Advocacy Committee Chair Darrin Smith, provided attendees with an update on an upcoming change to the Nurse Licensure Compact (NLC).

As of Jan. 19, 2018, the 21 states in the original NLC that enacted the new Enhanced Nurse Licensure Compact (eNLC) will cease to be members of the original NLC. This means that beginning Jan. 19, 2018, a nurse with a license from Wisconsin, Colorado, New Mexico and Rhode Island will hold a multistate license valid in only those four states rather than the original 25 states in the NLC. Without a timely legislative solution, these nurses will need to obtain additional licensure in order to practice in any of the new eNLC states. Conversely, it also means that nurses in the new eNLC states will no longer have the authority to practice in Colorado and will need to obtain a Colorado single-state license to continue practicing in Colorado after Jan. 19, 2018.
Presentations From The Conference
This year's Fall Conference was complete with
great presenters who delivered high content information on "All Things HR." If you missed the conference, don't worry!  Members who attended the conference submitted articles reviewing the content of each speaker.  Handouts and presentations from the conference can be found on our website.
General Session Meeting

The CHAHRM Executive Committee held the General Session Meeting on Friday afternoon at the Fall Conference.  If you were unable to attend the General Session, the meeting minutes have been made available for your review.

Thanks for giving to those in need!

As we near the holiday season, we recognize the importance of helping families in need to make their holiday a bit brighter.   

Thanks to all CHAHRM members for their generous donations of canned good and non-perishable items.  These items were donated to the Pueblo community to help those in need!


If you missed the opportunity to contribute to the CHAHRM food drive, please consider donating to your local community!


Many thanks to our Business Partners for sponsoring our Fall Event!

Surveys & Scholarship Information
An attractive benefit of CHAHRM membership is utilization and access of surveys. Through this process, members can make inquiries to their HR colleagues about day-to-day issues, policies and procedures, and management challenges to solicit feedback and information on a particular topic.  Send an email to Survey Coordinator, Michelle Pollart, at

The CHAHRM association is a strong advocate for continued education and growth in both  Human Resources and the Medical field. To support further education in both, CHAHRM awards scholarship monies to be applied to an HR certification and an Allied Health program.

This year, our Allied Health scholarship recipient is Lisa Peters from Littleton who is pursuing a Bachelor's degree in Healthcare Administration at Colorado Christian University.  Two very strong candidates for the HR Certification scholarship resulted in a split award presented to Shannatay Bergeron of Vail Health and Gretchen Anaya Quiroga of Mercy Regional Medical Center (pictured below).

Congratulations to our scholarship recipients!

Career Strategies

Brenda Greicar, CHAHRM Career Strategies Director, assists individuals with job searches in the human resources field, within and outside of healthcare on a confidential basis.  She networks with a number of recruiters for locally and nationally.

If you have a need, or are aware of available positions, please contact Brenda at All inquiries are kept in the strictest confidence.

Did you know you can post your resume, search and post open positions through our website? Our new and improved job board is up and running!

Click here to search or post open position through our new job and improved board!
Are You An ASHHRA Member?

The American Society for Healthcare Human Resources Administration (ASHHRA) of the American Hospital Association (AHA) is the nation's only membership organization exclusively dedicated to meeting the professional needs of human resources leaders in health care. Founded in 1964, ASHHRA represents more than 3,500 human resources professionals across the nation. ASHHRA is governed by a 13-member board of directors, four standing committees, and more than 45 affiliated chapters who are all committed to enhancing the profession and moving forward toward one common goal - excellence in healthcare human resources.
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