I love both of these yarns. They are very different. #yarnfolk #yarn
Some musings...

A few thoughts on being a “yarn snob”...

I actually cringe a little at that term, without thinking less of anyone who uses it.  Often, it is used to express revelation, or discovery--and I understand that!  For a lot of us, the first time we use something other than a mass-produced synthetic yarn, we nearly gasp at how it changes our experience of knitting or crochet, and that is something to celebrate. 

That said, there are good quality yarns at a variety of price points (see photo at left!), and there are any number of occasions when we don’t need to use the very finest yarn that is available.  Sometimes, the item is going to see hard use, sometimes it won’t be used for very long, and sometimes the way the finished item feels isn’t terribly critical. 

Other times, there are compelling reasons to use the best we can afford (although that can mean different things in different situations).  We might be looking for the softest hand of the knitted fabric--which can vary from person to person, but might take us into the realm of luxury fibers.  Or maybe the broadest color palette is what we need.  Or we’re looking for a great yarn that combines durability with a cozy feel.  Or the maybe the way the yarn is hand-dyed makes our hearts sing.  Some of those factors can contribute to a higher price point.

There are great choices at $4 per skein, and great choices at $40 per skein, and the higher priced yarn might not be the best option for your project.  It’s all about finding the perfect match, and there are lots of variables.

But here’s the thing: no matter the cost of the yarn, the single most valuable resource that goes into a hand-crafted item is TIME. Which is the thing--maybe the only thing--that everyone has the same allotment of, at least on the daily level.  That’s why I think there is a case to be made for choosing materials based on what will serve the project best.  Materials + Time = the true cost of a project, and nobody’s time is inherently more valuable than anyone else’s.  My gentle suggestion is to rethink the idea of being a yarn snob.  Seeing the value in the time you spend making things by hand, and choosing your materials and tools with that in mind isn’t snobbery, and it doesn't automatically mean spending a small fortune.

Enough of that; let's talk about classes and yarns!
Fall Class Schedule

The schedule for fall classes is live here, in a variety of formats--Saturday workshops, mid-week classes, and supported knitalongs and crochetalongs.  Cost varies according to format and the duration of the class, and there is no charge to participate in KALs or CALs when the pattern and materials are purchased at Yarn Folk.

If you find something that interests you, please email, call, or stop in to sign up.  When applicable, your payment secures your spot in a class, some classes have a minimum, and all of them have a maximum!  

Well, hello my pretties!
Clockwise, from top left: "Slime Time" a great Seahawks colorway from Oink Pigments, in Sock and Worsted, and then an assortment of other vibrant colorways in the Sock; Nerd Girl Yarns Oh Snap! Sock; the free pattern Capucine worked in one skein of Gina Chunky; One Twisted Tree sock yarn, which has been flying off the shelf (more expected in October); and the 3-Color [Not Quite] Cashmere Cowl, made with Malabrigo Lace, held double (a move that turns a $90 project into a $27 project that is, to my mind, just as lovely).  

It's back! @oinkpigments Sock & Worsted in Slime Time--perfect for #Seahawks knitting! $23 for the Worsted, $26 for the Sock. #yarnfolk #yarn
3-Color [Not Quite] Cashmere Cowl by @jojilocat using @malabrigoyarn Lace held double. There was nothing about this project that wasn't absolute pleasure. #yarnfolk #knitting #knittingpatterns #yarn #malabrigo
Nerd Girl! This is the Oh Snap base--75% superwash Merino & 25% nylon. Lots of fun choices in the sock department at the moment.... #yarnfolk #operationsockdrawer #yarn
I am so, so happy to be the first brick and mortar shop with @prairiegirldanie's One Twisted Tree yarns. I am crazy in love with this!!!
Capucine worked up in a flash in Gina Chunky from @PlymouthYarn -- I squeaked by with one skein! #yarnfolk #knitting #knittingpatterns
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