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October rolls in and all the leaves start falling down! It's a new season and there's so much to enjoy! The fall schedule for our Big Kids Club afternoon programming is up and the teachers are ready with a season worth of amazing activities.


To accommodate the new programs, our website has had a full-body rewrite, with updated Staff Bios, centre philosophy, and all about us! Take a peek and let us know what you think. 


We're putting together another Kids Clothing Swap on Oct. 19, hosting a Book Fair from Oct. 6 - 10, and are starting to think about parties... Halloween is coming, and this Saturday, Johanna's planning a celebration of fall. 


There's a lot going on at Buddings this season, and the quickest way to get up to speed is to check the articles below! 


See you soon!


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Big Kids Club Fall Schedule
Saturday puppetry, plays, and parties
Barefoot Book Fair - Oct. 6 - 10
Fall Kids Clothing Swap - Oct. 19
Videography at Buddings
Parent Resource Section



Big Kids Club Fall Schedule - Afternoons from 1 - 4pm


If you haven't heard, Big Kids Club is our afternoon program of structured play and learning. The teachers have created an awesome mix of songs, stories, discussion, and experiential activities suitable for all the kids, but especially geared towards 3 - 5 year olds.


Big Kids Club runs from 1 - 4pm and there's no additional cost for joining the classes. If you really want to hear what it's all about, bring your buddy in for an afternoon and let them tell you all about it! 

Saturday puppetry, plays, and parties! 

Buddings Daycare is open on Saturdays, with social, educational care from 10am - 4pm, with an awesome class, activity, or presentation, scheduled every week.

The teachers are taking turns to make the sixth school day the best one of all! Last week, Denet and the kids took some lessons in sharing and caring from the centre's host of puppet friends, and now that October has officially begun, Johanna is celebrating the season - with a FALL Party! 

The harvest foods! The colours! Autumn is a season of change and Johanna's drawing on all the elements to make sure her first Saturday presentation really shines! Make sure to book your child for a couple of hours this weekend to join the fun!

Saturday hours are from 10am - 4pm, and Buddings members pay just $15/hour. 

Not a member yet? Apply now!

Barefoot Book Fair - Oct. 6 - 10, 2014
Our daycare bookshelf is stocked with the engaging books and stories from Barefoot Books. The company has an amazing collection for readers of all ages, and we're so pleased to share them with you next week as we host our first book fair. 

Find the display at the front entrance, and make sure to ask the teachers which ones might be appropriate for your family. Plus, until Oct. 19, when you make a purchase, a percentage of all the sales will be reimbursed to Buddings in books to add to our library! 

This fall, Johanna's World Stories and Food class will be using the Barefoot Book of Earth Tales as a jumping off point to explore world culture. Find her explanation of the class, and the book, on the blog. 
Fall Kids Clothing Swap - Oct. 19, from 11am - 2pm


The rain is falling and winter will be here soon. Before you start paying big money getting kids equipped for the cold, wet weather, circle Oct. 19 on your calendar and plan to swap your too-small stuff for new-to-you winter gear. 

Never been to a clothing swap before? No problem! Our FAQ Blog Post has the answers to all your questions about how it works. 

Bring out the stored sweaters and see which ones would be better for a littler kid. We'll be collecting, sizing, and sorting from Oct. 13 - 17, with free admission and up to 10 items for everyone who brings items to swap.  

Still need all that stuff? No problem! The cost is just $10 for up to 10 items, and $1 per item after that. The more people who bring items and attend, the better! Feel free to spread the news! 

Videography at Buddings...
As you know, kids are always doing the most amazing, hilarious, adorable things! Here at Buddings, we try to capture as many as possible to share with members at the end of each month, through our Photos for Families dropbox folders. 

While photos are worth thousands of words, sometimes a still just isn't enough. Denet's been experimenting with videos, and we're loving the results. 

This season, on some Saturdays, we're asking parents' permission to shoot some footage of the weekly activity so we can play around with making short films of our day. 

Your family's privacy is still our top concern, and if you'd prefer not to have your child filmed, that's absolutely fine! Please feel free to decline, and if you have any questions about how we'll be using the footage, or when you might be able to check them out, let Talia know.

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