Thank you so much for playing Fall Baseball with us!

We are looking forward to a great season. Your coaches have been instructed to contact you by Wednesday evening. If you have not heard from them, please contact them by phone or email. Their contact information is on roster below.  

Practice begins this Sunday, August 22. Games will begin Sunday, August 29. Schedules are listed below.
Please note: There will be no games or practices on Sunday, September 5-Labor Day Weekend.

Please do your best to have your son at your first practice. It will go a long way to helping coaches put together rosters and putting your son in a position where he can be successful. 

At practice this Sunday:
  • Jersey and Caps will be distributed
  • Coaches will have release form for parent's to sign. This must be done before practice.
  • Players will need their own equipment.
  • Players will need their own water bottle or sports drink.

See below for rosters per age group and schedules:
(Please note special information highlighted 
in yellow on schedules)
Fall Ball Plan Is As Follows:
1. Sunday-Wednesday August 15-18: Coaches will get their rosters to contact you with a coach introduction email or phone call to each family.  All information such as age, positions, emails and phone numbers will be included to our coaches. Please verify with them that this information is correct. Coaches will inform you of your practice date and time. If you have not heard from your coach by August 19, please let us know at (402) 398-1238.
2. Wednesday, August 18: Hitting Seminar will take place to show players what to do in the upcoming Hitting Circuits starting August 25. There will be no need for equipment as this is purely a demonstration on how to take part in the Hitting Circuits. Seminar will take about 30-45 minutes. Check Key Dates Page for the seminar time for your age group.
3.  Friday August 20: Pitching/Catcher Seminar will take place to show players what to do in the upcoming bullpens starting August 27. There will be no need for equipment as this is purely a demonstration on how to take part in the Pitcher/Catcher Bullpens.
Seminar will take about 30-45 minutes. Check
Key Dates Page for the seminar time for your age group.
5.  Sunday August 22: Practice day with your team. We will set field times and locations for each team to hold a 90 minute practice and your coach will contact you soon with when and where this will be held.
*Make sure to sign the release form your coach will have at your players first practice.
6. Monday August 23:  Speed and Agility circuit training will begin.
5:30 PM: Ages 9-13
6:30 PM: Ages 14 UP

7. Wednesday August 25: Hitting circuit training will begin.
5:30 PM: Ages 9-13
7:00 PM: Ages 14 UP
8. Friday August 27:  Pitcher/Catcher Bullpens begin.
5:30 PM: Ages 14 UP
6:30 PM: Ages 9-13
9. Sunday August 29, September 12, 19 ,26, October 3. These are the Fall Ball game dates.  (Parents are instructed that each Wednesday, our website will be updated with the upcoming Sunday game plan during the season.) You must go to the website to view your field location and game times. On the schedule will be all rules about your age division you are registered for.  Reminder: If there is a chance for rain we will update our main phone line at 402-398-1238 (2) hours before your designated workout or game.

10. Sunday September 5: Off for Labor Day Weekend  
Indoor Circuit Status
INDOOR CIRCUITS:   The Speed & Agility, the Hitting, and the Pitcher/Catcher Bullpens are for players to improve their game. Players can choose to take part in the circuits or not based on their availability and come on their own to work out-not as a team. Players will not be penalized if they can not participate in these circuits or other team scheduled practices. Please communicate with your coach.
Ball Park Status
BALL PARK STATUS: When you are at the games, if your field is showing that concessions will be open-please do not bring outside food or coolers to the games. Please help to keep parks clean.

We would like to take this opportunity to inform you of a few things that are required of you to help make this season the best
Fall Ball season ever:

• Make sure your player has all the appropriate gear for games and practices, including a water
bottle, extra t-shirts, long sleeve liners, and a jacket as weather gets colder.
• Be on time to all practices and games.
• Players are expected to have their own equipment including catchers. If you need equipment, bring in this email and we will give you 20% off any in-stock equipment item. Make sure your equipment is clearly marked with your name. The Strike Zone is not responsible for any lost, stolen or forgotten item at the ball park or at the Strike Zone.
• Please be courteous to all players, coaches and parents around the field. Remember that when you are at the games, you are not only representing yourself. You are representing your family and your organization.
• Remember, umpires are in control of the games, players, coaches, and spectators. Be respectful to them.
• Make sure your coach is aware of any medical or special attention your player might need (i.e. asthma, diabetes, etc.)

Feel free to contact Joe or Teri with any questions/concerns that you may have.  

We look forward to seeing you at the ball park!
Additional Information
Strike Zone Fall Mini Camps are at a discounted rate for Fall Ball participants and Strike Zone members and are designed to help players of all ages and skill levels continue to improve their overall game. Mini Camps cover nearly all aspects of the game, from defensive play, pitching, catching and hitting courses. Strike Zone coaches will put players through these 45-60 minute camps with one goal in mind-to help dedicated players achieve their goals. Camps limited in size. 

Release Form
Your coach will have a release form for you to sign. This must be signed at the first practice. You can find
the full release policy online by clicking here.

Schedules and Rules
Schedules will be available on our web site at Competitive schedules will be updated weekly on Wednesdays, following the previous Sundays games. Rules at each park will be at the bottom of the schedules and must be followed accordingly.

Competitive league players will be responsible for their own catcher’s gear and helmets. Players should bring their own bats and mitts with their names clearly marked on them.

The Strike Zone will provide caps and jerseys. Players will be responsible for gray pants, black belts, and black socks. Players will receive their jerseys and caps at their practice.

Preparation and Appearance
It is important you arrive at the park dressed and ready to play ball. Arrive on time prepared with water, extra T-shirts, long sleeves, and a jacket. You never know who is watching.

Field Locations
Directions to all fields will be posted on schedules each week and will be emailed to you.
Be sure to follow the rules of each park, i.e. concessions, coolers, etc.

All Star Teams (Competitive League Only)
Coaches will nominate players that they think have earned the right to be selected to the annual Strike Zone Fall Ball All Star Team. Additional fee for the All Star Game will be required to play.

That's all for now! Sorry so long but I want to be as detailed as we can.

Thank you again for choosing Strike Zone Fall Ball.

Joe Siwa & The Strike Zone Management Team
[Phone: (402) 398-1238] [Website:]