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September 2013
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I hope you are well and getting excited about the upcoming fall conference.  Men, women, teens, families, pastors, and ministry leaders from our area and all across the country are getting excited and are registering now and making their plans to come to beautiful downtown Greenville, SC, for this new network's first conference.  You do not want to miss this event!  Don't miss this opportunity to get your pastor and local leadership involved.  Don't miss this opportunity to tell your friend or family member about this event.  Plan now to be in attendance together! 


In this month's newsletter, you'll see registration details for the conference and banquet, information about our speakers,  and a listing of all the conference workshops. For more details, and a full conference schedule, visit our website or call our office for personal service.  You do not want to miss meeting, well known actor and author, Stephen Baldwin.  He will be doing a book signing and photographs. 


Early registration discount ends October 1.


If you can't come, please consider helping someone attend that cannot afford to.  We also invite you to consider helping underwrite this very costly event with a generous gift.  Truth Ministry has taken on the very large task of launching and leading this new network, and we need your help.  Please consider purchasing one or more tables at our banquet where Stephen Baldwin will speak. Invite your pastor and friends to attend as your guests!  We need your support in this effort. It's our desire to spread the message of Hope for Wholeness through Jesus Christ.  Exodus is gone, sadly, and the Hope for Wholeness Network has picked up the torch.  Help the light of freedom continue to be shared.


Get excited... share with your friends... get registered... sponsor a table... and we'll see you in a few short weeks!



Where is Our Focus...Placed?
Truth and Hope for Wholeness
Conference Speakers
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Network Conference and Banquet


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Where is Our Focus Placed?

Why is the Hope for Wholeness Network Relevant?

By McKrae Game

What can be learned by the closing of Exodus? How is the Hope for Wholeness Network going to be different?  And how is HFWN going to be different than other organizations or networks?  Why is the HFWN even necessary?


 It is easy for me to look at Exodus in hindsight and analyze it, so this article is not a criticism, but offers answers for these common questions.  My friends at Exodus, Alan Chambers, Randy Thomas, and other leaders across the country, became good friends over the years.  I sorely miss the Exodus of old, as do many others.  We cannot turn the clock back, but we can learn from these experiences.


I went to my first Exodus conference with my wife Julie, in 1998, in Seattle.  A few months earlier, we had our first experience with Exodus at the Mid-Atlantic regional conference, in Harrisonburg, Virginia.  At each of these events there seemed to be a palpable focus on the Lord Jesus Christ.  The ministry leaders I met over the years seemed focused on Jesus Christ.  There were many discussions, teachings, articles, classes, and books on the understanding of same-sex sexual attractions.  I don't remember much of a focus on the alteration of attractions, nor do I recall a promise of change in attractions.  My counselor, who was an affiliate of Exodus, never promised me a change in attractions.  The focus was on becoming a man of God, becoming more confident, and maturing in my relationships. 


However, as I got more involved, I saw the diversity of approaches and beliefs and, eventually, a changing focus in the national office.  For example, in the summer of 2007, I served on an Exodus team that lobbied Capitol Hill against the Hate Crimes bill which later passed into legislation in 2009.  The lobbying was done covertly, and we were only allowed to speak or write about the event after it took place.  Many members of Exodus were upset to learn that Exodus had gotten involved and even more troubled to learn that Exodus had hired a lobbyist, who was let go shortly thereafter to appease those members. 


This moving target became a repeated pattern.  What was the focus?  The focus on the Lord Jesus Christ seemed to move, and He was relegated to only a part of the picture.  This was evidenced in the mission statement of Exodus which seemed to change about every six months.  I no longer understood what Exodus did or what it stood for. 


Since Alan's appearance on the Gay Christian Network panel, January 2012, he seemed to be speaking more clearly on the focus and more clearly defining what Exodus meant by "change."  I personally wish that he had explained this better on the panel and that he had kept Exodus alive and pointed in that direction.  In a recent interview, since the closing of Exodus, Alan spoke of the varying methods used by individual member ministries.  Some were promising change in sexual attraction, and, for some counselors, this was their singular focus.  He also said that Exodus had a history of being blamed for any type of work with homosexuals, regardless of their connection to Exodus. 


Recently, I have seen interviews of former clients of "ex-gay" related (non-Exodus) counselors; I've seen a promotional video from an "ex-gay" related organization, and read articles, all showing that the pattern of focusing on and promising complete attraction change continues unabated by various organizations.  A promotional video I watched recently shared truth about origins of homosexuality and some good practices, but never any hint of the reality that most strugglers will continue to experience ongoing same-sex-attractions.  Ignored by many "ex-gay" organizations is the reality that most who have lived with same-sex sexual attractions will not experience a complete transformation to have 100% opposite-sex attractions.  Their focus and language on "change" is often ambiguous, leading to false promises. 


I've found disgusting reports and verified practices of counselors (to my knowledge, never associated with Exodus) that helped people try to change their sexual attractions, encouraging its male clients to undress in front of a mirror in their presence.  Another organization's fundraising letter recently went so far as to promise "the end of homosexuality."  Do they really believe that if people sent them enough money, our world might be completely rid of homosexuality?


These offensive and dishonest examples show the need for the Hope for Wholeness Network.  Jesus MUST be the focus and the reason for our ministry as we guide individuals on their journey and direction in life.  If our focus is put on changing one's attractions, we'll try and do anything to obtain it. The problem is, when our attractions don't completely change, we will abandon the Lord Jesus as countless men and women have.  We'll start rationalizing ourselves away from God and His word, and jump headlong into the gay culture.  We must focus on pouring out our hearts, minds, and souls to the Lord Jesus Christ and being sold out to Him. 
McKrae standing
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Even with Exodus's great intentions, its focus seemed to stray.  Jesus Christ can and will change our hearts and lives, if we will surrender to Him.  This does NOT mean that our attractions will completely change, but our hearts, lives, relationships, and even our feelings can and do change if our goal is being sold out to Him and NOT on being "normal."


Truth Ministry, and now the Hope for Wholeness Network's slogan is "Freedom from Homosexuality through Jesus Christ."  Our mission statement is, "We exist so that those who struggle with homosexuality find freedom to live in sexual and relational wholeness according to God's design (Genesis 1:27)."  We will focus on the Lord Jesus Christ, maturing in Him, and our Creator's intent for our lives.  Our focus will NOT be set on changing attractions.  We will be very clear on what "change" does and does not mean or imply.  Our leaders will continue to speak on the origins of homosexuality, of environment and temperament, and how to grow in one's confidence and personal relationships, while pointing to Jesus as our Healer and Redeemer.  This is what sets us apart and makes us relevant.  Scripture tells us, "But seek first His Kingdom and His righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well." (Matthew 6:33) 


My church just had its annual Global Impact Conference, with missionaries from all over the world.  It was very inspiring, and the focus being on Jesus was so encouraging!  He must be our focus.  Our lives are for Him, not for ourselves.  This is what so many in our culture, the gay community, and sometimes even the church forget.  When we allow our temptations and inclinations to rule our lives, then we are our own god.   When we give God control of our lives He gives our lives back to us to live by His grace.  It is only through Him and a healthy relationship with His church that we are able to be successful in life.  John 15:15 


Truth and Hope for Wholeness

By Miranda Pettit

Miranda Pettit
Miranda Pettit
Women's Ministry Leader


As I'm entering my 8th year as the Women's Leader with Truth Ministry, I've seen many changes within the ministry as a whole. Some haven't always been positive, but I believe most have been great. I'm still a part of this ministry, not because my testimony lends itself, but because I wholeheartedly believe in and support what we do as a ministry. I am not here seeking position or praise, because honestly, this isn't exactly the type ministry that people desire to sign up for on their list of "Where can God use me?" nor are there many who applaud. When I lived as a lesbian I expected opposition from the Christian community, however, I never expected it as one who had denounced that life and served God who was able to use my mess as a message. But now, 8 years later, I know I will experience rejection at times due to the ignorance, misinformation, prejudices, etc., of people who honestly just don't understand - or care to understand - the complexity of homosexuality and the truth of the Gospel - "If the Son sets you free, you are free indeed!" (John 8:36)


Truth Ministry has enabled me to use God's healing power and His change in my life as a platform to potentially reach thousands who have never heard the message that "Change is Possible." God has allowed me to link arms with numerous other men and women whose lives have been transformed by the saving grace of Jesus Christ in spreading the real message that God can set you free from the struggle of homosexuality. As a result of a tremendous amount of work over the course of several years, Truth Ministry became the first ex-gay ministry to develop a video curriculum. Churches, ministries, and individuals use this curriculum, Hope for Wholeness, which includes testimonies, scripture, and teachings that educate and minister to those affected by homosexuality. Sadly, many who contact our ministry do not have access to local ministries and have little resources to help them on this journey. Hope for Wholeness helps bridge this gap and helps educate churches and other ministries who otherwise may not have access to such information.


Obviously the Lord had other purposes for Hope for Wholeness than just a curriculum. Prior to the announcement of Exodus International's closure, McKrae shared with the Board and leaders his desire to have a network. His vision was to connect churches and Exodus ministries with other like-minded ministries in an attempt to unify them toward a shared purpose - to minister to those affected by homosexuality with the message of hope.


The Hope for Wholeness Network was born, and with that came the need to further connect and unify this network of people, ministries, and churches by offering the first annual Hope for Wholeness conference and banquet. This event is being held Oct 31-Nov 2 in beautiful downtown Greenville, SC, at First Presbyterian Church.


We have had many conferences and banquets over the years with Truth Ministry, but I am most excited about this one! I've heard Joe Dallas speak on two occasions: at a church and at a Love Won Out event, and have watched his video lessons in Hope for Wholeness. Kristin Tremba has taught workshops at conferences I've attended, and also has one of the best teachings in our HFW curriculum. Though I'm not personally acquainted with Mary Heathman, the enthusiasm of those in our network about her involvement at the conference has me anxiously awaiting her as well. I know this will be an awesome conference for both leaders and participants, and those who desire to learn more about the message of our ministry.


Stephen Baldwin is perhaps the most recognizable name to our ministry audience. His celebrity status has allowed him to use that platform to defend Christian marriage, which has brought him under great scrutiny and attack in the media. Kirk Cameron's statements to Piers Morgan in 2012 saying that homosexuality was "unnatural...detrimental, and ultimately destructive to so many of the foundations of civilization," were defended by Stephen who said, "I think it's important to stand up and voice what he believes in. When you say you're born-again and Christian in Hollywood, there are things that are going to come against you... according to the Christian faith, the nuclear family is the origin of what this country was founded on."


I really do encourage you to set aside the time to attend both the conference and the banquet. It is well worth the investment of time, and good soil to plant seed. This is more about promoting the message of hope and change through Christ than it is about promoting Truth Ministry or the Hope for Wholeness Network. But as a result of the latter receiving awareness, we are able to reach more people with our testimonies and the message of hope in Christ for change. There will be numerous workshops, speakers, testimonies, and worship sessions. My experience tells me that you will leave as a different person - encouraged and hopeful for yourself or your loved one.


Kim Broadhead has served with Miranda as our Assistant Women's leader since 2005.  Miranda and Kim counsel women, and encourage them through God's word. They will be leading us in worship, at the conference, with the entire Restoration Church worship band.


Conference Speakers


Stephen Baldwin: Actor, Producer, Director, Talk show Host, and Author of Unusual Suspect. He is a much sought after speaker and Christian leader.  Stephen's most recently known for Celebrity Apprentice. Stephen is well known for doing skating crusades with Luis Palau that reached countless young people for the gospel.  Stephen's testimony is featured on the "I Am Second" project and can be viewed on our website.  March 2012, Stephen was on HLN with George Takei to debate gay marriage.  Stephen's excited about this ministry and looks forward to meeting everyone and sharing. He will be available to autograph his book, which will be on sale at the event.    



Joe Dallas is an author and public speaker and the Founder of Genesis Counseling in Orange County, California, a Christian counseling service to men dealing with sexual addiction, homosexuality and other sexual/relational problems. He is a Past President of Exodus International and served for three years as Chair of their Board of Directors.  He is also a member of the American Association of Christian Counselors, and is the author of three books on human sexuality from the Christian perspective, including Desires in Conflict, The Game Plan, and A Strong Delusion. He has served as contributing editor to a number of books, and his articles have appeared in Christianity Today Magazine, The Journal of Christian Healing, The Christian Research Journal, and The Southern California Christian Times. His work has been featured in the Los Angeles Times, Moody Monthly, New Man Magazine and the Boston Globe. He is a regularly featured speaker with the "Love Won Out" conference.  You can find more about his work on his website, www.joedallas.com. 


Kristin J. Tremba is the director of Exchange Ministries at First Baptist of Orlando. She spent five years as the director of OneByOne, a national ministry dedicated to educating and equipping Presbyterian churches to minister to those with unwanted same-sex attraction and their families.  Kristin has struggled with same-sex attraction in her own life and has found lasting healing through a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.  Before becoming the director of OneByOne and Exchange Ministries, Kristin taught ESL at the Savannah College of Art and Design and English Composition at community colleges and Boston University.  She has an M.Div. from Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary and a Masters from Teachers College, Columbia University.  Kristin lives in Orlando and is a member of First Baptist Church of Orlando, along with her husband, Mike and daughter. 


Mary Heathman is the founder and director of Where Grace Abounds in Denver, Colorado. " Mary is a recorded minister with the Rocky Mountain Yearly Meeting of Friends and an active member of First Denver Friends Church. Her educational background includes an MA in psychology from Regis University and independent study in the integration of psychology and theology, interpersonal relationship, and emotional development as it applies to gender and sexuality." Mary's background of heterosexual sin and confusion brought her to Christ at age twenty-seven. Mary experienced God's direct intervention in her sexual and emotional life; in her very identity as a woman. Up till that time, her self-worth and identity had been wrapped up in her ability to attract a man's sexual interest. She experienced a profound transformation of her sexual feelings and attractions-the Lord taught her how to love her brothers as He intended. 


Conference Workshop Listing 


Leaders Conference   

Board Governance & Fundraising                

Self Care for Leaders          

Ministering to Teens            

Counseling for Healthy Communication Within Family

Structures Managing Work and Ministry (Boundaries)           

Marketing in Ministry

Technology In Ministry    


Participant Conference            


Starting a Ministry in Your Church                

What The Bible Really Teaches About Homosexuality           






Walking Out Forgiveness    

Sexuality In Singleness

Wholeness Through Affirmation

Bitterness Released

Search For Significance: Looking beyond relationships for fulfillment



Think Like a Free Person    

Healthy Female Same-Sex Relationships



Healthy Same- Sex Relationships                




Loving Your Gay Identified Children Parent's

Parent's Testimony Workshop

Find more details at www.hopeforwholeness.org


Rising from the Ashes-Hope for Wholeness Network Conference and Banquet

Leaders' Conference: Thursday, Oct. 31 - 4:30pm ends Friday at 4:30pm. The conference will feature well known leader Mary Heathman, Joe Dallas, McKrae Game, and more.  This event is for anyone who is or desires to help those affected by homosexuality.  We will have talks and workshops directly connected to doing ministry, to include how you could use the Hope for Wholeness curriculum and how to be an Affiliate of Hope for Wholeness Network.  Dinner out in downtown Greenville, lunch included Friday.


Participant Conference: Friday, Nov. 1 - 6:00pm, ends Saturday at 5:30pm. Conference will feature the praise band of Restoration Church, Spartanburg: Joe Dallas, Kristin Tremba, Mary Heathman, McKrae Game, Daniel Mingo, Matthew Walker, testimonies, workshops, and guest appearance from Stephen Baldwin.  This event is for anyone who is affected by the subject of homosexuality, including those who minister to those affected.  Lunch included Saturday.


Banquet, featuring Stephen Baldwin: Saturday, Nov. 2 - 6:30pm. Featuring actor and author Stephen Baldwin, well known speaker Christine Sneeringer of Orlando FL, McKrae Game, Carol Bachtel, chairman of Truth Ministry and former homosexual of 23 years, & music by More than Men.


For questions or help registering, please call   M-F  9-5 EST    864-583-7606


Please let us know if you need deaf interpretation, so we can be prepared for you.


A. Leaders Conference, Participant Conference, & Banquet  $200 | $225 after Oct 1 | $255 @door

B. Participant's Conference & Banquet $160 | $175 after Oct 1 | $195 @door

C. Leaders' Conference $45 | $50 after Oct 1 | $60 @door

D. Participant Conference $115 | $125 after Oct 1 | $135 @door

E. Student Participant Conference ($125 w/ banquet) $80 | $90 after Oct 1 | $100 @door

F. Banquet, featuring Stephen Baldwin - Table of 8 $360 | $400 after Oct 1 | cut off Oct 30

G. Banquet, featuring Stephen Baldwin $45 | $50 after Oct 1 | cut off Oct 30


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