FX Thunder H.O.G. E-Newsletter | News from the October Get Together
Sunday Funday Breakfast
This coming Sunday, Oct. 9th, 10am at
MeMe's Diner in Felt's Mills
A group from our Chapter went to the 115th Anniversary Celebration in 2018 and are still talking about the great times, grand adventures, and good memories we made!!

We Plan to do the Same next year!!
The MoCo & Milwaukee have been promoting the event as well, preparing for an unforgettable weekend.

Wanna go?? With hotels varying in price, cancellation & payment policy, and distance to the H-D Museum (where the majority of events will be taking place), we've decided to have each member who wants to go make their own hotel reservations. Highly suggest you book now, plan to arrive on July 12, check the hotel's cancellation policy, and possibly even get trip insurance. For hotels in the area, go to VisitMilwaukee.org and check availability. Have questions?? Ask Dawn!!
Honoring Our Vets
FXCHD is looking to honor our veterans this November on their social media. Looking for a picture of the veteran on or with their bike with the branch of service and the years served (like the picture here). Are you a veteran? Let Dawn know to include you!!
Upcoming Events
  • Sunday, Oct. 9, 10am - Sunday Funday Breakfast at Meme's Diner
  • Saturday, Oct. 15, 11am - DIY Winter Storage Workshop
  • Saturday, Oct. 29, 10am - Pancake Breakfast
  • Saturday, Oct. 29, 12pm - Candy Bar Bingo with FXT HOG (more details coming soon!)
  • Saturday, Nov. 5, 10am - November Get Together
  • Sunday, Nov. 6 - Girls Day Out Shopping
  • Thursday, Nov. 24 - Thanksgiving (FXCHD will be closed)
  • Saturday, Dec. 3, 10am - December Get Together
  • Saturday, Dec. 10 - FX Thunder HOG Christmas Party
Get the Details at FXThunderHOG.com/Events
and FXCHD.com.
Kiss My Axe
With roots in lumberjack competition, Axe Throwing has evolved into a fun sport for everyone! The exhilaration you feel when you throw a bullseye is unmatched.

One of their newest locations just opened in Watertown -inside the Salmon Run Mall (where Foot Locker used to be). It's $29.99 per person for 1 hour, $39.99 per person for 1½ hours. Walk ins are welcome, however groups are encouraged to make reservations. Who wants to go??
Interested in going with FXT HOG Chapter and throw some Axe??
Nope - not interested
I'll go, but only to watch.
I'll go Saturday, Jan. 14 at 2pm
I'll go Sunday, Jan. 15 at 3pm
I'll go Saturday, Jan. 21 at 3pm
I'll go Sunday, Jan. 22 at 2pm
What are your ideas?
The main reason our HOG Chapter exists is so that we like-minded individuals who are passionate about motorcycling adventure and Harley-Davidson can get together and have fun!!

To that end, we're always on the look out for new & interesting places to go and things to do!! What are your ideas? What would you like to do? Where do you want to go??

Please take a moment to jot them down in an email, text or on the WhatsApp to Jodi Nicholson (our Activities Officer): jnic3241@yahoo.com
In the HOG Pen
  • A Belated Happy Birthday to Darryl Sapoff (Sept. 1), David Petrie (Sept. 10), and Michael Judge (Sept. 23)
  • Happy Birthday to Leon Vaughn (Oct. 6), Billy B. (Oct. 11), Ron Jerrett (Oct. 13), and John Roome (Oct. 27)
  • Are we missing your birthday?? Please email Dawn (dawn@fxharley.com) and let her know!!
FX Thunder H.O.G. on WhatsApp
Interact with other Chapter Members easily and instantly!
If you’d like to join the group, all you need to do is:
  • Go to your smart phone’s app store and search “Whats App Messaging” (look for their green phone logo) and install.
  • Once installed, open and start a chat with Dawn/Irish FXCHD (315-405-7939) -you might have to add her as a contact in your phone.
  • In the chat, let her know your name and that you’d like to join the FX Thunder H.O.G. Group.
  • You’ll see it once she’s added you, and then you’ll be able to reach everybody in just one text, pic, link or whatever else you’d like to share
As Always- if you have ?s, feedback or ideas...
Feel free to contact any or all of your FX Thunder HOG Chapter Officers! We are always available by email, phone and/or through the WhatsApp:

Director & Head HOG: Darryl Sapoff
headhog@fxharley.com - 315-854-1811

Co-Director: Clint Loren
ir1340@aol.com - 315-778-0831

Treasurer: Gabi Hoover
gabihoover@gmail.com - 315-221-0422

Secretary & HOG Manager: Dawn Fontaine
dawn@fxharley.com - 315-405-7939

Activities Director: Jodi Nicholson
jnic3241@yahoo.com - 315-559-3077

Head Road Captain: Alan Turner
alanturner0058@gmail.com - 315-767-1978