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Letter from the General Manager

I can't believe that the summer is coming to an end. In spite of the continuing challenges, we had a very successful season. The weather was phenomenal and, for the most part, folks were able to partake in recreational activities without masking up. The low water on the St. Croix created some hazards and boating challenges that we haven't seen in quite some time. In a lot of ways, we have returned to normal even though we continue to try to figure out exactly what normal means.

This is an exciting time at Windmill Marina. We have a lot of capital improvements on deck that are long overdue. These projects include a new gas dock, fuel tanks, and repair of the seawall inside the marina.

I would like to take the opportunity to thank our staff for all their hard work. If there is one thing I have learned; it is that an organization's most important resource is its people. We have had several staff members who have been here for a very long time and a great group of younger folks who were recently added. If you get a chance, please join me in letting them know they are appreciated.

Jim Clemens
General Manager
Fall Gas Dock Hours
Our fuel dock will close earlier as the days become shorter. We are open every morning at 8:00 am. and will close at dark throughout fall. Our fuel dock will remain open until mid to late October or when we have all of our expected boats serviced all other work is complete. Call the office to confirm closing times before you come over for fuel or pump outs. Pump outs are $7 per tank. Take advantage of a FREE PUMP OUT with a gas purchase of over $200. *Free pump out is to be used at the time of fuel purchase. No banking of pump outs.

If you are bubbling your boat this winter, you need to bring your boat to the gas dock for your final pump out. Ask for a "HEAD HAS BEEN PUMPED" tag from the dock attendant and secure it on the helm of your boat.
Winter Boat Storage Tips
  • Drain plugs are to be left by the helm of the boat - please do not remove and take home. Remove all food and perishables.

  • Leave fenders, lines and batteries in the boat.

  • Condensation is a constant challenge in cooler climates. To control excess dampness, use dehumidifier crystals, such as Damp Rid and No Damp, which are sold in the Ship Store.

  • Put sheets of fabric softener around the inside of your boat, in cabinets and drawers. This will help keep your boat smelling fresh and also help with rodent control.

  • Use Kanberra Gel, an airborne tea tree oil, to remove and control mold, mildew and odor. This is also available in the Ship Store.
DIY and Bubbling this Winter?

Once we communicate which slip you will be in it is your responsibility to move your boat to the slip you are assigned.
If WMA has to move the boat there will be a $100 fee for this service.
Power Cords, Fenders and Dock Lines

WMA will label ALL power cords!
*WMA is not responsible for any power cords, dock lines and fenders.
The Boat Doctor is by far the premier shrink-wrapping company, with over a decade of experience and thousands of boats wrapped! Let their experience guide your boat through another nasty winter.

The Boat Doctor will wrap your boat on time and keep a watchful eye on it until they uncover it in the spring. Trust the name that was here long before the competition and will be here long after them.

The Boat Doctor staff is looking forward to shrink-wrapping your boat this fall--just check the box on your fall winterizing sheet in this issue of Dock Lines or email/call Julie or Kelly at the marina office.

Advantages of The Boat Doctor services

-Shrink-wrap is hassle & worry free for you
-Protects your boat from harmful ultraviolet rays and fallout
-Snow slides off wrap so there is no weight or ice buildup
-Keeps elements out but is ventilated to let fresh air in
-Affordable: tarps and canvas deteriorate and have to be replaced regularly
-Environmentally safe, we recycle our wrap in the spring
-Price includes unwrapping in the spring (NOTE: if your bill is not paid in full to the Boat Doctor be January 1, 2022 there will be a $25 removal fee in the spring of 2022)
Boat Owners are not allowed to shrink wrap their own boats or use an open flame on docks or boats at Windmill Marina
The Boat Doctor Guarantee

The Boat Doctor guarantees its workmanship but is not responsible for vinyl enclosures, plexiglass, windscreens, equipment mounted to radar arches, hard tops or pulpits (including but not limited to) spotlights, radar, antennas, domes, glomexes, navigational lights, etc. The Boat Doctor is not responsible for acts of nature such as heavy snowfalls, high winds, etc., The Boat Doctor is not responsible for poorly maintained or aged boat components such as clear vinyl, zippers and snaps that may be past their workable life. The Boat Doctor is not responsible for how any items on the boat react to cold weather during the shrink wrap or shrink wrap removal process including but not limited to clear vinyl, zippers, snaps, etc. Please be aware of the added risk of cold weather to boats coming out the last two weeks or going in the first two of haul out and launch season. The Boat Doctor does add ventilation to all boats but is not responsible for any issues arising from moisture. The Boat Doctor assumes all boats can withstand all aspects of shrink wrap and the shrink wrap process and is not responsible for any damage to the structures involved with the shrink wrap process including but not limited to railings, stanchions, cleats, etc. The Boat Doctor is not responsible for any damage that may occur when certain items need to be moved or that interfere with the shrink wrap or shrink wrap process including but not limited to dinghies, kayaks, jet skis, aqua mats, lily pads, etc. The Boat Doctor is not responsible for any issues arising from shrink wrap or the shrink wrap process and the various surfaces of the boat including but not limited to gelcoat, awl grip paint, stainless steel, woodwork, plastic, etc.

The Boat Doctor will not be responsible for any boat that has been cut into or altered in any way.

You will be billed directly by the Boat Doctor 651.436.4490

Leave batteries in the boat! In order to provide winterizing services, batteries must be in the boat. If your batteries are not in your boat, we have to use our shop supplies and there will be an additional $50 charge for this service.

Battery removal (if desired) is the boat owner's responsibility. Windmill Marina does not remove or store batteries. Boats are shrink-wrapped as winterizing is completed. If you want to remove your batteries, you must make arrangements to do so. ***This will delay shrink-wrapping!

If you feel you have a bad battery, it is your responsibility to remove it. Good, healthy batteries are made to withstand winter weather and it is not necessary to remove them.

After parking your boat/trailer in your designated spot, pull the hull plug and put it in the cup holder by the steering wheel, with excessive rain your boat can sink on land.
Pull Out, Winterizing and Service Orders
Submit a form for each boat.
Please visit our website to

View Price Lists

Online Winterizing/Pull Out\Storage Form

*The last weeks of Pull out fill up quickly so get your form submitted as soon as possible!


5% off 10% off
repairs over repairs over
$1,000/labor $5,000/labor

Services include: Fiberglass/deck/gel coat repair, bottom/blister repairs/bottom painting and engine/transmission repairs-replacement, drive line, props, struts and strut bearings.

Offer good from Nov. 1,2021
through March 31, 2022

*Does not apply towards winterizing services, oil changes, tune-ups and drive service
*Does not apply to sub-labor services

Emergency Response Equipment
Windmill Marina Association has an automated external defibrillator device.

The AED is located in the hallway of the bathrooms/showers of the Ship Store.
Wake Awareness: A Reminder from the MN DNR

Under Minnesota Law, the damage your wake causes is treated the same as damage caused by an actual collision. Personal watercraft (PWC) must stay at least 150 feet from shore. There is no required distance for boats, but by staying at least 200 feet from shore or other structures boaters can reduce the likelihood their wakes will cause damage. Boats that create an artificial wake may require more distance to lower the impact.

*Be aware of your environment and what’s going on around you – this applies to everyone on and around the water.

*Stay at least 200 feet away from shorelines, docks, or other structures. Backing a boat up to a riverbank or lakeshore can damage the area and lead to erosion. Travel slowly in shallow waters.

*Minimize repetitive passes. Once you’ve run a line, move on to another area. Comply with all signs and respect barriers.

*Respect the rights of others so everyone can enjoy their time on the water – keep the noise down, be courteous to other boaters, and show consideration to all recreationists on and around the water.

For more information, visit
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