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Fall Equinox 2018

Dancing like Dolphin
Birthday Fun!

Going 70 years around the sun has been such fabulous fantastic fun!
A big thank you of deep appreciation for all the birthday wishes from so very many of you, my heart is full and feels warm love for all of you. This soul let her EARTH SUIT dance awake this new year at the Green Parrot for two hours. A great pod of 15 dolfriends undulated with me to the fantastic guitars of Bill Blue and Larry Baeder with Mic Kilgos on simply must enjoy them the next time you come down. The plan is to do the same on year 80 and 90 too!
p.s. they play again on Friday the 21st!
~ Reef Safe Sunscreen Campaign ~
Bleached Elkhorn coral
My inner Environmental Activist has been activated and inspired by the news out of Hawaii. Reef Safe Sunscreen has become the big dock topic for me and many other knowledgeable Captains and ocean stewards as well. We have come to the realization that we are a BIG BIG part of the problem. I recently read an article with this quote that woke me up: "The use of oxybenzone or octinoxate containing products needs to be seriously deliberated in islands and areas where coral reef conservation is a critical issue," says Craig Downs, Ph.D., Executive Director of the environmental lab Haereticus. "Any small effort to reduce oxybenzone pollution could mean that a coral reef survives a long, hot summer or that a degraded area recovers." This speaks volumes to me, as NOAA is currently partnering with Mote Marine Lab and funding research on coral specimens' mysterious disease, as well as to preserve and regrow them while we are undergoing yet another influx of coral bleaching here at the moment. This is in the hopes that we could regrow the reef after the problem is resolved.

The article that started me off on this latest quest for reef preservation was sent to me by a caring dolfriend, Juels. This article stated, "Approximately 52 percent of beach and sport sunscreens use oxybenzone, a benzophenone chemical that the EWG gives a high-hazard "8" ranking for its link to cellular damage, endocrine disruption, and skin absorption." Not surprisingly, oxybenzone is the same ingredient that has come under fire by the Environmental Working Group for its potential health risks to humans, including allergies, immunotoxicity, and endometriosis. Juels and I are E-activists for Reef Relief and they are spearheading the campaign to get rid of toxic sunscreen in the Florida Keys. All of you could be E-activists as well, no matter where you live, just by sharing this info with others.

I know it would be great to open a fun and happy newsletter from me all
about the dolphin. My reality check hasn't bounced yet, so here I go being the activist I am at heart and for standing with the Reef Relief Sunscreen Campaign. Of late I have been asking folks on the phone when they call to charter, "what's in your sunscreen?" It's an awareness question for all of us. Not all "Reef Safe" or "Reef Friendly" claims are regulated, sprays evidently are the worst and unsafe around a boat deck as well, it makes it slippery!

Personally, I have been using a product made by my friend, Priscilla Cox, here in Key West and love it. ELI Aromatics, a natural sunscreen and bug repellent that smells delicious. Other good choices for natural and mineral sunscreens are Goddess Garden Organics, All Good, and Raw Elements. I am sure there are many more, just read the labels.

I'm going to do my part to educate my charters on the effects of these toxic chemicals not only on our skin, but in our environment. I am challenging all other Florida Keys boat captains and ocean enthusiasts to do the same and to say NO to toxic sunscreens on our boats, beaches and bodies in the Keys, just like Hawaii did.

It is my greatest desire to see a banner hung under the Welcome to Key West sign, that now has a Queen Conch on it, stating that we are A Sunscreen Aware Island City. We need to get the conversation rolling at least. Enough of my soap box already. Now on to other news.
Upcoming October Retreat
 October 6-7,2018
 Energize your Purpose
Capt. Victoria and Missy

This will be our 5th time to do this awesome retreat to Energize your Purpose. Missy lives on Topsail Beach, NC and was hit heavy by hurricane Florence, however, she is still going to be doing the retreat on the October 6-7, 2018. She evacuated to Florida and has good word that her place fared well. We have partial scholarships available for this retreat, so give her a call at 919-219-2666 to energize your path to  FINDING YOUR PORPOISE
Check it out, there are still a few spots left and it's just 2 weeks away: Retreat Info
Captain Turned Author
Would you like to contribute to my book?

My writing Guru, Janet Conner, wrote the book Writing Down Your Soul and I am taking her course: Plug In for Writers, which I am into deeply right now. Through this work I have discovered that I am an Adventure Artist, Janet has discovered that she is now a Prayer Artist . We all create in some form or fashion, what are you an artist of?

That AIS exercise was a challenge for me. To sift through what I do into one or two words wasn't easy until I began to think about all the pictures I send you after a charter, most of them say Adventure
You might be wondering, "what is an A I S exercise?" It's Ass In Seat, hahahaa and AH HA! The instructions are simple, just sit down and write already. So, I am. However, I also want to offer more points of view in my book.

I've had a thought and now make a request. There are so many of you over the years who have had extraordinary experiences with the dolphin. Those experiences are very powerful and emotional for many. I'd like to share some of your magical moments, as through witnessing you, I too have grown. In writing my book I have remembered some of my insights, vivid memories of Ah Ha moments that inspire me every day. You have experienced the magic. What is the medicine of dolphin to you?  Would you want to share your thoughts with me? I'd maintain your confidentiality by changing names and other details, I would even give you a credit line in the book it that pleases you. Your stories will certainly help keep activating the Adventure Artist Captain in me by reliving your adventures with me and our Dolfriends.

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