The Spirited Woman
FALL EQUINOX launches the magical elements of fall. A great time to grab a sweater and swing in a hammock. On our Fall Equinox Top 12 Book Pick list, we've included an array of gifted authors to help you be uplifted. We urge you to support these spirited talents! Save this list all year round! A great book resource for you.
THE NEW FEMININE EVOLUTIONARY - reveals the deep essences that run throughout this movement of women who are changing the world. This book is bold, fearless, and resonates with honesty. Each author brings her unique chapter with stories and wisdom-reaching out a hand and lighting the way for you to step onto the path of transformation. Available on Amazon.

IT FEELS GOOD TO FEEL GOOD - by Cheryl Meyer. This book identifies the toxins in our lives that are attacking our immune system. They are everywhere. Toxic load increases over time causing our chronic illness. Eliminate toxins from your life for your health, for the health of your families and for the health of our planet. I teach you how. Amazon

THE REALM OF SPIRIT: THE CONNECTED BEING - the third book in a trilogy about Mind, Body, and Spirit by Mary Shurtleff, takes you further into the realms of intuitions and the mystery of life. The Realm of Spirit: The Connected Be-ing features actual stories of coincidence and angelic guidance, as well as pictures of unexplained energetic activity.

GOOD CHINESE WIFE: A LOVE AFFAIR WITH CHINA GONE WRONG - Susan Blumberg-Kason. When Susan, a shy Midwesterner in love with Chinese culture, started graduate school in Hong Kong, she quickly fell for Cai, the Chinese man of her dreams. As they exchanged vows, Susan thought she'd stumbled into an exotic fairy tale, until she realized Cai - and his culture - were not what she thought. Amazon

UNMARKED ESCAPE ROUTES - is a soul-searching portrayal of a girl who lives through the impact of her family's abuse and insurmountable dysfunction. Rather than being broken by pain, her resilient spirit chooses paths that lead to friendships, family of the heart, and healing. She grows into a woman who embodies forgiveness that ultimately liberates her and inspires others. Amazon.

PURPOSE: THE ALIGNMENT GUIDE - is 28-day journey into self and reveals your essence by gently prodding a deeper internal inquiry using self-assessment exercises, daily reflections, journaling, coloring, doodling and exploring the creative process of self-discovery. It helps align the Soul Contract: what you're here to do and how you get from here to there to do it.

REINVENT: REDISCOVER YOUR PASSION, REFUEL YOUR PURPOSE, RESET YOUR LIFE - Ever wake-up at 3am and wonder, "Is this all there is?" Your soul wants to soar, you just don't know how - or upsetting your current life is too scary? Elizabeth Rentz shares her story and powerful transformation tools to motivate you to build the compelling future you deserve.

YOU ARE MORE THAN ENOUGH - by Judi Moreo. In this high pressure, high stressed, fast paced world, most of us set our dreams aside just to get by. In this powerful book, Judi shares the ideas and techniques she used which clarified her path and made easier her journey to becoming the person she knew she could be.  Amazon
THE REAL ME - is an uplifting novel that follows one woman's journey of enlightenment and self-awareness, all while encouraging the reader to do a bit of soul searching. In her debut novel, T. Lynn Tate uses her inspirational expertise to lead readers through Confidence's (affectionately known as 'Fi') disappointments and triumphs, turning them into Fi's biggest cheerleaders. Amazon.


THE MOON AND YOU: A WOMAN'S GUIDE TO AN EASIER MONTHLY CYCLE - This charming, award-winning book offers a new paradigm for the menstrual cycle! If you feel "off" for part of every month, or want to know more about women's mystical connection with the moon, this book is for you, with timeless wisdom to share with daughters and friends.


JOURNALING POWER - teaches you how to use the ultimate self-healing tool-Journal Writing. Mari L. McCarthy shares her own personal story of health and happiness and shows you how Journaling reduces your stress and physical pain, heals emotional, mental, and spiritual wounds, resolves inner conflicts, creates compassionate relationships, and empowers your life in ways you've never imagined. #WriteON!
RISE ABOVE, FREE YOUR MIND ONE BRUSH STROKE AT A TIME - is a full color journey into your Super Soul Flow. Each chapter is an energy, a feeling, that you can choose to create, symbolically through Whitney Freya's expert guidance and soulful prompts, and viscerally out into the art that is YOUR life. Whitney Freya's book is bursting color, spiritual teachings and all the ways painting can be meditation, energy work and prayer for you.

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