The Spirited Woman
FALL EQUINOX is a time of harvest - with new beliefs, books to read and adventures. On our Fall Equinox Top 12 Book Pick list, we've included an array of authors to help you be uplifted. We urge you to support these spirited talents! Save this list all year round! A great book resource for you.
ELEMENTAL WOMAN - leads a new generation of conscious women in their quest to unveil their greatness and step into their power to become the influence that creates the world we want. As a woman embodies her feminine creative force, she activates herself to regenerate. When you create from your feminine potency life and business become prolifically productive and effortless.

THE LIFE THAT WOKE ME UP WAS MY OWN - is a book of remarkable depth and transformation. Award-winning writer Nancy Swisher's honest, compassionate, and compelling explorations of her silences and truths allow us to attend to our own.  As we are let in on Nancy's profound inner journey, we are also taken on a trip within ourselves. Amazon.
NEVER GIVE UP: BREAK THE CONNECTION BETWEEN STRESS AND ILLNESS - by Alexis Acker-Halbur is an award-winning book that has the power to completely change the way you look at illness and disease. Dying from Stage IV colon cancer, Acker-Halbur experienced a spiritual awakening showing her how to endure a six percent chance of survival - twice. This inspiring account details her healing journey. Amazon.

FINDING BALANCE & FORGIVENESS THROUGH CHAKRAS AND ART - Using chakras and art is like having a template to achieve balance, forgiveness, and peace. Life is challenging; our world often seems chaotic and tumultuous. Learning to assess and treat your chakra imbalances helps you to cope. Includes full color images of fine art by #1 Bestselling author, Teresa McCallum. Amazon.

GENETICS ISN'T EVERYTHING: HOW TO MAKE YOUR G-E-N-E-S FIT YOU - describes epigenetics, which proves that cumulative daily decisions around environment, food, lifestyle, and toxin exposure can lead us to health or illness. Katherine shows this through the stories of 16 women who transformed their lives, some curing themselves from diseases they were told were incurable. You are not your body! Amazon.
TRANSCENDING THE I - A story of breakdown, surrender, and an existential pilgrimage to find my true self by Carol Grojean Ph.D. Carol leveraged research and inquiry as a catalyst for transformational change. Through journaling, introspection, and storytelling - she approached her analysis as a ceremony by which to reveal habits and patterns of her being which mirrored the larger culture. Amazon. YouTube

PILGRIMAGE: A MODERN SEEKER'S GUIDE - After walking the 500-mile Camino de Santiago in 2014, author Evans Bowen was inspired to write her book as a way to encourage others to visit a sacred place close to home or around the globe, to open their hearts and minds to the Divine, and welcome healing and new meaning into their lives.
EVERYDAY MAGNIFICENT PRACTICES FOR ACTIVATING AN UNLIMITED LIFE - This workbook for an embodied life of gratitude, creativity, presence & joy, is inspired by the work of Dr. Joe Dispenza. The contemplative arts, meditations and rich activities, take the reader on a journey of reinvention and aliveness, that engages their whole being in the great adventure of daily life. Amazon.
FEARLESS CHOICES - When did you make a fearless choice that changed your life? Barbara Krauss asked this question to women all over the world. Their stories - told in own raw, heartfelt voices - are partnered with Krauss' own reflections to create a dance of honest discovery. Back and forth, the stories and reflections move across the pages in a tenacious tango.

A CHANCE TO SAY GOODBYE: REFLECTIONS ON LOSING A PARENT- Lisa J. Shultz. Embracing a challenging and often avoided topic of facing the end-of-life stage of a loved one. With courage, vulnerability and love, the author recounts her dad's storied life, including its difficult ending. She strives to help others find a more peaceful final chapter of life. Amazon


THE POWER OF 1(0): A GUIDE TO LIVING THE TEN COMMANDMENTS AND THE GOLDEN RULE IN MODERN TIMES - by Denise Alexander Pyle. You'll discover that "keeping the Sabbath Holy," is really about providing mercy in the world -- and the decree against adultery is actually about keeping your commitments to yourself and others in all things. Amazon.

JOURNEY OF ANGELIC HEALING: STORIES TO FEED YOUR SOUL - An Award-Winning #1 Bestseller by Catherine Laub. Catherine is transparent about her healing journey and as an advocate for suicide prevention. You will learn how she empowers others to go forward in their struggles through her campaign "Brighten Your Day with Turquoise". Learn about spiritual guidance to motivate your confident journey.

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