The Spirited Woman
FALL EQUINOX is a time of transformation and change. It is also a sacred time for mother earth. Our Top 12 Pick List is filled with experts, products and services who will help you tap into a deep level of inspiration. We urge you to support these spirited women. Save this list all year round, too! A great resource tool for you.
PAULA GREENE D'AMICO - is busting the doors wide open on the tradition of healing yourself medicinally and spiritually using the power of plants. Paula is a holistic healer and owner/creator of Blessings by NatureĀ®. As the Life Gardener, she helps deliver peace, harmony and healing into lives through her unique herbal creations and innovative plant based classes.

RICKIE FREEDMAN, REIKI MASTER/TEACHER - is the creator of Harrisburg PA's first Reiki Center "Reiki by Rickie ~ ReikiSpace & Learning Place." Rickie teaches Reiki Classes all levels, including ReikiKids and Reiki for Healthcare Professionals, and offers a Mentorship Program "Follow your Heart AND Do it Smart" for Holistic Healers and business women who desire to keep Heart and Service first.

LYNNE WADSWORTH - is a holistic health coach and certified wellness cooking instructor focusing on healing from health issues, weight and stress management and natural migraine relief - especially helping busy professional women. Her signature program, "Health Immersion," goes into depth to find areas that are stumbling blocks for healing. She has her own television and radio show on natural healing.
SUSAN JENKINS IS A PRIESTESS SHAMAN - who channels divine light and love. She helps people embody their exquisite essence and soul visions. Using her unique sight and visioning gifts she travels into the spirit realms for inspiration and guidance from animal spirits, medicine guides and luminous beings. Clients report profound healing and empowering shifts from working with Susan.
DR. ROKSANA BADRUDDOJA, PH.D. - Take a step towards meeting your Spirit Guides! If you are being called to create a nurturing environment for yourself and to connect your physical reality to your spiritual reality, then please reach out to Dr. Badruddoja for Akashic and/or Shamanic counseling. She/they will help you expand your consciousness in order to make clear and aware life choices.

MUCH OF MY CHILDHOOD WAS SPENT WITH MY SKETCHBOOK - in the front seat of a '54 Chevy pickup at the closest calf roping. From the windshield of that old truck, I learned to draw and paint. Today I teach beginners to paint and Keep The White SpaceĀ® in their day and I create Fine Texas Art Posters found in Museum Gift Shops.

INTUITIVE CINDY HIVELY IS A HEALING CATALYST FOR WOMEN - She is a Priestess and the Goddess Creatrix for In Her Fullness, a Columnist for Aspire Magazine and Author. She helps women remove blockages, helps them strategize and optimize life. Cindy's passion is to help women experience life overflowing with bliss, health and spiritual connection. Receive your free gift.

PAULA HANNASCH, INTUITIVE LIFE COACH TO WOMEN IN MIDLIFE - Answers!  Discover solutions and be inspired to make positive transitions in your life when working with me. We work using Spiritual principles as this part of us is the most powerful to remove barriers keeping you stuck where you are. Powerful, life changing assistance! Contact me:,

LIZZE - Intuitive counselor and gentle touch practitioner. Through her one-of-a-kind techniques, she assists one in unlocking their authentic self to embody their full potential. Many experience greater energy, more clarity and a self-awakening transformation, allowing a life on purpose to unfold.

JULIE E. BRADSHAW. INNER WISDOM GUIDE FOR THE SOUL CONSCIOUS WOMAN - Julie assists women who seek inner peace and joy in their life, who are not sure what their passion is, yet who desire to live from the Truth of Who They Really Are. She provides coaching and training to assist them in discovering their own Inner Wisdom.

EXPRESSIVE ART PILLOWS - Ispaci is a community that celebrates individuality and design. I create one-of-a-kind, handmade pillows full of color, texture and beauty.
Every pillow is the only one of its kind and incorporates a sustainable design. Locally sourced fabric samples and remnants transform into an art piece that is kind to our planet. Made in Los Angeles, California.
SACRED VISION ORACLE CARDS - Noted shamanic wisdom teacher/author Lynn Andrews announces her new Sacred Vision Oracle Cards are available! Each card is a magnificent painting (by noted Native American artist Robert Taylor) that embodies the prayer written on the opposite side. These cards are designed to awaken the wisdom within you that carries your own truth, beauty and harmony. Amazon

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