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  Fall Equinox 2015
The Harvest of my Years....
Captain and Protege
Getting to know Brianna Larson, my protege, has made for a fabulous summer. I sure hope that the harvest time finds you reaping great happenings from your summer as well. Talk about a great harvest! Last October was when I decided to sell Dancing Dolphin Spirits Charters, and for my birthday on the 15th of September, Brianna gave me the gift of her decision after a month of training on the water. It is a great happening and she is buying the business!! I will continue  teaching and training her and doing the charters for one full year and then continue as her guiding light. Now that is a happening harvest for both of us!
I will introduce Brianna a little more to you, my faithful readers in October, but I want to share with you some of the things I have enjoyed learning about Brianna over the past month. Seeing and experiencing this incredible young woman has allowed me to rest at ease with this big life decision. To pass on something I birthed and nurtured for 40 years to someone so caring, smart, and well-equipped has made this August one I will treasure forever. I know you have enjoyed seeing her incredible photography, and let me tell you, it does not stop there!

Excellent Photographer

Gorgeous Epiphytes

While she has been in the Keys, Art, my husband, has found a special place in his heart for Brianna and her ability to bake delicious cookies and bread and says "she is a keeper". Her love of chocolate makes me happy too. She even made me a French Chocolate cake for my birthday and decorated it with adorable dolphins!

My birthday cake!
The dolphin have been out in numbers, which has been another sign that we are all moving in the right direction, towards our dreams and making them come true. I think the thing that stands out most is just how caring Brianna is. She really gets it. She understands that we have a connection to all this wild stuff out here and it is our job to learn about it and to love and appreciate its beauty and importance to our lives.

Cleaning up wherever we go

She is a true Earth Day Woman and activist for the planet, there is no trash that gets by her. We recycle at home what the marina won't take, as she is very dedicated to doing her part for Mother Earth. I feel that the creator has answered my prayers and sent me the perfect person to mentor and hand my Living Legacy to and I am so grateful! 
A note from Brianna.....
Hello again all. I've been in Key West for more than a month now, my trial with Captain Victoria has come to an end, and I have to admit that I feel like a different person. There may have been a time as a child when I 
was as happy as I am  now, but if there was, I don't remember it. Commitment has always been something I've struggled with, so I took the whole month to make my final decision. (Truth be told, I decided on our first excursion on August 15th that I would not ever be complete if I didn't stay. Naturally, the dolphins helped sway me towards that decision by their welcome and every single wildlife encounter I've had since  then has only reinforced that feeling.) 
Dolphin Blessings
So, with a wonderfully warm feeling in my heart and absolutely no reservations,  I have agreed to permanently become Captain Victoria's protege. I don't think I'll EVER be able to navigate or handle the boat the way she can, but I do share the same love, passion, and connection to the natural world. I'm so delighted to share my life and knowledge with the world.
Trying her hand at Captain
~ Captain turned Author ~
What's in a Name?
To Dance, Perchance to Dance?
Every chance I get, I dance. Music is in my soul and I express my delight with life through movement, like a celebration of life. This has been going on since my first memory, way back around three years old, dancing on my daddy's feet. My parents met dancing to the Big Bands of the early 1940's at Roseland in California. The four of us children of Rosalie and Vernon Alston, were born with rhythm in our souls as well. Momma taught us how to do chores the easy way, to great jump jive beats that get the work done with a good bit of fun thrown in. She gave us socks and a bucket of soapy water to dance the floors clean. Then came towels. We danced around to sop up the soap. Then water to rinse. Yep, another pair of socks. The wax-on-wax-off part was the most fun of all on those parquet floors.
My brother, Ron, was my dance partner in many dance contests and we won a lot, from all that practicing to great band music while getting the job done! We had many burned suppers when Dad's ship was in port. He would dance Momma right out to that finely polished living room parquet floor. Finally, she learned to keep a timer on a rope around her neck like a necklace when he was in port.

This story leads to why I call my business Dancing Dolphin Spirits Charters. People often ask me how I picked the name and always about the music I play on the boat. I have always had music in my boat, and when the dolphin kept meeting up with me, I soon realized that they were enjoying the music as well. Did you know that dolphin have cervical movement of their heads from side-to-side? Well, they do and they did! Witnessing them ditty-bopping to the tune and being in time with the beat was purely amazing. I would ask my guests, maybe it was one of you, "did you see that? Can you tell they are keeping time to the music?" I saw this behavior enough to know they were enjoying it. So, I went out and bought marine speakers for the dolphin. I placed them at the water line, down by the deck in the front of the boat where they like to dance with my bow wave. That sound system was better than the one I had at home. My vessel the Imp II, which is the nickname I got from my last name Impallomeni, dances with the sea. The sea is the dance floor that moves and my boat and is an extension of me, her name comes from my impish playful behavior too. I choose the music by using my intuition and observations and attempt to communicate that I am trying understand what their behavior is telling me. In other words, if they are displaying sleeping behavior, then I choose calm peaceful serene music, or if I see them cavorting and petting like a pile of puppies, I choose some tummy rubbing blues music from the House of Blues in New Orleans.
Photo by Melanie Hoffman
A dolphin's whole body is an erogenous zone. The behavior heightens to the tunes and there is a lot of display of fin, flukes and body parts. Tummies get pinker and quite often there is a lot of leaping, as if in pure joy. When I choose correctly, they will continue to stay in their right pattern and move even closer to the Imp II. Almost giving me the feeling that I am a safe haven for them at that time. Moving at their speed, and quite often in a figure-8 pattern spread out over 100 yards or so, they rise and breathe and move into a more meditative space. Of course, this is only my observation from over 40 years dancing with the dolphin. I have to call it anthropomorphism, which means to attribute human thoughts on animals, it is not science, just experiential findings.
Dancing your Dolphin Spirit awake while dancing with their spirit is what brings me Supreme joy. After I get off the boat, I find myself drawn to go out dancing or dance at home because I need to express my joy. Dancing is my celebration of life that bubbles out of me. I use it to express my happiness and gratitude to the Creator for allowing me to bring joy to humans by dancing with dolphins. Thus my dream is awake with Dancing Dolphin Spirits Charters.

Brianna's First Video attempt!
Dolphin wake
Dolphin Wake
Her first attempt at filming while the boat was moving at a good clip, so the dolphin could ride the wake, turned out so well that it has now had over 950,000 views and it has just been a couple of weeks! If you look closely, you can see a deep gash on one of our friends, we named Sam. Could this be from a prop or from playing rough? We are not sure, but it did not slow her down. Jump, jive and dive in!

More BIG News!!! I'm gonna be on TV, with your help!
Here's the backstory. Three years ago Art drove me all the way to Madison, Wisconsin (Go Packers!) for a very special wedding. One of my great friends, Dr. Chris Federman's daughter was getting married. Kate and her brother Zak Federman were in my boat about once a year for much of their growing up years. From charter to friendship, a pattern for me as many of you know, I watched and now Kate is all grown up and making her way in the world, and now she is coming back to me with a project! Her dream is to bring the Florida Keys to children's Television!! Kate is a Montessori teacher and wants to teach her passion: the ocean and it's critters. It will be animated in part and I wonder what I will look like animated! Can you picture it?
Kate and her team will be here in October to begin this project, and I think it is so good, that I want to extend her Ask Letter to you, just to see if any of you would like to help bring it to fruition. Kate wanted to write to you, to extend a personal invitation to join her in this project. So, here is a  letter from Kate:


My name is Kate Schiffman and my dream is to make a TV series for children about the aquatic world. I have a deep-rooted infatuation of the sea and specifically the Florida Keys that has been fostered throughout my life by Captain Victoria. Victoria has fondly remarked that I "grew up on her boat" because I was lucky enough to come to Key West year after year and take her wilderness adventure tours. This love I have for The Florida Keys manifested itself in the form of an idea last year: to record Captain Victoria's vast knowledge of her marine world and share her love of, affection for, and connection to the aquatic world of the Keys by creating an educational series for children young and old.

Over two decades have passed since I spent my first summer with Captain Victoria. I am now a Montessori preschool teacher in Madison, Wisconsin. Recently, I have begun taking classes to complete a Marine Science degree, and in creating this television series, I will connect my passion for the sea with my love of educating.  

Captain Victoria's connection to Key West's natural world is almost palpable and she delights in educating as many people as she can about her world and sharing her expertise. Individuals who charter her are left with both an understanding of the importance of the ocean's ecosystem and fondness for the plants, animals, and creatures that live there. My television series will recreate the wonderful, almost magical experiences Victoria shares on her charter boat tours and bring these experiences to a large audience. It is my hope that in sharing Victoria's life passion, children (and adults) will develop a lifelong bond with the ocean (as I have) and become caretakers and adventurers of the sea.

We are in the beginning stages of filming this series as an independent, grassroots venture on a shoestring budget. It is our vision that our pilot short film will evolve into a larger educational series exploring marine ocean life. We are hoping to raise over $3,000 before October so we can afford to make a pilot episode and trailer. Please consider donating to help make our dream a reality. Small and large donations alike are equally welcome. Donations can be given on  Indiegogo Tidal Tales: Featuring Captain VictoriaIf you are interested in our progress you can follow our weekly blog updates here:  Tidal Tales blog .
Every donation we receive will get a personalized thank you card.
Thank you and all the best,
Kate Schiffman

Donate Here
Specialty Retreats of 2015
Captain Victoria and Susan Wolf
September 20th-22nd-  Women's Dolphin Beach Retreat
 with Susan Wolf and Captain Victoria

 Is Underway!! It is such an honor to share the way of Shaman with Susan and all the dolphin!
This will not be our last retreat by any means. If you missed this one, click the link and inquire about the next one we are dreaming awake.
Upcoming retreats

October 2nd-4th

Dolphin Discovery-Ignite your Intuition with Missy Ostrishko

Treat yourself to an amazing engaging adventure custom designed to support you in crafting a conscious vision and action plan for achieving the life you desire and deserve. This beautiful retreat, which begins with a fire ceremony and culminates in two incredible days on the Imp II, is sure to dance your water spirit awake. When we get into Mother Nature's groove, we learn how to uncover our potential, align with our Highest, and live with purpose. Join us to ignite your passion!

Missy Ostrishko and Capt. Victoria

Missy coins herself as a creative catalyst and insight illuminator. She is a dynamic keynote speaker and life coach who can help you bring into focus what you want and where you want to steer your life. She is committed to unearthing the infinite intuitive wisdom of others through unique experiences and her ability to encourage and inspire is unparalleled.

**ONLY 2 SPOTS LEFT** Scholarship opportunity available

For more info:  Dolphin Discovery

Debra Kupchuk
Crystals and Dolphins Retreat
Before the winter winds howl, Debra Kupchuk will host a Crystals and Dolphins retreat. Stay tuned for more information, but if you want to reserve a spot early, feel free!

Captain at the helm
40th Anniversary
Sometime close to St. Patrick's Day, Elaine Silver and Kate Beloved will hold a special retreat that is in the creation phase right now. We will accept reservations as soon as the date it firmed up. Stay tuned for more....

2016 Spring Equinox

Due to the incredible outpouring of love, I have already scheduled a sequel to our very successful HEALING SOUND RETREAT for the 2016 Spring Equinox in March with Kate Beloved. The Goddesses that signed up for that one turned it into a mermaid photo shoot complete with a dolphin tail fin! Be sure to sign up for that one early, as I believe most of the spots are filling quickly with those who want to make this an annual retreat. I will have my own mermaid tail by then and am excited to splash and play once more.


Retreat Registration
All of these wonderful retreats are yours for the taking! There is nothing that lasts longer than experiences and memories, except for love! Treat yourself or a loved one to a fantastic journey by registering here for any of these retreats or to book a personal retreat with the Seapriestess today!
My lifelong playground
Key West for Children of All Ages:
 I thought you all might like to know about some of my favorite things to do in and around Key West so I am sharing them, hope you like them. Please share your favorite excursions with me if you would and maybe some pictures too, I might learn something new from you!
Here is what's happening...
Click the icon for their September newsletter and their latest blog post is so full of information,  I just had to share the good news and progress made on the FL Clean Water Declaration and what Reef Relief has accomplished!  

Volunteers Wanted: 
Stormwater Education Program 

Reef Relief has taken on a new aspect of their Stormwater Education Program in partnership with the city of Key West. Volunteers will be distributing educational door hangers to residents which provide information and valuable tips for homeowners that are easy to follow! Since storm drains flow directly to the ocean, stormwater runoff ends up in our nearshore waters and reefs. This runoff is often very polluted, but it doesn't have to be! Reef Relief is hoping to enlist the help of those living on our beautiful island to keep the waters clean. 

For more information or if you would like to volunteer email  Heather Kenyon

Click here to find out how you can be a part of these important efforts:
Come enjoy the beautiful tropical waters of the Keys!