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   Fall Equinox 2016
Calling all Dolphin fin-atics!
I just had the most fantastic, dolFriend rich day! Erin Desmond, one of my favorite mates, took this great video of all the dolphin riding the wake of the Imp II. Check us out!
DolFriend day!
DolFriend day!
Offering Healing and Ways to Connect
Hello Dolfriends!
My it's been one fast summer filled with loads of calm gorgeous days with happy people and dolphin, simply lovely, Thank YOU.
Lake bath...burrrr
In between travels north with my wonderful adventurer husband, Art, I have grown into a new level of awareness with the dolphin. It seems I am being found as the perfect person to do a celebration of life ceremony with the dolphin, as well as open the door to dolphin medicine for all who are open to receive it. This is such an honor to be a part of a person's release of their earth suit and the healing that can happen when we simply allow ourselves to tune in. I am humbled by the dolphins' continued involvement as the messenger between heaven and earth, it is truly magical. I have been listening and there is so much healing that can be offered from the dolphin to you. I am aligning with a new path that is before me to
Gentle Watsu water massage
offer many different healing therapies on the boat, in the water and on the land. From Sacred Sound Healing, Watsu, Evolution Therapy, and the Crystals and Dolphin retreats, there are more opportunities than ever to join me and practice self-care.
My story for this newsletter is a bit of that magic for those of us twirling around the sun. For this Earth Suit, I have just completed 68 twirls, Happy Birthday to me! This has been a year of big changes for me and these changes have centered around improving my health and offering the chance to receive the healing dolphin medicine and share it with all of you.

For now, I have resolved my quandary about where this Living Legacy for Sale is going. I am only willing to take on a partner, not quit. The dolphin are teaching me so very much as I have grown in relationship with them. I just can't leave them or you and won't stop until this earth suit is worn out!

~ Captain turned Author ~
Dolphin Medicine
What is your medicine? What is your gift or energy that you bring to the planet? Many folks speak of animal medicine in the way of the Native Americans, such as the eagle, bear, horse, buffalo, or fox to name a few. Humans align with certain animals and call them their totem animal.
Now that 40 years have passed with almost daily interaction with the same dolphin that live in my backyard, the shallows of the wildlife refuges surrounding Key West, I can speak of the "MEDICINE" of the dolphin, which has become my totem animal. Yes, dolphin can live to 50 years old in the wild and it has been my, Captain Victoria Impallomeni, great pleasure getting to know them. To have been chartering people and kids on vacation who want to learn about Environmental Marine Science, and stay long enough to have an inter-species communication with 13 generations of dolphin, has been one of my greatest gifts to give and receive.
To speak of the DOLPHIN MEDICINE is to share my observations. Using my senses to explain what I have felt and picked up on is one thing, however it is the phenomenon of the 6th sense that is paramount. The definition of Metaphysical is: Transcending physical matter or the laws of nature. It has been my observation that the DOLPHIN MEDICINE is metaphysical in nature. There are many easily-described phenomenon, defined as the object of a person's perception, or simply, what the senses of the mind notice. However, Dolphin Phenomenon is something quite extraordinary, especially to witness in another person. One notices a euphoric feeling which is characterized by a feeling of intense excitement and happiness. This can be brought on simply by sighting dolphin at a distance. Their shape alone is so very pleasing to the eye, but up close and personal at the bow of the boat is when the true MEDICINE gets experienced.
The dolphin can't help but smile, this is true, just look at them. However, to have eye-to-eye contact, especially in the wild when it is their choice, makes for life changing experiences in us humans to occur. When a dolphin comes up to breathe, it does not have to show its eyes, that is their choice. They have an audible ear which is a small hole near the eye for hearing sound rather than seeing sound with their melon on the forehead.
The gift of a relationship with them based on respect is beyond measure. To speak out loud to a dolphin as it is using its sonar, as well as looking straight at you while spy-hopping or eye-hopping makes me feel an amazing love that is indescribable. I feel like the dolphin is downloading me like an electronic disk in a computer, and it knows all about me and what I am thinking. Their response to me is like an affirmation and it just blows my heart wide open. Loads of people wonder why I am such a happy person who smiles a lot and loves to dance. It's the interaction with the dolphin and what transpires, the messages, the medicine that brings these smiles and this joy.
So, something bigger is happening, which is scientifically measurable. There is an endorphin rush in our brains that is caused by the feeling of JOY when we see wild dolphin! Now I realize that not everyone will emote with tears of joyful emotion upon being with dolphin, but the reward is great if you DO allow yourself to open to the experience. It feels like that zoey mind altering dazed feeling we get when we fall in love and it's palpable too!
In some of the latest research they have shown that an autistic person will have an endorphin rush when put into virtual reality in a laboratory setting where they think they are with dolphin. This rush causes a leap forward in progress on a skill that a caregiver has been working on with that person. We all have this capability to receive this type of boost that may propel us through a difficult change or a blockage or a feeling of being stuck. What happens quite often for me is that a client will call to charter again because of what happened when they got home. They will have made a life change, got an idea or made a big decision and they call and say "I need another dose". Endorphins are powerful things and so is Dolphin Medicine.
I began to ask, "Why do dolphin love to be with us out there in the wild when in a flash they could be gone?" In my experiences over the years, it appears to me that the dolphin love to do this to us, to give us this rush of joy and elation. I believe they enjoy causing brain wave changes in humans, almost as if they are feeding off of the JOY that brings to them in our shrieks of excitement and ultimate bliss that flows out of us in their presence!!!!
The MEDICINE OF DOLPHIN is so powerful it is life changing if we open to it. I feel like a scout on the planet put here in this magical setting of Key West I call home. Being available to folks who bring children, the young or old, their furry friends, it doesn't matter who it is, they all seem to have been born with an unquenchable passion to all things dolphin and it is such a pleasure to share the experience with them. No one knows what transpires in the hearts and heads of folks who have been privileged to be blessed by the DOLPHIN MEDICINE emotionally or physically. Even dolphin in captivity are known to cause physical healing and yet no one knows exactly what they do. I know you don't have to hold them captive for them to work their magic on us, you just have to be open to receive. The best way I can put it is that they confer blessings on what we are here on the planet to GIVE not get. So, if you are lucky enough to gaze into the eye of a dolphin be sure to be thinking about what you would like a blessing on in your life!

Upcoming retreats
Missy and me in NC!
**SPECIAL OFFER** Limited time left. BUY ONE-GET ONE FREE!! That's right! You and a friend can share the evening of Sept. 30th as well as two boat days Oct. 1st and 2nd, 2016 with Missy and I.
Whatever you are working on in your life as to purpose and mission, this is a good weekend to put a laser spotlight on it. We are not talking just light, but a very focused pin-pointed laser light to move you forward to your next step of manifesting in a big way. Missy moves you through your paces and gets you to see your life in a new way that moves you past the road blocks that life sends you. Come allow the Dolphin to zap you with their blessings on your focused path!! Read here for more info and to register.
  ( Offer expires at midnight September 28th)
Debra Kupchok at the 7th Annual Crystals and Dolphin Retreat
Crystals and Dolphin Retreat
October 2016- May 2017 Open dates
The wonderful Debra Kupchok is going to be with us in the Keys from October-May and we want to open to you a chance to meditate with the dolphin and powerful crystals when you want to! Contact me to set up your next Crystals and Dolphin retreat.
Sacred Sound Healing
with Captain Victoria Impallomeni
Open Dates

I have always been in-tune (pun intended) with the healing that sound can bring. I have opened myself fully to it of late and have found the effects, well, astonishing. As you can probably tell, I am on yet another footing on my path and that is one of the ways of healing through sound. I want to share this with you! So take a day or a half day and join me in the medicinal world of the dolphin and mother ocean and experience the power of sound healing. 
Laurie Winn
Groovy Gals Getaway: A Land and Sea Retreat
with Laurie Winn and Captain Victoria
March 3-5, 2017
In the 2-1/2 days of retreat, we will explore the vibration and therapeutic healing of the drum and align our heart with the play of the dolphin. This is not one to be missed! 
Claim your spot early for this retreat!
Priscilla and Heather
Evolution Therapy
with Priscilla Cox and Heather Hunziker 
Call to Book this Retreat

Dancing Dolphin Spirits Charters and Energy Light and Information Inc. have joined together to provide you with a unique healing experience. This half day tour will take you out on the warm, negative-ion rich waters of the Atlantic or Gulf to experience Evolution Therapy, a treatment for the mind, body, and spirit.
You will be swept away to turquoise waters and along hidden sand bars, while nearby dolphins frolic in the healing waters of the sea. Captain Victoria will drop anchor, while Mother Ocean rolls gently beneath you, and you will experience a session of healing therapy that is like no other.

Please contact Priscilla for more info and to register 817-455-0686.
Mermaid Victoria photo by Gary Sadler
Next Spring Equinox 2017
 I will be offering a Mermaid Sacred Sound retreat day on March 17th on my 41st anniversary and then Fairie Elaine Silver, who sings with a Silver Stream of Consciousness, will be performing a concert called GODDESSES IN THE GROVE. Plan ahead to be sure and be here. That would be the weekend of March 17th, 18th and 19th so make your plans!!!
Retreats and Private Charters
Create your own ideal boat day! Contact the Captain to dream awake your next adventure, healing session, or group/private retreat.
My lifelong playground
Key West for Children of All Ages:
 I thought you all might like to know about some of my favorite things to do in and around Key West so I am sharing them, hope you like them. Please share your favorite excursions with me if you would and maybe some pictures too, I might learn something new from you!
Here is what's happening...
Click the icon for their most recent newsletter and their latest blog post is so full of information,  I just had to share the good news and progress made on the FL Clean Water Declaration and what Reef Relief has accomplished!  

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