Fall Fashion Design  Classes
and Model Camp start soon!
4-Hour and 6-Week Fashion Design Classes!

Expand your horizons by learning something new! Learn the language of fashion design from a pro, who will show you everything from the basics to advanced design.

Various class levels offered from learning to set up, operate, and trouble-shoot a sewing machine to making and manipulating  patterns from a pattern block.  Choose a one-day class focusing on buttonholes, pockets, zippers, and seam finishing techniques.  We also offer an in-depth class meeting once a week for 6 weeks cutting & sewing a button-down shirt with collar, cuffs, and plackets while learning other various techniques for you to keep as samples.

Two-Day (10 Hours Total!) Intensive Camp for the Runway Model in you!

Two-Day Intensive Camp for the Runway Model in you! 
Get the walk, the look, the runway attitude! Our camp will give you everything you need to walk the runway with confidence!

Learn how to properly walk the runway & pose for the cameras, Product Presentation, Confidence, Poise, Attitude, Backstage Magic & Organization, and Model Tips for your success.  

Upon completion, each model will receive (in addition to all listed above):
1. Four print quality digital images for professional and personal use. 
2. Digital version of models Comp Card. 
3. Official Graduation Certificate from the Albuquerque Apparel Center (New Mexico Fashion Week) Runway Modeling Camp.

Small classes to provide you with individual attention.
Preferred age is 12 or older.  If your child is younger, call us to discuss.
Choose your Runway Model Camp Date:
September 24 & 25, 2016 (Saturday-Sunday) 11:00 am - 4:00 pm
November 05 & 06, 2016 (Saturday-Sunday) 11:00 am - 4:00 pm 

Details & Register at AbqApparelCenter.com/model-camp
or via Eventbrite.com. (Direct Eventbrite.com links available on AAC website.)

Presented by: Albuquerque Apparel Center (over 25 years of fashion design, education, modeling, and runway production experience) & Creative Juices Productions (Int'l Award Winning Photographers, Directors, Producers)
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Melissa Lea
Clothing Design Services
Is there a garment your're dreaming
of having designed?  
Award Winning Fashion Designer, Melissa Lea can make it a reality!

Couture: High End, Partially Hand-Sewn, Custom-Made Clothing Designed To Fit Your Measurements.  
Costume: Character Garments Such As Renaissance, Old West, and Steampunk Attire.
Custom: Simple, Everyday Garments.  

505.803.6966  |   melissalea.com
Auto and Bicycle Tours to the Edge of Your Imagination.
Melissa Lea ~ Wholistic Wellness Educator. (Helping your "Whole" Body, Mind, & Spirit)

Living naturally and healthy is a lifestyle.  It takes time and dedication.  
But it's an EASY dedication.  Melissa can teach you how.

Over the years your body has been repeatedly filled with toxic chemicals. From the food we eat, to personal grooming products, to cleaning supplies, we have been constantly killing our bodies with poison.  Have you ever actually READ the ingredients on a bottle of shampoo?  Most of the words we cant even begin to pronounce.  What about toothpaste?  Many of us have never stopped to think about the fact that it states clearly on the tube to "call Poison Control if swallowed".  They are telling us it's poisonous, yet we put it in our mouth anyway..... and we scrub it into our gums!  Do you know the poison is still going into our body as it soaks through our gums? Why do we do this?  Why do we ...... (Continue to MelissaLea.com)

Melissa@MelissaLea.com |   505.803.6966  |   MelissaLea.com
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Melissa Lea Custom Jewelry
Integrating the energetic spirit of nature into the art of Jewelry, Melissa Lea's wholistic creations take one spiritually to a certain place in nature. Created with Natural Stones and Fossils, as well as Handmade Beads from many World Cultures, her interpretations allow one to experience the essence of the natural, and enable one to carry the unique spirit of exotic locations and cultures with you wherever you go.

Pictured above from the Circle Stone Collection: 
Medium Circle Stone Knotted Necklace.  (Blue-Green/Black Turquoise)

Melissa@MelissaLea.com |   505.803.6966  |   MelissaLea.com
MLea Monumental View
Monumental View

Melissa Lea Photography

Digitally Painted Pigment Images 

Melissa Lea has been capturing moments, places and feelings through photography nearly all her life and has been studying its dynamics since her first photography class in high school.  Melissa's first childhood camera in the late 1970s, at age seven, encased 110 film.  Since then she has worked with a wide array of formats including Pinhole Box, 4x5, Manual 35mm, and Digital.  Her greatest enjoyment during the darkroom days was manipulating images through varied exposures, as Ansel Adams was famous for, and hand painting color into finished black & white and sepia prints.  In the digital age, Melissa continues this same creativity of print manipulation via exposures and color.  Only now her paintbrush has been replaced with a computer mouse, manually detailing every aspect.  Melissa constantly explores new ways of printing and presentation and comments, "I like to think outside the box.  I find life more exciting and interesting that way".  On a spiritual level, Melissa comments, "Surrounding ourselves with views of nature and other peaceful things .......... (Continue to her bio)