Our Fall Festival is This Saturday!

Fall Festival: October 28 - 4 pm - 7 pm

We still need people to supervise:

Bounce Houses



Set up and Take down


VHS Meeting Tonight! 7 pm
Topics include:
  • Stories of Life Change
  • Starting Conversations
  • Alpha - visit  alphausa.org   for more info.
  • Huddle in groups: worship, children's ministry, prayer, discipleship, frontline
  • Planning for Christmas
  • Finalize Fall Festival Gaps!

Unfinished Business
We have been celebrating the 500th anniversary of the Protestant Reformation for the last few weeks in our message series entitled: One Thing.  We celebrate what the reformers accomplished all those years ago and what we understand about the grace and glory of God through their leadership.  However, there is some unfinished business that the church must tend to. The reformers taught the biblical principal of the " priesthood of all believers". Maybe you have heard that expression, maybe it is new to you. For many years the church functioned with the understanding that God's grace could only be accessed through the mediation of the priests or other church leaders.  Scripture teaches us that Christ is our only mediator.  Scripture also teaches that it has been God's plan and promise to establish His people as a nation of priests.  In other words, everyone who follows Christ is a priest, pastor, prophet, evangelist, etc.

The church, in many ways, has not fulfilled this part of God's promise and plan. We still function as if there is a hierarchy between pastors and "lay" people. (That term "lay people" is not a biblical concept!)  You might be saying, "But 'Pastor' Kris, aren't you teaching your way out of a job?"  There is a part of me that would love to see every person I lead functioning as a pastor and priest the way God intends for His people.  However, even when we fulfill our unique roles in the Kingdom the way God intends, there is still a place for the gift of leadership to lead.  My role is not to be the only pastor in the church, my role is to lead the many pastors, priests and prophets there are in this church!  Ephesians says that my role is to equip you to serve in His Kingdom. So, prepare to be ordained as a priest this Sunday as you come to corporate worship. See you Sunday!  -Kris (who happens to be one of many "pastors")

Get to know God and good people better.
  • Central Group - Each Monday Night at 7 pm (Fellowship Hall=FH)
  • North Group - Sundays @ 6 pm: November 5 and November 19. (FH)
  • South Group - Sundays @ 6 pm: November 5 and November 19 (Homes)
  • Men's Group - Thursday Nights - Kaiser Home
  • Faith Alive - Women's Group: Tuesday @10 am and @7 pm (FH) (Except Halloween Night - Pass out candy to your neighbors!)
Sign up to be a part of any of these groups by responding to this e-mail!

Faith Alive will be meeting Tuesday evenings at 7 pm (Except Halloween Night) and on TUESDAY mornings at 10 am.

Join us for new member's class on November 12 & 19  immediately following the morning service.  11:20 am to 1:30 pm. Lunch provided. Use your response card to sign up on Sunday morning or just reply to this e-mail.

We are reading the "Sisters of Sinai: How Two Lady Adventurers Discovered the Hidden Gospels" by Janet Solskice for November 12. We will be having our annual book exchange on December 3. We meet at 7pm at members' homes. Talk to Jean Bosman or Kim Vanderlaan for further information.
PASTOR TOM DYKSTRA, former pastor here, is retiring as of November 11! The CRC church in Visalia, CA has asked for letters of memories to be sent for the celebration. They must be turned in to our church office by November 8. Pastor Tom and Julie's address is: 3839 W. Victor, Visalia CA 93277.
Prayer Concerns

Harvey and Gail Schans' son, Josh, was diagnosed with a fist sized brain tumor which was successfully removed. The test results show that it was cancerous. Josh will be undergoing chemo and radiation for 6 months to a year. Pray for God's mighty healing and grace! Keep Josh and Jenny in your prayers as their baby is due in March.
Marilyn Lythgoe's
14 year old great niece, Marissa Gootjes, has been diagnosed with brain cancer. She lives in Nova Scotia.

Jo Schans has changed rooms but remains at Courtyard Gardens of Jupiter, 1790 Indian Creek Dr. West, Jupiter, FL 33458. Room A-109.

Ted VanKalker remains at Signature Care in Lake Worth. Pray for both Ted and Betty.
Ann Zylstra, Jo Schans, and Helen Rainey.
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