November 14, 2023

Fall Festival Thank You

Thank you to Amanda Jimenez and Lisa Gallegos, chairs of the 2023 Fall Festival, and Monica Chavis, chair of the 2023 Raffle, for the stupendous success of the Festival & Raffle.

Also, thank you to our booth chairs, everyone who volunteered, and everyone who attended the Fall Festival.

We couldn't have done it without each and every one of you!!

A big THANK YOU to SAS Parent Colleen Shutt for her creativity, enthusiasm, and hard work, in designing the Fall Festival logos and t-shirts over the past few years.

The Results Are In!!

Top Fall Festival Booths

Fall Festival Sponsorships - $33,100

Cake Walk - $5505

Inflatables - $3893

Telegrams - $6316

Snack Shack/Drinks - $3701

Haunted House - $2965

Knights of Columbus - $2289

Silly String - $2038

Confetti Eggs - $1822

Mama's Pizza - $1785

Golf Ball Derby/Animal Adoption - $1785

Raffle Results

Saint Andrew Catholic School would like to thank all of our parishioners, grandparents, alumni, parents, and friends for their support of the Fall Festival Raffle that brought in $48,055. Congratulations to our Raffle 2023 winners!!!

1st place ($1000 Visa Gift Card) - Daniella Jenkins, aunt of SAS students Adam and Ella Ray.

2nd place ($500 Tuition Credit to SAS) - Janie Peterson, grandmother of Charlie, Amelia, Mary and Blake Conine.

Congratulations to the following homerooms for having 100% participation selling their Fall Festival Raffle Tickets this year:

Mrs. Bland (2nd Grade)

Mrs. Thompson (4th Grade)

Mrs. Duman/Mrs. Oliver (7th Grade)

The 3 homerooms received a Chick-fil-A party on Thursday, October 26 during their lunch and recess time.

Fall Festival Sponsors

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