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Fall Fever

Fair weather tailgaters

Bill Sullivan and Adrian Seguin.

Welcome to the September edition of the Heartland Glass newsletter!
Most of you know that I grew up in Wisconsin and take pride in the fact that I am a Green Bay Packer fan. Living in Minnesota, my loyalty to the Packers has been the seed for some good natured barbs going back and forth with co-workers and customers over the years. These barbs usually lead to some friendly wagering also.

Let's just say I came out on the short end of the stick on our bets last Sunday! But I have to give the Vikings props for beating the Packers last weekend. I was excited to attend the game and brought my good friend, Adrian Seguin, to the game. Having converted him to being a Packer fan a number of years ago ( it wasn't very hard...) I felt strength in numbers was important. Although the outcome wasn't what we had hoped for the new stadium is amazing. It should serve the Vikings well in their quest to reign supreme of the NFC North.
Shawn Sullivan "studying the German culture" at Oktoberfest in Berlin.

Our son Shawn is studying in Berlin, Germany this fall as part of his Architecture program. While his mother and I embrace the experience that studying abroad provides, we are keenly aware that the world is a different place  today and we worry about his safety. So during our weekly facetime visits, we take the opportunity to encourage his eagerness to explore new places, but remind him to be aware of his surroundings a little more than he normally would.
So the events of last week right here at home in our central Minnesota community came as a complete shock to us. Never in our wildest dreams did we think that we would have to worry about a terrorist-type attack happening in Minnesota, let alone in St. Cloud. I am using the words "terrorist" attack because to me that's what it is regardless of the nationality of the person or his motives. The attack was meant to disrupt our daily lives and cause us to second-guess the way we go about our day. This highlights the fact that the images and stories we see on the TV across the globe are happening here too. We can't let this affect our lives in such a way that it takes away our freedom and our way of life. The St. Cloud incident has made me realize that we can only do so much to protect those that we love and that the world truly is a different place than it used to be. We all need to work hard to try and understand, be tolerant of others and their culture and to make this a better place for all. If you have a loved one who was injured in the attack, our Heartland/Brin Family wants to wish them a speedy recovery.
We also would like to extend our most heartfelt sympathy to the family of the long-lost and now finally found, Jacob Wetterling. It's a story that has impacted our community for generations already past and will continue to do so for many more to come. The strength, love and perseverance this family has demonstrated through this tragedy are beyond words.  The lessons Jacob's legacy have left will go on to impact us all. It's not only a message of incredible hope, but one of respecting and cherishing others, and never, ever giving up on those you love. Thank you, Wetterling family, for all you have shown us and to you Jacob, may you finally rest in peace young man.
So, back to business. The glass business continues to be strong and 2017 backlogs are starting to fill which is a good sign. We have  even had to turn down opportunities that won't work with our schedule. This is something that sets us apart from some of our competitors. We try to manage our schedule so that we can best utilize our resources and not over-commit them which leads to under performance and dissatisfied customers.
Northwestern Glass Fab is operating out of the new facility and the larger footprint has allowed them to gain operational efficiencies that we had hoped they would. Our contract division, Brin Contract Glazing, will be relocating to our corporate office at 2300 N. 2nd Street, Minneapolis at the end of the month. This will wrap up all of our moves for this year! I appreciate the patience of the staff from our service and corporate teams as they have had to endure the remodeling of their facility and operating out of temporary offices while that took place. Well done! So I invite you come and visit our newly remodeled offices, we love to show you around!

Thank you for taking time to read our newsletter, we appreciate the fact that you choose to work with us for your glass and glazing needs. Thank you!

~ Bill Sullivan
President/CEO, Heartland Glass
President, Brin Northwestern 

Heartland Glass puts the class in the glass at
South Junior High School upgrade.

South Junior High School

before (top image) and

after (bottom image),

St. Cloud, MN


Heartland Glass played an integral role in the new upgrades at South Junior High in  St. Cloud, MN this summer.  
Project manager Matt Dieser led the Heartland crew through the project.
"We replaced every light of glass in the curtain wall surrounding the school," Matt said.  "It seems like just replacing glass would be a lot easier than retrofitting framing, but it becomes more complicated than that!" 

The existing system was in good shape, but the Heartland Glass crew needed to also put on new exterior vinyl which was critical to the high performance of the system.  "Unfortunately, the dies used in the construction of the original system had been modified by Tubelite, the manufacturer, over time so the new vinyl didn't fit," Matt said. "On top of that, the pressure plate and cover had to be replaced as well!"
It took a lot of coordination and effort to identify all the glass, get it ordered and produced in a particular order, and staged around the building.  Once the Heartland Glass team got into deconstruction of the exterior and glass, they found bad weather seals and other issues that required fixes to make the old system like new. 
"In the end, it turned out great!" Matt said.  
Some interesting facts about the project:
* We replaced about 520 units of glass and panels
* Roughly 4,200 LF of interior caulking
* Roughly 11,200 LF of exterior caulking-primary and cosmetic
* Roughly 7,200 LF of pressure plate and cover
* Roughly 25,000 LF of vinyl
* We were on site from 6/6/16 until 8/26/16

Thank you to South Junior High for partnering with us on your new view!

September Featured Employee 
       Jason Kramer   

Jason "Cutter" Kramer and his family;

wife Jill, daughter Haley, son Alex and daughter Abigail.

Heartland Glass is very happy to honor Jason Kramer as our Employee of the Month for September.
Jason is a journeyman glazier and has been at Heartland Glass since 2005. 
 " We call him "Cutter" because he worked on our glass cutting table when he started," sales director Garrity Gerber said.
Jason grew up in Watkins, MN and graduated from Eden Valley-Watkins High School.
"Prior to coming to Heartland, I was working at a window factory and needed a change. Heartland was a great fit," Jason said.
"The biggest challenges I find here at Heartland are all of the different types of work and systems we use," Jason said. "We've got a lot of ways to tackle a project."
"Every day I look forward to the camaraderie of the people I work with," he said.
Jason and his wife Jill live in St. Joseph with their three children, daughters Abigail and Haley and son, Alex.
"When I'm not working, I hunt and fish and spend time with my family and friends," Jason said.
We're honored to have Jason as part of our Heartland Glass team!

Cool and colorful glass building in Saint Cloud -- France that is!

Sports and Leisure Center, Saint-Cloud, France            

Photo credit:  Stephan Lucas

The Sports and Leisure Center in Saint-Cloud, France is anything but ordinary. Designed by Koz Architects and built in 2009 to the tune of just over $4 million American dollars ($3.6M Euro), the colorful creation was built for festive celebrations, entertainment and leisure and has multiple activity spaces including gymnasiums, climbing walls, a leisure center and outdoor area.

The building's front fa├žade is made up entirely of stained glass with a color gradient from red to green. The color scheme runs from floor to ceiling inside and creates a rainbow glow within the building. The colored glass panels are fixed to an aluminum frame which is bolted to the concrete structure. The other three sides are colored too, but more monotone.

The colored glass panels function to bring sunlight in, provide large views of the outside nature, filter and control the sunlight and provide orientation via color coding for the children inside.

The openings in the roofs and the glass facades bring maximum natural lighting everywhere to limit electrical consumption.

The tinted glass also provides good protection against setting sun and maintaining long-lasting color.

Photo credit:  Stephan Lucas

Andersen Outswing Folding Patio Door


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