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   This being Friday the 13th, Jacob has created a great scary themed table display that you should see. It's funny how we picked this day out for fame and attention. Check out a bit of the history here.
   Tonight is Lit by the Lake, an author event in conjunction with LitQuake. Main library, 5 author, a bunch of books and wine. Really, you should be there. I will be!
   We'll be open on Sunday from noon to 5 and at 2:30 we will host Denise Doyen, author of a new children's book The Pomegranate Witch. It's Halloween themed and I love her use of language. We'd love to see you and the kids here.  
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New and Notable

Lost Worlds of the San Francisco Bay Area by Sylvia You have to hold it in your hands, this cover image doesn't do it justice. It's really quite sumptuous. From Heyday Books.

Another amazing book from Heyday is
The California Field Atlas by Obi Kauffman $45
This lavishly illustrated atlas takes readers off the beaten path and outside normal conceptions of California, revealing its myriad ecologies, topographies, and histories in exquisite maps and trail paintings. Based on decades of exploring the backcountry of the Golden State, artist-adventurer Obi Kaufmann blends science and art to illuminate the multifaceted array of living, connected systems like no book has done before. Kaufmann depicts layer after layer of the natural world, delighting in the grand scale and details alike. The effect is staggeringly beautiful: presented alongside California divvied into its fifty-eight counties, for example, we consider California made up of dancing tectonic plates, of watersheds, of wildflower gardens. Maps are enhanced by spirited illustrations of wildlife, keys that explain natural phenomena, and a clear-sighted but reverential text. Full of character and color, a bit larger than life, The California Field Atlas is the ultimate road trip companion and love letter to a place.

Yes it's a third wonderful book from Heyday.
How A Mountain Was Made, Stories by Greg Sarris $25
In the tradition of Calvino's Italian Folktales, Greg Sarris, author of the award-winning novel Grand Avenue, turns his attention to his ancestral homeland of Sonoma Mountain in Northern California. In sixteen interconnected original stories, the twin crows Question Woman and Answer Woman take us through a world unlike yet oddly reminiscent of our own: one which blooms bright with poppies, lupines, and clover; one in which Waterbug kidnaps an entire creek; in which songs have the power to enchant; in which Rain is a beautiful woman who keeps people's memories in stones.

Unbelievable by Katy Tur $26.95     **back in stock**
Called "disgraceful," "third-rate," and "not nice" by Donald Trump, NBC News correspondent Katy Tur reported on-and took flak from-the most captivating and volatile presidential candidate in American history.
Katy Tur lived out of a suitcase for a year and a half, following Trump around the country, powered by packets of peanut butter and kept clean with dry shampoo. She visited forty states with the candidate, made more than 3,800 live television reports, and tried to endure a gazillion loops of Elton John's "Tiny Dancer"-a Trump rally playlist staple.
From day 1 to day 500, Tur documented Trump's inconsistencies, fact-checked his falsities, and called him out on his lies. In return, Trump repeatedly singled Tur out. He tried to charm her, intimidate her, and shame her. At one point, he got a crowd so riled up against Tur, Secret Service agents had to walk her to her car.
This is an amazing insider's view of the campaign. Can you take it?

Draw the Line by Kathryn Otoshi $17.99
When two boys draw their own lines and realize they can connect them together-magic happens!
But a misstep causes their lines to get crossed.
Push! Pull! Tug! Yank!
Soon their line unravels into an angry tug-of-war.
With a growing rift between them, will the boys ever find a way to come together again?


Please join us for any or all of our literary events.  
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Sunday, October 15 AT 2:30PM
Bring the kids to meet Denise Doyen and her new book  The Pomegranate Witch! It's a wonderful Halloween themed book about a neighborhood pomegranate tree and the witch that seems to guard it. Or is that really a witch? The language is fabulous for reading out loud just like her previous book, Once Upon a Twice.    
Tuesday, October 17 at 7pm  
Join us in welcoming back Kate Carroll De Gutes with her new book The Authenticity Experiment.
Friday, October 27 at 6pm at The Pardee House  
(Click on the Pardee link for ticket information)
Erika Mailman - New title is The Murder's Maid; A Lizzie Borden Novel 
Saturday, October 28 at   
Michael Genhart, author of 4 new books being released!
Laurie Kahn, author of Baffled by Love
See the website for more of what's coming up!

Book Group 

Second Thursday of the month.
6:15 to 7:30

November 9 
In 1969 Kerala, India, Rahel and her twin brother, Estha, struggle to forge a childhood for themselves amid the destruction of their family life, as they discover that the entire world can be transformed in a single moment. Winner of the Booker Prize. 
December 14  Constellation of Vital Phenomena by Anthony Marra
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