Sell Fudge. Raise Money!
The weather is cooling off, but our fudge kettle is heating up!
Fall is a great time for a Fudgeraiser, and we are already making fudge to fulfill orders. We offer three different ways to sell fudge and raise money.
  • Catalog Sales - we provide catalogs, pens and money collection envelopes. Your team takes orders for fudge for 2-3 weeks, then we make the fudge and ship it to you.
  • Online Sales - direct your friends from near and far to to place orders, we make the fudge, ship it directly to the person who bought it (or to their gift recipient) and send your organization a check.
  • Quick Buy Sales - if you are planning an event, will host a table outside, or want to fulfill instant demand for fudge, you can buy cases of fudge and make instant sales.

Schedule your Fudgeraiser Today!
Secure your dates for a Fudgeraiser this fall! We are already accepting agreements for September through December, 2017. 

We do limit the number of groups selling fudge in a town/area to help ensure successful sales, so sign up today to have the best choice of dates.
Upcoming Events
Planning ahead?
Join us on Thursday, October 19 for the PTO Today Expo at Drury Lane in Oakbrook, IL.
Any member of a Parent Teacher group is welcome to attend.
Register online:
| Fudgeraiser | 608-729-0220 | |