September, 2018
Fall Gardening Ideas and Fun Fall Events!
Upcoming Events at Heidi's GrowHaus!
Tuesday, Sept. 11: 5:00 - 6:30PM ~ Special Fun, Free Event!
PLANTS FOR HEALING: Learn from the Experts!
Herbalist Monica Landkamer and Aromatherapist Jodi Baglien will present the benefits of medicinal herbs and medicinal essential oils. Don't miss this chance to learn how easy it is to benefit from these concepts every day!

Saturday, Sept. 15: 10:00 AM - 4:00 PM:
Have fun creating your own stunning fall container with our extensive assortment of plant materials and accents! Bring your own container or purchase one from us. Choose a two-hour time slot to reserve at the potting table. Delivery of your finished creation is available. $10 workshop fee includes first bag of premium potting mix and time with a designer. Plants and materials extra. RSVP : Call 763-420-2909, or write:

Free, educational plant tours with Nursery Manager Joe Riehle
September 19th: Fruit Trees
September 26th: Shade Trees

Saturday, Sept. 29th: Noon - 4:00 PM
Don't miss the family-friendly fun, food, music, kid's activities, cider-making, and other fun Fall surprises at our annual Oktoberfest celebration! Drop in anytime between Noon and 4:00 PM and help us celebrate the Harvest season! Fun for all ages! Wear your lederhosen if you dare!

We always appreciate an RSVP to all of our events, to ensure we reserve enough materials for your visit! C all 763-420-2909, or write: See more details on all of our Events here .
The gardener may be tired, but the gardener isn't! Treat, plant and play in it now!
Milky Spore for Japanese Beetles
Now is the best time to treat Japanese beetle grubs
Japanese Beetle larvae live in the soil, feeding on tender grass roots. At this time of year, an abundance of beetle grubs are enjoying the warm soils, chewing grass roots in preparation for winter. 1,000 adult beetles will lay 50,000 grubs each year. Milky Spore, more accurately called "milky disease", is a naturally occurring soil organism which will infect and destroy grubs, and no other creatures, in the soil. Applications of Milky Spore disease to your lawns right now will help diminish the beetle population next season.
Fall Lawn Care: Fertilize Now
Support root growth now for optimal Spring health
Early Fall is the very best time of year to fertilize your lawn! Giving your lawn a chance to build stamina before Winter will yield a greener lawn in the Spring. If you can only fertilize once a year, now is the most effective time to do it. If you like to fertilize three times a year to strengthen your turf, build your fertilization schedule around these holidays: an application around Labor Day, another application around Halloween, and a Spring application around May Day, May 1st.

Don't forget to fertilize your gardens one more time before you put the hoses away for the winter, too! Our large bagged, earth-friendly fertilizer is now 35% off!
Mums the Word: You're Ready for Fall!
Our greenhouses are filled with brilliant, healthy mum plants and accents to herald the onset of Fall. Our unique and affordable "grab and go" Fall containers will add an impressive, welcoming touch instantly!
Shrub and Tree Sale - 25% Off!
Diablo Ninebark and Goldmound Spirea
Fall Savings at GrowHaus
  • 25% off all Shrubs and Trees!
  • 25% off all Pottery
  • 25% off all Lawn Decor
  • 35% off Talavera style china and pottery
  • 70% off select assorted shrubs and trees
  • 75% off aquatic plants
  • 75% off tropical plants
Fall is for Planting!
Elderberry tree, Sambucas nigra
Fall is an excellent time to plant trees, shrubs and perennials! The soils are warm, so the roots will establish better now than in the Spring! In our growing region, it is usually safe to plant through October 15th, and sometimes even later than that! Not sure what to plant where? Join us at GrowHaus for our Fruit and Shade tree walk-abouts on Wednesdays from 4 - 5 pm.
Sept. 19th: Fruit Trees; Sept. 26th: Shade Trees. Visit our Events page for more details. Now on sale: 25% off all trees and shrubs at GrowHaus!
In the Field: Fine Gardening
in September
Our fine gardening division crews are installing our stunning Fall mum containers now. They are also busy applying one last round of organic fertilizer, drenching soils with our custom compost tea, and dividing and transplanting perennials. Contact us if you are interested in Fall bulb planting, or for more information about our services!
Plants of the Month:
Native Grasses and Hops
There are so many benefits of planting native grasses in your landscape, it's a great idea to locate areas to plant them this Fall! They reduce soil erosion, attract songbirds, feed butterflies, and need no fertilizer, among other low-maintenance benefits.
Little Bluestem, Schizachyrium scoparium
Hops in the Landscape
Hops plant, Humulus Lupulus
If you need to create an interesting vertical privacy screen, pergola decoration, or ground cover, consider growing hops! All you need is a sunny location, well-drained soil, and enough space for them to grow. Developing like grape-vines, hops will grow vertically, up to 25 feet high, or, they can be grown horizontally for ground cover. Allow three feet between plants, to give them room to grow. We carry both ornamental and brew-worthy hop plants.
GrowHaus Fall Hours:
Monday - Friday: 8:00 AM - 6:00 PM
Saturdays: 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM, Sundays: 10:00 AM - 4:00 PM

"Autumn shows us how beautiful it is to let things go." ~ Anonymous
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