October 2017 Update # .0020
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Nostalgia Nitro Funny Car Team
~ Build Phase Year Two ~

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October Notes:
The trailers faded original red paint was replaced with the new & sexy silver metallic.
It looked great in the paint booth and literally glistens in the sun light. The skilled painters did a first class job. This marks another large milestone in the trailer renovation process.
"Mechanical upgrades had to be our first order of business. Now that most of the major tasks are behind us, we can get started on the fun stuff. Interior layout, branding/graphics and lighting. It's going to be all truckered up, glowing day & night!" ~Jill
The unseasonably mild temperatures have allowed for extended work on the trailer, which is great, but it also delayed the Mustang body mounting process. Now that the temperatures are falling and the days are getting shorter, Rod's shifted his efforts back to the Mustang. He's completed the rear body understructure and is currently working on the front end support 'spaghetti.'
"There are two extreme differences between our two cars; the body styles and the chassis designs. This makes it impossible to simply 'double' the spaghetti, tin work and other components. That would be too easy! We are anxious to see what the on-track performance & handling differences will be."
FEATURED Team Member
Denny Lautenbacher
Above: Denny in 1965
Machinist / Car Chief
Denny is a Master Machinist, Racer and long time Chief Mechanic with the Bromley Motorcycles / Dan Bromley AMA Pro Flat Track Racing Team. Recently, he retired from 55 years of service as an R&D Machinist. Denny has been instrumental in developing products for Military, Aerospace & Fire Fighting industries. In the 80's Ferrari USA recruited him to solve a problem ...cool stuff! He has been racing cars & motorcycles since the 1960's. Denny's racing accomplishments include a NASCAR Class ET & Speed Record set at Atco Dragway in 1968. He's also earned many class trophies at East Coast Motorcycle Enduros. In 2005, at 65 years old, Denny ran on the Bonneville Salt Flats with his Suzuki TL1000. Now, at 74 years young, he continues to restore his motorcycle collection and RACE THEM. He also holds a US Patent and recently started a new business venture! Denny's communication and organizational skills will benefit our team in many ways. He'll be responsible for shop/transporter inventory management, as well as lending advice & support to our crew at events.
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~ Special Recognition ~
  Joe Nimm Groundskeeping Services

Rod Fazekas & Jill Fazekas
Driver of the 1966 Nova // Driver of the 1971 Mustang
~ Rod will be the Featured Team Member in the November e-News ~
Kenny Mohler & Jessica Mohler
Ella Mohler
Co-Crew Chief // Crew/Merchandise Manager
Jr. Crew

~ Happy Birthday Kenny ~
October 5th
Denny Lautenbacher
Machinist/Car Chief
Dually & Jet Fazekas
Hard(ly) Working Mascots
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