News from Brickhouse Equestrian Center (BEC) and Charleston Area Therapeutic Riding  (CATR) 
October 2018   

Smoke Continues to Improve Lives
Many of you may remember one of CATR's therapeutic riding ponies, Smoke.  Smoke, an adorable Icelandic horse, worked in both CATR and BEC lessons  several years ago.  His sweet personality and strong work ethic made him a favorite among instructors, volunteers and students.   
Smoke began having trouble with the heat and the gnats in the Lowcountry, so we made the very difficult decision to return him to his owner, Amy.   
Recently, Amy sent us an update, and we felt compelled to share.
"My daughter began having episodes of being unable to walk when she was 20 months old. They would come and go for a few days at a time and it would alternate sides.  One time she wouldn't be able to use her left leg and the next she wouldn't be able to use her right. She has gone through significant testing over the last 15 months and we received her diagnoses earlier this year. She has an extremely rare, 1 in 1 million neurological disorder called Alternating Hemiplegia of Childhood. She has quite a few symptoms and she has good days and bad days, but through it all, Smoke has been such a blessing for her. She loves him to pieces and he loves her. She helps me feed him every evening and she has to "sit on Moke." When she is unable to walk, we bring her for rides on him and they both love it!"
We are thrilled that Smoke has continued his most important job of bringing joy and movement to his very own little girl who really needs him!
Way to go, Smoke! 

CATR & BEC Upcoming Events

Pony Up Movie Night
October 13th
5:30 to 8:30
Click here for tickets!

Tidal Strength & Cycle Ride For Good Benefiting CATR 
Oct. 27th at 9:00 a.m. 
PATH Intl. Conference & Annual Meeting
October 25th - 29th

CATR Fall Break
November 19th - 25th

CATR Holiday Week
December 3rd - 8th   
Last Day of Fall Session
December 15th   
PATH Intl. Interactive Vaulting Workshop
February 1st - 3rd

CATR's Wish List
As our fall therapeutic riding session gets underway, we have compiled a wish list of office supplies, basic barn supplies and horse tack and equipment to help us get prepared.
Click here to check out the full list!     
Please contact Amanda Gerald at with questions about how you can help.  Thank you!
Pony Up For CATR! 
Online Fundraiser & Movie Night 

CATR is hosting our 2nd Annual Pony Up Movie Night under our covered arena on Saturday, October 13th!  The evening includes dinner from the Pot Luck Food Truck, dessert from the Ice Cream Team, craft beer from Low Tide Brewery, wine from EVO, family-friendly activities and our feature film, Misty! Misty is a 1961 children's film based on Marguerite Henry's 1947 award-winning book Misty of ChincoteagueView the trailer.

The movie night benefits an essential piece of our program - our therapy horses!  In conjunction with the movie night, we are running an online fundraising campaign - Pony Up for CATR !  

Bonnie and Jerry Kelly of the Kelly Family Foundation recognize the value of our horses and have kicked off our Pony Up for CATR Campaign with a
$25,000 challenge match! Thanks to their generosity, all donations will be DOUBLED! 

CATR has eleven therapy horses that help students of all ages and abilities to experience movement, build confidence and achieve independence.   A donation of just $25 gives a student a vital piece of their therapeutic riding lesson - a therapy horse! 

We are thrilled that many in the CATR and BEC community have joined our fundraising efforts.  Volunteers, students, staff and other friends have been asking their friends and family to Pony Up for CATR on behalf of their favorite horse.  Each of our eleven therapy horses has their own team, and the winning teams will be announced at the movie night on Saturday, October 13th.  There is still time to join a team and raise funds on behalf of your favorite CATR horse! 

There are several ways YOU can Pony Up for CATR!
  1. Attend movie night!  Click here for tickets.   
  2. Make a donation!  View the teams, click on your favorite horse's name, and follow the donate link.
  3. Join a team and raise funds!  View the teams, click on your favorite horse's name, and follow the Join as a member! link.
A special thanks to our title sponsors, Bonnie and Jerry Kelly of the Kelly Family Foundation and event sponsors, AV Connections, Craft-Essig & Associates, and Northwoods Veterinary Clinic.
Let's Pony Up for CATR!
Hurricane Evacuation 
Thank You, FENCE!  

For the third year in a row, CATR and BEC's horses have traveled to Tryon, North Carolina to find a safe haven in the midst of a hurricane evacuation.  We have been very fortunate to have made friends with the wonderful staff and volunteers at Foothills Equestrian Nature Center (FENCE), and they continue to welcome us back with open arms (and bedded stalls) each year.    
This year, when Governor McMaster announced the mandatory evacuation due to Hurricane Florence, plans were already underway  for transportation, stalls and lodging.   On Tuesday morning, twenty-three horses and necessary supplies were loaded onto three trailers from Brook Ledge Horse Transportation.  Staff members, including our Barn Manager, Assistant Barn Manager, Executive Director and two CATR instructors loaded up their own animals and necessities and headed north as well.   
Caring for horses out of their normal environment and routine for a week or more brings its own set of challenges, including staying in front of illnesses, reducing stress and making sure each horse gets enough movement and exercise.  Our staff and the volunteers from FENCE did an amazing job this year, and all of the horses came back healthy, happy and ready to go back to work!   
We are grateful that Hurricane Florence made little impact on Charleston and our facility.  Our hearts are heavy for all those who were not as fortunate.  Many of the new friends we made at FENCE were from Wilmington and surrounding areas, and we continue to send thoughts and prayers their way.    
A very special thank you to all those who kept our horses safe. 
Instructors In Training 
PATH Intl. Mentoring Program 

 All PATH Intl. Instructor Candidates are required to complete a minimum of twenty-five hours of supervised teaching to a group (2 or more) of therapeutic riding students.  At CATR, we have a robust Instructor-In-Training Program that is conducted by three PATH Intl.
Kenna Brookshire 
Mentors on staff: Anja Cain, Lauren Gayden and Amanda Gerald.  Mentors are current instructors who have completed additional training to learn how to provide constructive feedback and help mentees become competent therapeutic riding instructors.

CATR is proud to be hosting three Instructors in Training on their way to becoming PATH Intl. Certified Therapeutic Riding Instructors during the fall therapeutic riding session.  Kenna Brookshire, Elizabeth Carlisle and Jamieson Troise have given many hours of their time as
Elizabeth Carlisle 
volunteers in CATR's programs.  Now each candidate will have the opportunity to train directly under a   CATR Instructor to work with our students.  
 These three women will gain experience writing lesson plans, developing goals for their students, managing volunteers and teaching safe and effective lessons.  Throughout the session, they will meet with their mentors on a weekly basis to reflect on previous successes and challenges and plan for the next lesson. Anja Cain, CATR's Education Coordinator, is also offering a monthly meeting for mentees to ask more questions
Jamieson Troise
and brainstorm new ideas. As a mentoring center, we strive to give instructor candidates the knowledge, experience, support and encouragement they need to complete certification as a PATH Intl. Instructor!   
Please join us as we welcome Kenna, Elizabeth and Jamieson! We look forward to seeing their individual teaching styles come to life in the arena and know they will bring variety and fun to their students!