Volume 19 | November 2018
Fall 2018 Happenings
Fall has been a whirlwind of activity here at Spring Academy. In September, we learned about apples, pumpkins, the Mid Autumn Festival and Halloween while continuing to practice Chinese and Spanish in the mornings and other academic subjects in the afternoons. Each month brings a new theme and many lessons and activities that relate to that theme.

We hope this school year brings much learning, discovery and growth and we look forward to sharing new pictures and stories in our next newsletter. Until then, be well and enjoy the holidays.

The Staff at Spring Academy
Smile for the Camera!
Even though the first day of school seems so long ago, we remember it well. Our friends posed with our special Spring Academy frame. It'll be fun in June to look back at these photos to see how much we've all grown throughout the year!
Learning About Apples!
September was a great time to study apples. Our friends learned about this tasty fruit's lifecycle and the different colors and varieties apples come in. As always, fun crafts always follow each lesson!
Did you know that Johnny Appleseed was born
September 26, 1774?
A Mid Autumn Festival Celebration!
Our friends enjoyed the Mid Autumn Festival by making Moon Cakes. Also called Chinese Moon Festival, this festival brings families together to celebrate the harvest under a full moon!

In October, our friends in Warren took their annual walking trip to Bardy Farms where they learned about plants and autumn vegetation which of course includes pumpkins! It's so convenient that Bardy Farms is located right down the street from our school!
Getting ready for Halloween brought lots of smiles! Our Scotch Plains friends created scary witch masks with paper plates, construction paper and paint. While our crafts are an enjoyable creative outlet, they also help us learn to follow instruction and help us increase our fine motor skills!
At Montessori, we believe students learn at different rates. Sometimes our teachers work one-on-one with students while other students work independently. There's always a steady hum of activity in the classroom on any given day.
Some students are buried in books. Others are busy practicing their scissor skills or enjoying time with friends. Learning, socialization and self-discovery are always a daily occurrence here at Spring Academy!
Our friends work together to figure out how things work such as shoe laces... They are also genuinely concerned for the welfare of their fellow students and don't want one of their friends to fall because of an untied shoelace!
Our Scotch Plains
Pre-Schoolers Have
a New Home!
On November 5th, our Scotch Plains pre-schoolers became our Garwood pre-schoolers as they moved into their new classrooms! They seem to be at home right off the bat! We wish them well in their new school setting!
Sound the Alarm! The Warren Fire Department is Here!
The Warren Fire Department paid a visit to our friends in Warren. They showed our friends the inside of a firetruck and taught them about fire safety, plus each received their very own fire hats!
Thanksgiving at Spring Academy
Before Thanksgiving Break, Our Friends enjoyed a Thanksgiving Feast that they helped prepare themselves with turkey and all the trimming. Here are some photos of our celebrations at Warren and Garwood locations.

Happy Holidays
from our Spring Academy Family to Yours!
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